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Groups factors in exit opps?Anyone have insights on how these group factors rank w.r.t. determining exit opps? Which is most important? 1. Dealflow 2. Recommendations from seniors in your group 3. Title of group (M... 3 5 years 11 months
Did I miss the boat or what?So... I converted my SA offer to FT at a BB think (CS/Barcap) and didn't think twice about recruiting FT really... but now I hear from an alum that his elite boutique (Laz/PWP/Evercore) is looking for an immediate fill for a very good group. I'm positive I could get an interview given my contact... 9 6 years 1 month
Why the IBD > PE > MBA > PE route?I am starting at a top tier BB, but I don't really have that burning passion for banking (or any job I can imagine for that matter) and my choice was strongly influenced by my other very motivated classmates. So now that I've broken in, it seems easy for my career to follow PE exit options and then... 37 6 years 3 months
Thoughts on Manhattan GMAT Prep?They seem to have a good rep, but I only just heard of them recently. For $1500 you get books and about 3 months of class prep. Can anyone comment on the value of these classes + books? Are they just for discipline and figuring out strategies to approach certain hard questions? I have a good... 8 6 years 4 months
How "good" is the money?Don't get me wrong, money is incredibly wonderful, but I don't care that much about comp as long as the lifestyle is comfortable. I'm just wondering if the money actually makes up for all the pain you endure. So you get your paycheck, you feel great about being paid the first few times and buy... 21 6 years 5 months
Is there time for dating/relationships?Graduating student here wondering if it's possible to date or be in a relationship as an analyst. I'm automatically thinking hell no given that bankers work crazy hours but does that mean you won't have ANY time for chicks besides hookers? How does one deal with this, should I hook up now before... 26 6 years 5 months
Finding non-profit internships/jobsWhere does one look for legit non-profit internships/positions? I'm looking for a short-term position at a non-profit but I'm not really sure where to look or which ones to pick. Is there a list of legit nonprofits like TFA that people recognize or is the non-profit space just filled with... 3 6 years 5 months
How much does comp matter factor into your...I was just wondering how I should look at compensation in deciding between offers. I used to think banking was all about the moolah but realized it's more about your exit opps and learning experience. However, what if the base salary was 30k in difference? Would you choose a top BB (60k) or top... 3 6 years 6 months
Suggested activities before full-time?Any good ideas on fun/productive activities before starting full-time in banking? I'll be graduating early so I'll have about half a year where I don't have anything planned. I'm thinking I could learn VBA for Excel and totally rock at programming macros before starting but that's kinda lame so... 7 6 years 6 months
Thoughts on Credit Suisse?I recall about a year and a half ago people were ragging on CS, but now that they've weathered the financial crisis better than firms like Citi, people seem to have significantly more respect for them. I've always felt that they had a great culture and it was a great place to work, but perhaps I... 8 6 years 6 months


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I think Deloitte and Accenture are more like 3rd...I think Deloitte and Accenture are more like 3rd Tier. Sure the vault guide ranks them pretty highly but they definitely are viewed as less prestigious than booz or mon. Also you make it seem like MBB are terrible places to "pigeonhole" yourself into when that is totally not the case. The place... 184 5 months 3 weeks
Curious, how is SIG in ER?Curious, how is SIG in ER? 18 2 years 3 months
what's the appeal of GE PMP?what's the appeal of GE PMP? 230 2 years 3 months
.. 15 2 years 5 months
.. 15 2 years 5 months
.. 49 2 years 5 months
.. 49 2 years 5 months
.. 49 2 years 5 months
.. 49 2 years 5 months
.. 18 3 years 6 months
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