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Best interview advice I ever receivedThis idea was discussed within a comment thread a couple month ago but I thought it deserved its own thread just because of how awesome it is. I wanted to share with you guys a tip that is virtually guaranteed to improve your interviews. Here's what you do: 1. Arrive at interview location... 115 10 months 2 weeks
Answer "walk thru dcf" question1. Project revenues over the forecast period 2. Make margin assumptions to project expenses and drill down to EBIT 3. Tax effect EBIT 4. Add back Depreciation, Amort. 5. Subtract Capex 6. Adjust for changes in working capital 7. Discount to Present Value 8. Find terminal value using multiple... 28 5 years 6 months
Target school - Wealthy parents? As I've said numerous times on this board, the main characteristic that ivy league students share is that their parents are rich. Has virtually nothing to do with aptitude, as you can find similar caliber of students at almost any top... 9 1 day 10 hours
Synthetic CDOs - Interesting article It's important to understand what was at the center of the whole global financial meltdown. Synthetic CDOs created from cash-settled CDS. Anytime someone tries to tell you that poor people who all of a sudden found banks willing to loan them money for housing caused the crisis, simply laugh in... 42 1 day 10 hours
Biggest misconceptions about bankingSomewhat out of season here, but perhaps it's best to address these things early. Every time I appear at a networking event ready to meet young men and women who are interested in banking, I'm astonished by how little they seem to know about the actual operation of the business. More accurately,... 26 6 years 1 month
No SolicitorsRemember those little NO SOLICITORS signs that people had on their doors? Maybe that was just a relic of 80's and 90's Chicago, but no matter. Heads up, everyone. Let's pretend there's a little NO SOLICITORS sign on this website. That means that there are no stupid posts about "8 great ways to... 7 6 years 1 month
"Good ideas"Any time I see a post with a title "Is this a good idea" or something like that, I unconsciously give the contents of the post about a 5% chance of actually being a good idea. "Is it a good idea to send a singing telegram to a contact I only met once at a networking event? Home or office?"... 2 6 years 3 months


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Wikipedia is a pretty good place to start for...Wikipedia is a pretty good place to start for stuff like this. 66 2 weeks 4 days
If you only own one suit, ideally it should be a...If you only own one suit, ideally it should be a navy blue solid suit. Solid means there is no pattern on the fabric, just the solid color of dark blue. You would have to travel far and wide to find a place or formal situation where you were not dressed appropriately. If you only own two suits (... 157 3 months 2 days
M&A bankers could give a flying fuck about a...M&A bankers could give a flying fuck about a CFA. 259 1 year 1 week
Nimz, no Big 10 school is "completely non-target...Nimz, no Big 10 school is "completely non-target" Get a clue. 144 3 years 1 month
A big reason to call out working capital in...A big reason to call out working capital in purchase agreements is because of its liquidity, it can change lot between coming to a substantial agreement and actually closing the deal and wiring the cash. It'd be tough to sell a bunch of factories (or even computers) in a matter of weeks, but... 32 3 years 4 months
Your model isn't wrong, what it's doing is...Your model isn't wrong, what it's doing is exposing an unpleasant reality about growing companies. The projections and prospects for a company can be as rosy as you want, but if the company does not know how to manage cash, things will go very very wrong for them very quickly. This is just people... 104 5 years 3 days
warmartinu, I will answer your question, but know...warmartinu, I will answer your question, but know this: just because you "googled it" or "read tens of websites" [sic], doesn't mean you have exhausted your research options. Go to the goddam library and read a fucking book - hopefully one that's more than a paragraph in length. You "read...... 104 5 years 3 days
AssociateGuerilla: jhoratio thats a good...[quote=AssociateGuerilla]jhoratio thats a good example... but you would't subtract the cost of the cups/inventory from CFO... just the ice cooler. The change in, and cost of cups (inventory) are already baked into your delta in W/C. So [CFO - CapEx] would be $90-$15 = $75 FCF edit: econ you... 104 5 years 3 days
Let's imagine you're running a lemonade stand:...Let's imagine you're running a lemonade stand: You sell 100 drinks at $2.5 each: Revenue $250 Each drink costs you $1 to make: COGS $100 Permit cost and colorful sign on the corner: $25 Depreciate your lemonade stand: $25 Operating income: $100 Pay taxes at 35%: $35 Operating income... 104 5 years 3 days
Sounds like Private Wealth to me.Sounds like Private Wealth to me. 9 5 years 2 weeks
WallStreet Prep Master Financial Modeling