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Best interview advice I ever receivedThis idea was discussed within a comment thread a couple month ago but I thought it deserved its own thread just because of how awesome it is. I wanted to share with you guys a tip that is virtually guaranteed to improve your interviews. Here's what you do: 1. Arrive at interview location... 7 months 3 weeks
Answer "walk thru dcf" question1. Project revenues over the forecast period 2. Make margin assumptions to project expenses and drill down to EBIT 3. Tax effect EBIT 4. Add back Depreciation, Amort. 5. Subtract Capex 6. Adjust for changes in working capital 7. Discount to Present Value 8. Find terminal value using multiple... 5 years 3 months
Target school? As I've said numerous times on this board, the main characteristic that ivy league students share is that their parents are rich. Has virtually nothing to do with aptitude, as you can find similar caliber of students at almost any top... 5 years 4 months
Synthetic CDOsIt's important to understand what was at the center of the whole global financial meltdown. Synthetic CDOs created from cash-settled CDS. Anytime someone tries to tell you that poor people who all of a sudden found banks willing to loan them money for housing caused the crisis, simply laugh in... 5 years 9 months
Biggest misconceptions about bankingSomewhat out of season here, but perhaps it's best to address these things early. Every time I appear at a networking event ready to meet young men and women who are interested in banking, I'm astonished by how little they seem to know about the actual operation of the business. More accurately,... 5 years 10 months
No SolicitorsRemember those little NO SOLICITORS signs that people had on their doors? Maybe that was just a relic of 80's and 90's Chicago, but no matter. Heads up, everyone. Let's pretend there's a little NO SOLICITORS sign on this website. That means that there are no stupid posts about "8 great ways to... 5 years 11 months
"Good ideas"Any time I see a post with a title "Is this a good idea" or something like that, I unconsciously give the contents of the post about a 5% chance of actually being a good idea. "Is it a good idea to send a singing telegram to a contact I only met once at a networking event? Home or office?"... 6 years 3 weeks


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Sounds like Private Wealth to me.Sounds like Private Wealth to me. 4 years 10 months
NO.NO. 4 years 10 months
GutShot, are you sure? This sounds a lot like...GutShot, are you sure? This sounds a lot like commercial banking to me. 4 years 10 months
Accounting is the thing to get a grasp on -...Accounting is the thing to get a grasp on - however you do it doesn't really matter - go to the library and check out books and learn it on your own - as long as you can answer technicals correctly no one will give a shit. Economics is really more of an "indicator" major, rather than a subject... 4 years 10 months
Very. Lots.Very. Lots. 4 years 10 months
^^^ you are right, happy - although that is...^^^ you are right, happy - although that is something you do to hot chicks, not yourself. A tad more impressive as a result. 4 years 10 months
Dude, anything starting with "body-" is just some...Dude, anything starting with "body-" is just some weird shit that doesn't fly with bankers and other corporate types. Body-piercing, body-building, body-scaping, whatever the hell you're doing with your body just keep it to yourself. No one gives a shit about it and it will only cause you to be... 4 years 10 months
Just go to a dept. store and buy a few of the non...Just go to a dept. store and buy a few of the non-wrinkle dress shirts and make sure they fit. Try to get on sale and don't spend more than $35 a pop. Bottom line is you will never see a client - so it matters not if you have dashing attire. What's more, you will probably rip holes through your... 4 years 10 months
Actually, bobbyboy, here is the answer you need...Actually, bobbyboy, here is the answer you need: "No one gives a shit." 4 years 10 months
Here's my advice: you're a moron. The guys were...Here's my advice: you're a moron. The guys were literally asking you to work for them and you told them you needed to leave to do a dissertation "with no clear deadline set." And now you tell me you need to focus on brainteasers? How's this for a brainteaser, why did you not seize the... 4 years 10 months
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