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"Get Ready for the Fixed Income Bloodbath..."Haven't they been saying this shit all summer? I mean what bubble are they talking about? Oh shit, no one's issuing any more debt and the existing shits going to be traded 10 bps of treasuries!!!!! Correct if I'm wrong here." Yes this is very wrong. Quite the opposite, EVERYONE is issuing... 4 years 9 months
What to tell the averge person when asked what my...I usually tell girls I'm a walrus 5 years 3 months
If traders can make more money and have better...Because bankers are stupid, and you are smart for having realized the discrepancy between the two professions. 5 years 10 months
Is it difficult to get an internship at Merrill...Yeah it's difficult. As a freshman, just focus on getting whatever finance-related internship you can, and cast a wide net. Also, try to enjoy college as much as possible. 5 years 10 months
Freshman gets a referral to IBD?!maybe your boss doesn't like you. 5 years 10 months
Sexiest Business Reporter?Adriana Monsalve 5 years 11 months
BOA MLmr. jackdaniels, I believe that is in fact a picture of fictional character Sub-Zero, known primarily for his abilities to manipulate ice. little evidence would suggest that he and banker88 are in actuality one and the same. also, there is a mask that seems to conceal his facial appearance.... 5 years 11 months
URGENT HELP NEEDEDI only keep monopoly money in a money clip so people think I'm crazy. Don't ask what the end game for this strategy is. 5 years 11 months
Recent Grad Sues College for TuitionI wonder if she's gonna sue her lawyer for her legal fees when she loses? 5 years 11 months
Are you losing respect for Goldman?[quote=jackdaniels]i would give my left nut to be the security guard there. [/quote] Ha, I already am a security guard there. In fact, I'm two. 5 years 11 months