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Decision needed today : Investment Banking...Hi, recent top 15 MBA grad here. Until today I had no luck with recruiting. I just got 2 offers. Offer 1: is for IBD Associate at a 1 month 2 weeks
IB Associate Recruiting - losing hope. Hi guys, I would really appreciate some words of advice here. I'm a second year at a top15 MBA program and only realized that I wanted to pursue IB after returning from my strategy/finance summer internship at a F100 firm. Since then I've been networking with alums and classmates at nearly... 8 months 2 weeks
Duke Fuqua tops Bloomberg Businessweek's...The Complete 2014 Business School Ranking Certainly a shocker. 9 months 2 weeks
No-name boutique internship for an MBA studentI'm a 2nd year at a top 10 MBA who did a F500 corp strat internship this summer. Realized I wanted to do banking however didn't have much luck with FT recruiting this Fall. Was just offered an opportunity to join a local boutique for a 10 week internship. The boutique is not well known but it's a... 10 months 4 days
MM IB vs Corp Strat exit optionsHey guys, Would MM IB be better than Corp Strat at a Fortune 10 company if I'm interested in possibly exiting to PE/VC/HF after a few years? This is for post MBA, and I realize it would be very tough either way. Thanks! 1 year 1 month
Leveraging F500 Summer experience for FT IBHi, I'm an MBA intern in Finance... 1 year 2 months
Top MBA jobs besides IB/PE & ConsultingWhat are some of the other careers where an MBA is valued and you can have a mentally stimulating career that pays well? If you spent $250k on an MBA at a top 10 program and you don't go into consulting or wall street, where would you go? Corporate Strategy, Corp Fin, Corp Dev, Biz Dev? etc.. 1 year 4 months
F500 Strategy vs PWC vs Accenture consultingPost MBA, which of these careers give you better long term exit opportunities to something like Corp Dev or MM PE? The strategy... 1 year 6 months
Corp Fin MBA internship to MM banking full time?Recently landed a corp fin... 1 year 6 months
Providing sample modeling work to IB boutiquesHey guys, I've been cold-emailing a few boutiques in hopes of landing a summer associate role. A few places have asked me for some financial modeling samples that I've done. I'm a first year MBA student at a target school who is looking to switch careers so I don't have anything but some DCF models... 1 year 7 months


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Communist: I think you overestimate how popular...[quote="Communist"]I think you overestimate how popular IB is.. at my school, most people target management consulting / tech jobs post MBA. It's self selection bias because my school is only a target for O&G IBD in Houston. Most people who are set on IBD in Houston end up with summer offers... 6 days 18 hours
Pre-MBA experience helps a ton, however the...Pre-MBA experience helps a ton, however the majority of my classmates (Top 10 MBA) didn't have the experience and still got strong BB gigs. Here's what they had in common: 1) very sociable/fratty - able to connect well and suck up to bankers. They were mostly white dudes (with a few american... 6 days 18 hours
Was Recently offered $65 base first year post MBA...Was Recently offered $65 base first year post MBA (top 10) associate at tiny no name boutique in major city. They ended up raising to $75. Took corp dev offer with real pay instead. 4 weeks 21 hours
Thanks for the advice all. Ended up taking offer...Thanks for the advice all. Ended up taking offer #2. I have some regrets passing on a banking offer after spending all this time trying to land one, but I just wasn't comfortable with the risk of uncertainty given the size and lack of budget (especially first job out of MBA). 1 month 2 weeks
Sorta similar situation. Just graduated from a...Sorta similar situation. Just graduated from a top 15 MBA program without any offers and relocated back to NYC a few days ago (living with family). Going to start hitting up the alumni network now. I've found the small regional boutiques to be really difficult to recruit for, especially since I... 1 month 3 weeks
I'm at a T10 school and have quiet a few...I'm at a T10 school and have quiet a few classmates (including myself) still looking for finance gigs both buy-side and sell-side. 3 months 2 weeks
from what I understand it's a lot less technical...from what I understand it's a lot less technical - you still have to be familiar with LBO and DCF modeling. It's not traditional IB but you will still be pitching the group to the LPs and working on deals. 5 months 2 weeks
referring to this? http://www.wallstreetoasis....referring to this? 5 months 2 weeks
The biggest IB's in Denver would be DA Davidson,...The biggest IB's in Denver would be DA Davidson, Headwaters MB, and FMI Capital. 6 months 1 day
Me and a bunch of others applied but haven't...Me and a bunch of others applied but haven't heard back either way. I assume it's because they never had openings in the first place. 7 months 3 weeks