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IB Associate Recruiting - losing hope. Hi guys, I would really appreciate some words of advice here. I'm a second year at a top15 MBA program and only realized that I wanted to pursue IB after returning from my strategy/finance summer internship at a F100 firm. Since then I've been networking with alums and classmates at nearly... 5 months 1 week
Duke Fuqua tops Bloomberg Businessweek's...The Complete 2014 Business School Ranking Certainly a shocker. 6 months 1 week
No-name boutique internship for an MBA studentI'm a 2nd year at a top 10 MBA who did a F500 corp strat internship this summer. Realized I wanted to do banking however didn't have much luck with FT recruiting this Fall. Was just offered an opportunity to join a local boutique for a 10 week internship. The boutique is not well known but it's a... 6 months 3 weeks
MM IB vs Corp Strat exit optionsHey guys, Would MM IB be better than Corp Strat at a Fortune 10 company if I'm interested in possibly exiting to PE/VC/HF after a few years? This is for post MBA, and I realize it would be very tough either way. Thanks! 10 months 2 weeks
Leveraging F500 Summer experience for FT IBHi, I'm an MBA intern in Finance... 11 months 2 weeks
Top MBA jobs besides IB/PE & ConsultingWhat are some of the other careers where an MBA is valued and you can have a mentally stimulating career that pays well? If you spent $250k on an MBA at a top 10 program and you don't go into consulting or wall street, where would you go? Corporate Strategy, Corp Fin, Corp Dev, Biz Dev? etc.. 1 year 1 month
F500 Strategy vs PWC vs Accenture consultingPost MBA, which of these careers give you better long term exit opportunities to something like Corp Dev or MM PE? The strategy... 1 year 2 months
Corp Fin MBA internship to MM banking full time?Recently landed a corp fin... 1 year 3 months
Providing sample modeling work to IB boutiquesHey guys, I've been cold-emailing a few boutiques in hopes of landing a summer associate role. A few places have asked me for some financial modeling samples that I've done. I'm a first year MBA student at a target school who is looking to switch careers so I don't have anything but some DCF models... 1 year 4 months
Best MBA Summer Internship for Full-Time IBD...Currently at a top 10 MBA program with no IBD summer offer. Is there any other summer internship that can give me a decent shot at FT IBD (BB/MM/Boutique) recruiting? Unfortunately MBB is off the table at this point. With no previous finance experience, would a corp-fin internship at a top F500... 1 year 4 months


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The weak post-MBA finance job marketI'm at a T10 school and have quiet a few classmates (including myself) still looking for finance gigs both buy-side and sell-side. 1 week 5 days
Secondary market IBfrom what I understand it's a lot less technical - you still have to be familiar with LBO and DCF modeling. It's not traditional IB but you will still be pitching the group to the LPs and working on deals. 2 months 1 week
Secondary market IBreferring to this? 2 months 1 week
Denver opportunities?The biggest IB's in Denver would be DA Davidson, Headwaters MB, and FMI Capital. 2 months 3 weeks
UBS 2015 CCS AssociateMe and a bunch of others applied but haven't heard back either way. I assume it's because they never had openings in the first place. 4 months 2 weeks
Lateral recruiting after 5 month off-cycle...Interested as well 4 months 3 weeks
I am from UNC and my interviewer is from DUKE.....Congratulate him on the #1 biz week ranking 4 months 3 weeks
IB Associate Recruiting - losing hope. any more advice would be greatly appreciated!! 5 months 1 week
IB Associate Recruiting - losing hope. bump 5 months 1 week
Mbb from Ross mba[quote=dew2229] Guest1655: I've heard that McKinsey gave out 26 full time offers at Fuqua this year, followed by about 25 for BCG and around 10 at Bain. I don't think that's full time; it's roughly full time + internships. 14 FT at BCG, 12 FT at McKinsey, 8 FT at Bain. Deloitte is the big... 5 months 1 week