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Accretion Dilution Model HelpAcquirer is a public company and is looking at buying another public company (all stock consideration) I'm using an older deck a BB bank sent us as as a starting point: this is on Cash-basis. Acquirer's Standalone Cash Net Income + (+) Target's Unlevered GAAP Net Income (+) Target's... 6 2 months 1 week
Difference between PE & Corp DevHi, Now that I've been in my new Corp Strat/Dev for a bit , I'm trying to get a better sense of the biggest differences between PE and Corp Dev (besides the obvious pay, prestige, etc) as well as possible future opportunities. From a strategy side, I had a chance to give my input on potential... 4 7 months 1 day
Decision needed today : Investment Banking...Hi, recent top 15 MBA grad here. Until today I had no luck with recruiting. I just got 2 offers. Offer 1: is for IBD Associate at a 9 9 months 2 weeks
IB Associate Recruiting - losing hope. Hi guys, I would really appreciate some words of advice here. I'm a second year at a top15 MBA program and only realized that I wanted to pursue IB after returning from my strategy/finance summer internship at a F100 firm. Since then I've been networking with alums and classmates at nearly... 5 1 year 4 months
Duke Fuqua tops Bloomberg Businessweek's...The Complete 2014 Business School Ranking Certainly a shocker. 36 1 year 5 months
No-name boutique internship for an MBA studentI'm a 2nd year at a top 10 MBA who did a F500 corp strat internship this summer. Realized I wanted to do banking however didn't have much luck with FT recruiting this Fall. Was just offered an opportunity to join a local boutique for a 10 week internship. The boutique is not well known but it's a... 1 1 year 6 months
MM IB vs Corp Strat exit optionsHey guys, Would MM IB be better than Corp Strat at a Fortune 10 company if I'm interested in possibly exiting to PE/VC/HF after a few years? This is for post MBA, and I realize it would be very tough either way. Thanks! 4 1 year 9 months
Leveraging F500 Summer experience for FT IBHi, I'm an MBA intern in Finance... 4 1 year 10 months
Top MBA jobs besides IB/PE & ConsultingWhat are some of the other careers where an MBA is valued and you can have a mentally stimulating career that pays well? If you spent $250k on an MBA at a top 10 program and you don't go into consulting or wall street, where would you go? Corporate Strategy, Corp Fin, Corp Dev, Biz Dev? etc.. 7 2 years 2 weeks
F500 Strategy vs PWC vs Accenture consultingPost MBA, which of these careers give you better long term exit opportunities to something like Corp Dev or MM PE? The strategy... 4 2 years 1 month


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EightAceTres: I think it's going to be tough,...[quote="EightAceTres"]I think it's going to be tough, but I do see a path. FinTech is extremely popular VC and GE sector. If you were to source and close some deals in the FinTech space, there could be potential to get into a GE fund. Many guys in the GE space are ex-operators, so you operational... 7 3 days 20 hours
ledger123: This is not the profile a PE firm is...[quote="ledger123"]This is not the profile a PE firm is looking for. Chances are VERYYYY slim.[/quote] If he's working on multiple deals in this space from a principal investment standpoint(investment thesis+modelling+due diligence), you don't think he'll get some looks from mm PE firms that... 7 4 days 21 hours
Interested as well. Is your offer at Manager...Interested as well. Is your offer at Manager level? Is it insurance industry, banking or Asset Management industry? 7 5 days 7 hours
Patz, welcome to Wall Street Oasis! I'm sure a...Patz, welcome to Wall Street Oasis! I'm sure a few high school seniors will be here shortly to offer your wife some great advice on making MD. 34 1 week 6 days
Congrats on the success thus far, seems like you...Congrats on the success thus far, seems like you made the right choice. How were you able to find these opportunities - was it mostly through headhunters? I ask because I'm in a post-MBA Corporate Strategy/Development role at a large public fintech firm and have had very few headhunters reaching... 27 2 weeks 17 hours
If it's the place I'm thinking I'd really think...If it's the place I'm thinking I'd really think long and hard. They only have 4 employees and havent closed a deal in about a year. Not sure they could afford to pay that 100% bonus with such little deal flow. Unless you are dead set on investment banking and don't mind working for $65k and then... 15 2 weeks 4 days
Does the firms name start with an I?Does the firms name start with an I? 15 2 weeks 4 days
You're lucky! I can't even get a recruiter to...You're lucky! I can't even get a recruiter to email me back. Sounds like I should send him an email :) 30 3 weeks 1 hour
Definitely avoid these guys. Never reply to...Definitely avoid these guys. Never reply to emails. Why is it so hard to find a decent recruiter??? 17 3 weeks 1 hour
Pro tip: Have a roman numeral after your name if...Pro tip: Have a roman numeral after your name if you want any traction in Charlotte recruiting. Also helps if you played Lax at UNC/UVA or go duck hunting. 32 3 weeks 2 days
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