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Difference between PE & Corp DevHi, Now that I've been in my new Corp Strat/Dev for a bit , I'm trying to get a better sense of the biggest differences between PE and Corp Dev (besides the obvious pay, prestige, etc) as well as possible future opportunities. From a strategy side, I had a chance to give my input on potential... 1 month 3 weeks
Decision needed today : Investment Banking...Hi, recent top 15 MBA grad here. Until today I had no luck with recruiting. I just got 2 offers. Offer 1: is for IBD Associate at a 4 months 1 week
IB Associate Recruiting - losing hope. Hi guys, I would really appreciate some words of advice here. I'm a second year at a top15 MBA program and only realized that I wanted to pursue IB after returning from my strategy/finance summer internship at a F100 firm. Since then I've been networking with alums and classmates at nearly... 11 months 2 weeks
Duke Fuqua tops Bloomberg Businessweek's...The Complete 2014 Business School Ranking Certainly a shocker. 1 year 1 week
No-name boutique internship for an MBA studentI'm a 2nd year at a top 10 MBA who did a F500 corp strat internship this summer. Realized I wanted to do banking however didn't have much luck with FT recruiting this Fall. Was just offered an opportunity to join a local boutique for a 10 week internship. The boutique is not well known but it's a... 1 year 3 weeks
MM IB vs Corp Strat exit optionsHey guys, Would MM IB be better than Corp Strat at a Fortune 10 company if I'm interested in possibly exiting to PE/VC/HF after a few years? This is for post MBA, and I realize it would be very tough either way. Thanks! 1 year 4 months
Leveraging F500 Summer experience for FT IBHi, I'm an MBA intern in Finance... 1 year 5 months
Top MBA jobs besides IB/PE & ConsultingWhat are some of the other careers where an MBA is valued and you can have a mentally stimulating career that pays well? If you spent $250k on an MBA at a top 10 program and you don't go into consulting or wall street, where would you go? Corporate Strategy, Corp Fin, Corp Dev, Biz Dev? etc.. 1 year 7 months
F500 Strategy vs PWC vs Accenture consultingPost MBA, which of these careers give you better long term exit opportunities to something like Corp Dev or MM PE? The strategy... 1 year 8 months
Corp Fin MBA internship to MM banking full time?Recently landed a corp fin... 1 year 9 months


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They are synonymous. My corporate department is...They are synonymous. My corporate department is called strategic planning - it houses corporate strategy and corporate development. 1 week 3 days
No, I didn't consider doing banking pre-mba and...No, I didn't consider doing banking pre-mba and didn't even apply to any banks in the first year. Only after my summer in F100 company did I think about applying for banking. That 75k offer was a 1 off and had another banking offer with 100k base at big international bank. 3 weeks 2 days
CFA > GCACFA > GCA 3 weeks 4 days
Bump. Interested as wellBump. Interested as well 1 month 2 days
the_ferry: Hi there,Didn't want to create a...[quote="the_ferry"]Hi there,Didn't want to create a separate thread for this but would heading to an F500 to do corporate finance be similar to working at a boutique in terms of exit opportunities?[/quote] Clarify what you mean by corp fin.. is it FP... 1 month 3 weeks
Thanks for your response! I'm at 100 base in post...Thanks for your response! I'm at 100 base in post mba manager role at a large publicly traded fintech firm in low COL city. No idea about bonus but assume it's negligible. Pay here definitely is below market but I took this role over higher (total) paying banking offers in major cities since the... 1 month 3 weeks
Hi thanks for taking the time, I've got a few...Hi thanks for taking the time, I've got a few questions if you dont mind as id like to benchmark against my current role. Do you mind providing what your base salary is? Also any expected year end bonus or signing bonus you received? I assume you are manager level. Are the 1 month 3 weeks
Yep makes sense that Corp Dev is about buying for...Yep makes sense that Corp Dev is about buying for the long term while most pe funds have a 7-10 year lifespan over which they hope to earn their 25%+ irr. Since you've done both, what are the pros and cons of each role? Did you make the transition from Corp Dev to pe? 1 month 3 weeks
When you fill out your personal details just...When you fill out your personal details just select that you're a mentally handicapped transsexual Eskimo. 1 month 3 weeks
I just graduated from a target MBA program. I had...I just graduated from a target MBA program. I had 30+ first rounds (every single industry... banking, consulting, corp strat/dev, FLDP, etc..) and got about 12 final rounds which converted to 3 offers. The whole process was a huge pain in the ass and took up my entire 2nd year of school. By the... 2 months 5 days
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