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Multistrat terms for PM'sHi, I thought it would make sense to compile payout terms and drawdown limits for the major multistrats in one place, rather than scattering through different posts. If you know (directly) of terms for PM's in different asset classes, post below and I will keep a list up here. Everyone's deal... 11 1 year 1 week
the career tradeoff for a PM - commodity merchant...Hi, This is a little specific, so sorry in advance. But it probably can be applied generically to a lot of us. I am a reasonably talented and mid-level/rising (~5yrs of successful experience at good places) trader/investor that focuses on the commodities and macro space confronted with two... 6 1 year 8 months
Frustrated macro HF analyst: Stay or go?This is probably not relevant to most people here, but maybe some of you have been through a similar situation and have some light to shed. I've been on the buy-side for several years as a macro HF analyst. I work at a top-tier single-manager fund within the space, however our performance has... 10 3 years 5 months
London vs NY HF payWhat is the pay differential between london and US HF jobs? Say if you are a buy-side analyst in NYC making 95k base, and you were looking to make the jump over to a similar fund in UK, does anyone have a sense as to what that differential is? Or what is standard base over there? Cost of living... 5 4 years 6 months
Commodity Hedge Fund SalesHi, What is the typical production payout rate for this position at a BB? What is typical comp in one of these seats? What is star comp in one of these seats? If someone comes from the buyside with a few years of experience at a top-tier firm to a coverage role, does that close doors in the... 2 4 years 7 months
HF analyst => prop trader/pmHi, I'm an analyst at a medium-sized macro hedge fund, and my goal has always been to become a PM or prop trader. The firm I work at has only one PM, and I don't think that will change anytime soon, so in order to achieve this goal I will have to move. I have a 3 year track record of consistenly... 6 years 2 weeks
SorosHas anyone here interviewed for a junior position at Soros? What was the process like? Did you only interview with the PM you would be working with, or did you do a bunch of meetings? 1 6 years 10 months
Moving from small macro HF to bigHi- After working for a BB bank for a few years, I left to co-found a small hedge fund with two partners in early 2008. We have grown it over the past year 16 months from ~2mm to our present NAV of ~$15mm, and have enjoyed fairly good returns over this turbulent period. In a better fundraising... 7 6 years 12 months


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PM's generally breed in the champagne room.PM's generally breed in the champagne room. 4 5 months 3 days
What do you think of soybeans here?What do you think of soybeans here? 128 9 months 1 week
MXN has been weakening for the past year because...MXN has been weakening for the past year because its growth has been slowing due to structural (no productivity gains due to lack of investment; weak demographics), cyclical (UE is now through NAIRU and labor mkt not really adding new jobs), and external (oil, china, greece, US, Brazil) factors.... 9 9 months 1 week
Its a great firm if you're OK with their risk...Its a great firm if you're OK with their risk structure. Good resources, smart people, solid payouts. NY office is (I believe) ~15 pm's, so not that big. "Breaking in" is via headhunters or internal referral. At least in macro, they really only hire experienced PM's, unless one of the PM's is... 5 11 months 1 week
nono 9 1 year 1 week
[][] 11 1 year 1 week
Would also just add that Zach Schreiber at...Would also just add that Zach Schreiber at Pointstate laid out the pillars of the thesis pretty clearly in June at Ira Sohn. And plenty of funds got it right (just like subprime). It only seemed out of left-field if you were not focused on it as an issue. The timing was a btch though, as it always... 29 1 year 3 weeks
it was not, we had a good year thoughit was not, we had a good year though 29 1 year 3 weeks
No I made the call in April, and the fund I work...No I made the call in April, and the fund I work for made money on the trade through the end of the year. We had been waiting almost 2yrs for the shift in balances to occur and wrote about it pretty extenstively to our investors. To me, the surprise was it took the market so long to price-in -... 29 1 year 3 weeks
Its not necessarily about being smarter than your...Its not necessarily about being smarter than your opposition, so much as its about exploiting the edge that is inherently built into your strategy at a hedge fund. The fact of the matter is, there is only so much time in a day, and not everyone can possibly know everything about every investment.... 29 1 year 4 weeks
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