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New Fund - looking for industry comp infoI'm working with a new fund (sub $100 million) and we're trying to compile data on compensation levels (base salary, annual bonus and carried interest) for a fund this size. We're obviously a small fund and we operate as a single deal team (4 members sharing carry). Beyond the WSO... 2 years 6 months
Preqin Fund Terms Advisor I'm looking for some data regarding current fund fee structures. Preqin has a great annual report - Preqin Fund Terms Advisor - that summarizes are new funds and the fee structure offered to LPs. If anyone has access to this report or something similar, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm trying to... 2 years 10 months
PE Executive Search Firms - Operating PartnersI'm aware that many PE shops use Executive Search firms to find quality Operating Partners (CEO, CFO, COO, etc) to plug in at portfolio companies. I'm trying to find some of the larger more prominent Search firms that are used by these PE shops. Any input on these types of firms is greatly... 5 years 4 months
Current spreads on Sr., Jr. and Mezz debtI am preparing for some PE and banking interviews and looking to get a feel for current debt pricing. Does anyone have a sense of the current pricing on senior, sub and mezz debt? I realize that there are basically no deals getting done these days, but if anyone has seen deals shopped or talked to... 7 years 1 month
Harris Williams Case InterviewI've got a case interview scheduled with Harris Williams in early January. Has anyone been through their case interview before? I am interviewing for a Summer Associate (not analyst) position but I assume their case interview will be similar to an analyst case interview. Any info is greatly... 7 years 1 month


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Looking at an opportunity at a small VC fund...Looking at an opportunity at a small VC fund Typical investment of $3 - $5 million with ~$30 million AUM thus far. There are two partners, a Principal, and I would be the third member of the investment team (Sr. Associate type role). Compensation will be salary and carry only (i.e., no annual... 3 years 8 months
Yes all BB's recruit at Fuqua. Its considered...Yes all BB's recruit at Fuqua. Its considered core for Barclay's, Citi, CS, JPM and BAML. GS and Morgan Stanley will usually take at least a couple guys. The MBA program usually sends ~20-30 students a year to BB's. 4 years 10 months
Wake Forest isnt too far from Charlotte.Wake Forest isnt too far from Charlotte. 4 years 11 months
An interesting topic that I would personally like...An interesting topic that I would personally like to know more about is the turnover or churn of PE firms. How many new firms have been opened over the last 10 years and what is the average life cylce? I would guess that the bottom 25%-40% funds dont make it past their first fund and tha tthe... 4 years 11 months
What is your background? As a recent MBA grad I...What is your background? As a recent MBA grad I can tell you that breaking into PE without prior banking or investment experience is going to be very tough. Your best bet is to bring some "operational" expertise to the table and sell yourself as someone that can help improve their portfolio... 4 years 11 months
btw - i am very surprised that the Career center...btw - i am very surprised that the Career center at your top 10 MBA program didnt tell you this already. 4 years 11 months
Associate - if you are in a top 10 MBA program...Associate - if you are in a top 10 MBA program then all of your peers will be applying for Associate internships and FT opportunities. You will be disadvantaged by your lack of experience but can overcome it by preparing for the interviews and networking. I've heard of banks offering 2nd year... 4 years 11 months
U of R...hands down. Better business school,...U of R...hands down. Better business school, better location, better network, smarter student body. 4 years 11 months
go to b-school and provided you get into a decent...go to b-school and provided you get into a decent school you'll have a good shot at IB internships given your accounting background. 5 years 1 day
Going to a top 10/15 school will give you a good...Going to a top 10/15 school will give you a good chance at MBB. 2 years of work experience certainly wont help your cause but you can make up for it in different ways (high GMAT, great at case's, networking, etc). Just be aware that 60-100 of your classmates will be gunning for those jobs as well... 5 years 1 week
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