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Oppenheimer IBI did a search but haven't found my answers/ Does anyone have any specific knowledge about Oppenheimer's investment banking teams (post 2007/2008 CIBC transaction)? Which groups are strong/weak? What are comps and life styles like for analysts and associates alike? 5 years 3 months
Whats the street view on Lincolnshire Asset...Just curious to see if this firm has any reputation on the street. Would appreciate any input. 6 years 8 months
Hong Kong recruitersAnyone know of any? good ones, bad ones? 7 years 1 month
Recruiters for Hong KongDoes anyone know of any placement agencies or headhunters that cover Hong Kong? 7 years 3 months
what are my options?i spent a year with the m... 7 years 8 months
anyone looking for housing?is anyone here looking for a roommate? 7 years 10 months
gave verbal acceptance to offer, but...i recently verbally accepted an offer for a fairly reputable bank, but may have an even better opportunity at a bulge bracket. should i go back on my word or maintain my integrity? currently, i am pretty sure i will be doing the latter. 7 years 10 months
how do you get into the good boutiques?how easy it would it be to lateral into one of the good boutiques? (greenhill, evercore etc...) and how does one go about doing this? 7 years 11 months
RBS's M&A groupDoes anyone have any information about this group? I can't seem to find any. 7 years 11 months
Leveraged Finance - your thoughts?What exactly will an analyst do in the leveraged finance group of an investment bank? Do you get to know the whole range of debt products or do you simply focus on one? This may be an odd question for pundits, but I come from a M... 7 years 11 months


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What are all the unemployed doing?holy hell it is tough. i got cut in june, have been looking since. came close several times with hedge funds, but no cigar. one of them made me do two cases, nailed both only to reject me. and another fund made me go through 6 rounds before telling me they went with someone else. still looking,... 6 years 7 months
studying and recruiting in Germany?i agree with ibguy. why not stay in germany? plenty of US banks have offices there, plus i would imagine life style in germany would be better? 7 years 7 months
Moelis & Co.well you always have to bind your own books at a boutique/middle market. you probably have to make and bind your own pibs... dont worry though, you get good at it soon. when i was at my middle market, i can print/bind/flip 30 descmems in under 90 minutes. would i ever want to repeat this... 7 years 7 months
Advice for a bottom feederi worked on 5 live deals, closed 2. jumped from a shitty mm to a bulge bracket. doable, but tough 7 years 7 months
Stifel Nicholas: pay expectation?i was in m&a group for stifel in philly. they suck, dont go. 7 years 7 months
Need some solid advice - JPM TMT/FIGFIG is too arcane and specialized. i would not recommend it. 7 years 9 months
CFA L1 - No studying[quote=yung_gekko]BTW, if you guys are just college nerds who don't know anything, please don't comment...[/quote] i think you asked an inherently dumb question, and all who's read this is now suffering from loss of brain cells from having read your question. in this world, nothing worth... 7 years 9 months
American Capital Strategiesi think when i said they suck, it's because their return sucks. i added a little anecdote on my personal feelings toward them. and yes, they gave this presentation at my firm when i first started a year ago, and it was lame. 7 years 10 months
American Capital StrategiesACAS sucks. that is all. i think their returns have been in the teens and that is it. i worked at a middle market firm, and we pretty much show them every single deal that we had, some good some bad, they turned down all of them. 7 years 10 months
Using an IBDdo you work for harris williams? 7 years 10 months