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PEP Digest 2011 Compensation SurveyDoes anyone have the report (redacted report in link below)? It would be a good datapoint to have. Thanks 3 years 11 months
Oakdale Capital Managementanyone know anything about these guys? any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. thanks 4 years 5 months
Freeman SpogliAnyone have any thoughts, insights, etc to share on this PE firm? any insights on recruiting would be great. Thanks. 5 years 1 month
LA Private Equity Firmsanyone know of any LA PE firms that have started the recruiting process? any insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks. 5 years 11 months


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How are Pre-MBA PE Internal Consulting/Ops...echo above. still at a big disadvantage because of the lack of actual PE transaction or investing experience. best shot would be to target smaller, less structured PE shops that are operationally focused. 1 month 3 weeks
EXIT OPS 3incredibly difficult to move from BO to FO. you dont have transaction experience. 2 months 2 weeks
PE VP Lifestyle and Comp at MF and MMthere's not much because it's too variable. VP lifestyle and comp is just so different from firm to firm. depends on a lot factors - fund size, dynamics of fund, performance of fund, number of senior partners, culture, etc. etc. 2 months 4 weeks
IBD Associate Exit Ops?[quote=User11221122]@DaBBzMan @ledger123 You're forgetting the fact that the associate WILL need the MBA[/quote] Not always the case. The lucky few get promoted to VP without the MBA (yours truly). 3 months 1 week
RBC Investment Banking Futurei would try and use that summer internship and leverage it into a better bank for full time. exit opps to buyside are slim from RBC 3 months 1 week
IBD Associate Exit Ops?lol i dont think there are many that "literally kill" for a job as an IB associate. yes, it's true that post MBA IB associates prob make $200-250k. Pre-MBA PE associates make anywhere from $200-$350k (dpenting on fund size). but keep in mind, these guys are 2 yrs out from a banking program and are... 3 months 1 week
Big 4 M&A Tax to PE?you need a few years of transaction and m&a experience. so yes, investment banking is the most straightforward path to PE. what you currently do provides NO value to PE from a transaction perspective. 3 months 1 week
Lawyer to PE deal team (survey) - how did your...skating on ice uphill... 3 months 2 weeks
Lawyer to PE deal team (survey) - how did your...skating on ice uphill... 3 months 2 weeks
RBC Lev Finfrom an exit ops perspective, i'd have to say minimal. I don't know or havent seen many or any PE guys from RBC 3 months 2 weeks