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shaving (SA)so i start SA in about a month, and i want to make sure my face doesn't look raw, razor burn, etc from shaving every day. at school i shave once every 2 or 3 days, my beard grows in fast and thick so i'd have to shave every day this summer. i tried shaving every day for about 3 weeks as a... 5 years 9 months
hotel toshianyone have any experience with hotel toshi or have recommendations? trying to get summer housing figured out, dont want to do nyu but hard to find an apt. thanks 5 years 9 months
offers and continuing with other interviewsi have my IBD SA offer that i will eventually take, 100% sure of it. i have superday with comparable BB, also first round phone screens with 2 other top BBs, one of which i got through networking/mock interviewing and one i just applied online and got the phone screen (apparently this is... 6 years 1 week
cold emailssituation - junior looking for IBD SA spot, going to nyc first week of january to meet some people, got citi and b of a lined up, looking to add some more people to the list. got some names off my school's alumni network site (not strong target but top 20) and emailed with pretty standard... 6 years 1 month
possibilities for a sophomoreso i am trying to get myself in position for an investment banking internship after my junior year. from what i've seen, it doesnt look like i will be able to get into rising junior programs at places like jp morgan and citi, so i am trying to figure out what to do instead. im very interested in... 7 years 6 months


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Somewhat on topic, searched but couldn't find...Somewhat on topic, searched but couldn't find anything... How common is it to do a 3rd year as an analyst (possibly in a different industry group) to give yourself some time to consider whether you want to leave banking? If you do the 3rd year, are you signaling to your bank that you want to... 4 years 10 months
so the bonus is not grossed up so that the bonus is not grossed up so that you actually see $10k? for SA i got $2k housing after taxes 4 years 10 months
any thoughts the pros and cons of staying at your...any thoughts the pros and cons of staying at your bank as an associate vs. going the megafund route? thanks a lot 5 years 2 months
related question - what should be brought to...related question - what should be brought to training? i would just feel a little awkward carrying around a notepad all day...but dont want to be (look) unprepared 5 years 8 months
what do you guys think about the fact that other...what do you guys think about the fact that other banks were doing the same shit? this article talks about it: relevant quote: "According to a recent report from ProPublica, there were 26 deals in which Magnetar, a hedge fund... 5 years 8 months
any comments on chances for analysts from lesser...any comments on chances for analysts from lesser groups at the firms mentioned? obviously those groups get all the hype and have more dealflow, etc but these banks have other groups that are tops in their respective industries 5 years 8 months
speaking of which how much are the paychecks...speaking of which how much are the paychecks assuming 70k base? i'd assume they're pretty similar across the board... 5 years 8 months
yeah dude i'm future as well but i know i don't...yeah dude i'm future as well but i know i don't have enough knowledge to state hearsay generalizations as fact. also to say that "only college students have a hard-on for GS" is just fuckin stupid...#1 in league tables (among many other stats) for a reason bro [quote=RedHill][quote=diplodocus... 5 years 8 months
@ redhill "future trader" ? thanks for your...@ redhill "future trader" ? thanks for your informed opinion... 5 years 8 months
alright but seriously...its about time to buy...alright but seriously...its about time to buy clothes for SAs specifically thinking about shirts, how much cash / which brands should i be looking for? it's not really a question of budget, more a question of what is the standard for analysts. obviously i don't want to spend more than i have... 5 years 9 months
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