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What generally happens to book value of a...Hey guys. I'm not in Corporate Finance, so this is kind of just a side thing I'm curious about. I asked my IBD buddy but his response was "I'm a banker, all I care about is profits and revenue, I could give two shits about book value". How very banker of you, but its all in the game. I'm a value... 4 3 years 3 months
Hypothetical that most of us have been inQuick hypothetical: It is 10 AM. You just drank 3 coffees in an hour cause you were up till 4 last night redoing a pitchbook. You realize you are about to wet your cubicle, and run to the bathroom. You go in and grab a tissue to blow your nose. Someone opens the door, and without seeing who it... 9 6 years 5 months
Unfiltered Recruiting Advice from an '09...So last year I was looking for jobs in investment banking from a non-target. It was the toughest year to do so, but banking is something that I find very interesting, and was 100% what I wanted to do. I went to some interviews, some BB superdays, some boutiques, and a job working for a different... 10 6 years 7 months
Has anyone been told they are getting paid...So I recently got a call from hr at my job that starts tomorrow. Apparently the company has a really conservative legal, so they have decided to follow the letter of the law in the US and pay analysts time and a half for any hours we work past 5. Has anyone in banking heard of this happening? I... 18 6 years 8 months
Need Your Opinion on the most important question...Did I get a good deal on this suit? Slash is it appropriate for banking? I paid 250 for it. Let me know what you think. 6 6 years 9 months
anyone know who advises ebay?So ebay is spinning off skype, which i would guess will bring in a 3-4 billion range for them next year when the markets are hot. Skype had revenue of 500 million last year and is growing. Does anyone know who will represent ebay on the spinoff? I have a feeling it might be CSFB, but haven't... 5 7 years 2 weeks
If you were a betting man, what are the odds my...So in November I accepted an offer for a certain Reinsurance company that has been going through some problems. My position is in a new part of the company that is basically looking to act like a FIG group at an Investment Bank, getting DCM for insurance companies as well as offering M... 3 7 years 2 weeks
Leveraging of Investment BanksSo we all always hear that the reason the i-banks dove face first into CDOs cubed was because they were leveraged 30 to 1 or some other ridiculous number. Recently I've realized I don't actually know exactly where that number comes from. Is it just debt/equity? Does it include long term debt and... 6 7 years 1 month
Anyone seen that commercial for the clive owen...I find it hilarious, I've seen it maybe 20 times this weekend. Its about some bank killing people, and throughout the commercial clive owen keeps saying that they have to "take this bank down". At one point he says "There's gotta be a way to take this bank down" as if it was impossible. I spoke out... 9 7 years 3 months
GMAT Similarity to SAT?Hey, I'm just kind of wondering about the GMAT. I come from a test taking background (I went to a NYC high school that requires a test to get in), and do very well on standardized tests. I didn't try too hard on the SAT, and really didn't care in high school but still did pretty well. My... 1 7 years 3 months


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You were there at night, but not necessarily on...You were there at night, but not necessarily on thursday friday saturday. Saint marks has a ton of noise on the weekend because of the amount of people getting shit faced there on those nights (myself included). If you in any way need quiet to sleep (some people don't) don't move here. It gets... 4 3 years 9 months
I can confirm that they are indeed legit. My...I can confirm that they are indeed legit. My buddy works there, and they are pretty much killing it. Think about it. They are a bank focused on digital advertising. Can you think of any hotter sector right now? Definitely legit spot to be in right now. 10 4 years 1 month
I grew up in New York City (actually within the 5...I grew up in New York City (actually within the 5 boroughs, unlike every person in the world who says they are from NYC but is really from strong island or westchester/new jersey. Not to pick on Wonderwoman above, but I'd be willing to bet today's paycheck that by "native new yorker" he/she means... 252 4 years 8 months
Not to say this is normal, or likely to happen,...Not to say this is normal, or likely to happen, but I have heard of a rates sales guy moving to one of the major Global Macro hedge funds to manage their rates book. This is hearsay tho, so I wouldn't say its a definite. Suffice to say, if you are in rates sales at DB/GS/Baccap you are in touch... 7 4 years 10 months
I can't remember who said it, but trading is like...I can't remember who said it, but trading is like being lost in the woods behind your house. Your house has a light on the porch that you can barely make out, but which keeps you on the right track. Those are the fundamentals. Yet you also need a lantern to see what is right in front of you. Those... 20 5 years 2 months
......................................or just don.........................................or just don't marry too early and keep your johnson out of pornstars. 41 5 years 8 months
I didn't watch the video, so don't know anything...I didn't watch the video, so don't know anything about that. I was very affected by 9/11. I have lived (and continue to live) 6 blocks away from ground zero for my entire life, and went to high school 7 blocks away (Stuyvesant). 9/11 was my 3rd day of freshman year. I won't get into details of... 104 5 years 9 months
I would use Scottrade for stocks. They have great...I would use Scottrade for stocks. They have great execution, and whenever I enter a limit order it is exactly what I enter. Comission is only 7 bucks. I've traded options a bit, but don't trust the options as much as I do stocks. I'm playing with 20 g's (10 in personal 10 in IRA), and have... 33 5 years 9 months
I just love that you guys recently spent about a...I just love that you guys recently spent about a hundred posts defending the second amendment as something that can't be argued, but are more than willing to take a dump on the fourth amendment. If you are such originalists than at least be consistent. Anthony D I'm looking your way 47 5 years 9 months
Don't you guys have jobs? I thought we were all...Don't you guys have jobs? I thought we were all masters of the universe and could put in whatever president we wanted. Look. We get it. Obama=Lenin to you guys. Just wake me up when times square becomes red square 2.0. Oh wait, I'll be dead cause it ain't never gonna happen. We're gonna change a... 44 5 years 9 months
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