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CFA Question[quote=samuel30]Ummm...the CFA is not offered in May for any level. Dec or June for Level 1 and only June for level 2 and 3. [/quote] You are correct my friend. Level 1 is always in June/December, while Level 2 and Level 3 are only in June. That said, CFA can give you a solid base for... 5 years 9 months
Big 4 TSI would just like to add that a lot of my colleagues in TS came from audit dep. after a year or two. So, maybe you should accept the offer and transfer to the TS after a year or so. btw I'm in valuation at Big4. 5 years 9 months
Newbie asking a few really newbie questions...For the first part, include only financial debt, i.e. interest bearing liabilities. I'm not sure I understand the second part. Are you referring to the growth rates used in forecasting? This is the key input and it's not wise to rely on historical growth rates or comps. This depends on your... 5 years 11 months
Financial ModelingYou can check out Simon Benninga's Financial Modeling. I heard its a good read. I ordered it a week ago. 5 years 11 months
CONFIRMED: Dick Fuld Knocked The F*** Out!Arrogant prick! 6 years 7 months
Lehman Europe Sells for $2I should have offered 2.10$. 6 years 8 months
Deleted......."deflowers you in such a painful way you'll never be able to walk straight again" LOL 6 years 8 months
CFA PostcardsI like the one with coffee as a food group. Very, very true :) 6 years 9 months