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SUGGESTIONS: to follow on TwitterWe all know Twitter's instant media is the new thing. Who are some good people within the industry to follow to get the personal inside scoop? Who are good overall people to follow? My suggestions: @CBOE @StockTwits @WSJ @wsjbreakingnews @kanyewest (trollface.jpeg) Any more? Let's... 4 years 5 months
Learning Excel vs Doing ExcelHi all, I came across a few Excel lessons with "levels" at my school. Now, I understand that Excel is a widely used program across Finance. I'm not too well versed in it (never really needed it), but knowing its importance, would you recommend that I take these Excel courses? Do they bear... 4 years 9 months
Where do you see yourself in six years?Alright Wall Streeters, tackle this: "where do you see yourself in SIX years? The bankers' version." 6 years 4 months
Dear WSO: What're your two biggest awards or...How did you get them, over how long a period of time? I'll start - my two are my black belt in Taekwondo and some random tournament win. Took me five years for my belt, tournamnet win was pretty quick haha. Yours? 6 years 9 months
Say you are a high school senior..Say you are a high school senior, deadset on banking. You have your whole life planned out. You would enter Richard Ivey, you would get an internship between your third and fourth year, you would get a banking analyst job and earn 130K/year. Then, after two years as an analyst, you would move to... 6 years 9 months


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Relevant undergrad thesis...useful for recruiting?I'm no expert. But if you are actually interested in special situations, isn't getting the opportunity to write a thesis on it like a chance to hash out your strategies for academic credit? Your prof will be able to question and challenge your theories and assumptions. 2 years 2 months
Top 10 Rankings: Useful Designations[quote=mikesswimn] 9) CFP - Some may balk at the inclusion of the Certified Financial Planner designation in this list, but it's use shouldn't be discounted too quickly. [...] 7) CAIA - The Chartered Alternative Investments Analyst should probably be higher, but due to it's fairly limited... 2 years 4 months
Dr. Evil's Trillion Dollar Coin[quote=SlikRick]I need someone to explain this to me. According to the Washington Post article: [quote]To back up a minute, it is important to understand what the debt ceiling does, and why it is problematic. Congress passes laws to spend money: This many dollars for fighter aircraft, Social... 2 years 5 months
DELETE PLEASEYou need an "office job" first. 2 years 5 months
The dark side of workaholism and why it is never...Seen it in Eat Pray Love 2 years 5 months
.Get an MBA 2 years 6 months
What Headhunters REALLY Think of Bankers[quote=Argonaut] I watched a couple of episodes of jersey shore one evening. The ones where Snooki declares herself a princess of Poughkeepsie, and another one where they had to work retail and one of the girls was indignant - indignant! that she, a Bartender, had to work retail. Oh. Em. Fucking.... 2 years 6 months
Move from Boutique Strategy Consulting to Corp...Well, the HBS Class of 2014 is led by 20% Consultants. 2 years 6 months
A Letter to the HBS Class of 2015Man, I admire this guy. He goes to Harvard Fucking Business School. He could probably shit a better essay in 10 minutes than you or I in a week. Why would you be humble? It's not as if he was going to write something that said "So HBS is pretty chill right guys? Hope you had a good sem!" Of... 2 years 6 months
First Job Help?Do something similar to mgmt consulting with similar applicable skills, such as strategic planning, corp strat. 2 years 6 months