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Great Article on Day TradingI think every one of us at one time or another has at least thought about walking away and day trading our own account. Most of us never do it (I did it for about 6 months and, frankly, got bored), but we can all picture ourselves living a life of relative leisure, working a couple hours a day in... 24 6 days 4 hours
Ray Dalio Teaches Econ 101This is really excellent. Imagine having Bridgewater's Ray Dalio as your Econ 101 professor. Then imagine that the class was only 30 minutes long. I can't for the life of me understand why he made this (it seems to me that Bridgewater's clients should already know this stuff), but Ray Dalio lays... 24 1 week 6 days
How Would You Spend a Year Off?Have you ever thought about taking a year off? I'm not talking about a gap year or a year between graduating college and starting work - because in this economy you probably should be going straight to work if you can. I'm talking to the guys who've been grinding it out for a few years now. Maybe... 38 2 weeks 6 days
Drunk Broker Causes "Major Geopolitical...Every once in a while I come across a story that just writes itself. I went out with a pal on Friday night and got tore up from the floor up after a couple months of pseudo-sobriety. When I woke up on Saturday I only had a vague recollection of leaving the club, and I thought for sure I'd left my... 18 3 weeks 6 days
Is This a Great Country or What?America is not a place without its problems, but there are some things we do better than any other country on Earth. Opportunity has to be at the top of that list. America is one of those rare places where you can truly start with nothing (or with even less than nothing) and become enormously... 61 1 month 4 days
ETF Stripping and Insider TradingThis post comes as a suggestion from HappyPantsMcGee (or HPM, or whatever the Diddy wannabe is calling himself this week). He asked me to explain the practice of ETF stripping, especially as it relates to the recent insider trading charges filed against several of our dimwitted brethren. ETF... 28 1 month 2 weeks
How To Get a Drink at a Busy BarSome of you older guys might be wondering why I would post something like this. The answer is that the younger guys need to hear it. That, and there is far too much shit being directed at Goldman for me to choose from, so I'll default to my second favorite topic. As a former bar owner and "... 31 1 month 3 weeks
The Obsession with Investment BankingMod note: "Blast from the Past - Best of Eddie" - This one is originally from 01/11 Do you have an investment banking obsession? Especially those of you still in college, do you spend every waking moment angling for a job in investment banking? Does the networking utility of those with whom you... 61 2 months 2 days
Would You Destroy Your Career for $2.7 Mil Today?Mod note: "Blast from the Past - Best of Eddie" - This one is originally from 11/11 **SPOILER ALERT** This post is going to discuss aspects of the movie Margin Call. If you haven't seen the movie and are concerned I might ruin it for you, skip this post. We had a discussion about the movie... 80 2 months 1 week
Is Caffeine Killing Your Performance?Mod note: Blast from the Past: "Best of Eddie." This one is originally from 2012. I would drink at least a pot of coffee a day and usually more back when I was trading. The first few cups were to offset the binge drinking and lack of sleep from the night before, and the rest was to maintain a... 58 2 months 2 weeks


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BANNED: State of Washington bans Four Loko:http...BANNED: State of Washington bans Four Loko: 64 2 months 4 days
This might be closer to what you're looking for,...This might be closer to what you're looking for, and it's excellent for fighting crime: 128 3 months 2 days
Here is a timeless classic: TAG HEUERHere is a timeless classic: TAG HEUER 128 3 months 2 days
Can't recommend this enough. I'm even thinking of...Can't recommend this enough. I'm even thinking of opening a shop. 27 3 months 2 weeks
I am, in fact, ALIVE (can't say the same for...I am, in fact, ALIVE (can't say the same for David Bowie today...too soon?) I'm good, man. How you doing? 19 3 months 3 weeks
BlackHat: So if I don't know jack shit about...[quote=BlackHat]So if I don't know jack shit about the watch I'm wearing it's like a toolish thing to do? If a woman doesn't know how many carats her diamond ring is or how many Sudanese orphans had to die to get it, does that make her a douchebag too?[/quote] Yeah, it kinda does. 300 6 months 2 weeks
eriginal: I have a nixon chrononicle...I'd...[quote=eriginal]I have a nixon chrononicle...I'd assume this watch would piss people off if that kind of thing made them angry. But I don't really care, wore this to every interview and it didn't make a difference.[/quote] I'm guessing a $300 watch evokes more pity than anger. Just sayin'. 300 6 months 2 weeks
heister: STDs are cheap compared to kids. More...[quote="heister"]STDs are cheap compared to kids.[/quote] More enjoyable, too. 60 7 months 1 week
Also: sizzurp.Also: sizzurp. 86 7 months 2 weeks
And, predictably, the asshole blinks: Typical...And, predictably, the asshole blinks: Typical internet tough guy. 86 7 months 2 weeks
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