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Altucher: Don't Go to CollegeMod Note (Andy): Best of Eddie, this was originally posted on 2/9/11. Old video got taken down, but this one is pretty relevant. I can almost hear the collective gasps from the peanut gallery as you guys watch this, but Formula Capital's James Altucher thinks college is a sucker's bet. Well, not... 1 day 11 hours
Homeless Joe Is BackFor those who have been wondering what Homeless Joe is up to these days, I present you this update. He's such a sanctimonious prick now that he's sober I almost couldn't make it through to the end, but boy am I glad I did. There's a payoff. 1 month 2 weeks
I Guess That's One Way to Pay for CollegeMod note: Best of Eddie, this was originally posted on 2/11/14. God, I love the free market. This is absolutely hilarious. Call me old fashioned, but I look back with fondness on the days when a guy could walk into just about any strip club and witness the cold war between the perky college... 3 months 1 week
You're Having a Better Day Than THIS GuyI know, two posts in one day. Just couldn't resist throwing this one up. You can almost hear the moment his life comes apart: Poor bastard. 3 months 1 week
PTJ Decries Income Inequality at TED 2015This one might not be up long, so check it out while you can. Paul Tudor Jones basically lambasting capitalism as it exists today and talking about all the negative externalities that are likely with the current wealth gap. 3 months 1 week
Do You Think the Market Is Rigged?Mod note: Best of Eddie, this was originally posted on 4/2/14. Mod Note (Andy): See more discussion on this topic here. I just started reading Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt and I'm not the least bit surprised that I love it so far. Michael Lewis is out promoting the book, naturally, and... 3 months 6 hours
Morgan Stanley Hunger Games Parody VidInvestment banks probably shouldn't make parody vids. This is one Morgan Stanley made (and then ultimately decided against showing) for their manager's meeting: 3 months 3 weeks
Attn: Students: Cool Beta Test + HelpGuys, I thought I'd reach out and see if any of you who are current students felt like helping out a cool startup and availing yourself of a cutting edge app when it's released. I have no financial interest in this company, I just think it's a cool idea and they're pitching to investors as we... 5 months 1 week
The Street Before Christmas 2013Mod Note (Andy): Because we miss @"Edmundo Braverman" so much I'm posting up his past "The Street Before Christmas" posts for those who haven't seen them. Here are the links to the previous ones: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012. Merry Christmas Monkeys! The Street Before Christmas 2013by... 6 months 1 week
This Shirt Might Change Your LifeWe've seen a lot of really cool stuff come out of Kickstarter, but this might be something you can use everyday. I'll let the video speak for itself, but this might handle the problem of fitted shirts being too tight and regular shirts being too baggy. It checks a bunch of other boxes as... 7 months 2 weeks


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Homeless Joe Is BackI don't know why the video isn't displaying, guys. Sorry. EDIT: Fixed it in the original post. 1 month 2 weeks
The 48 Laws of PowerI'm truly sorry you had to experience that, but don't let it change who you are. I know it can be difficult to watch shitheels get ahead (I'm sure it accounts for several of my elevated blood pressure points), but it catches up to all of them eventually. Look at the guys who run the banks. Most... 2 months 3 weeks
The 48 Laws of PowerI come back to this book every couple of months, make it through a couple chapters, and then get pissed off and put it down again. It's probably cost me money over the years, but I'd rather meet an opponent head on and win with brains and balls than to go behind somebody's back and do underhanded... 2 months 3 weeks
I Guess That's One Way to Pay for CollegeMatt Taibbi (and reams of research on the subject) would strongly disagree with you: The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap As would John Oliver: Shut down the fuck barrel. 3 months 1 week
Welcome to the New Wall Street Oasis!Man, you weren't kidding when you said major update. Looks fantastic! 3 months 1 week
Why I Bought A HouseI also agree with the pessimists here. Unfortunately my wife does not. I took the 3.375 as icing on the inevitable shitcake of home ownership. 3 months 1 week
Why I Bought A HouseJust a point of reference for you guys, people my age (and Jared isn't too far behind me) are used to average mortgage rates in the 8% range. Early 80s notwithstanding (things were ridiculous back then), the 8% average held up for...well...decades. Current rates are the aberration. 3 months 1 week
Why I Bought A HouseI just bought again myself. Got 3.375% fixed over 30 years. Basically free money (relative to every other mortgage I've had). 3 months 1 week
Ask DickFuld January 2015Still lurking and feeding Patrick ideas when I can. Would love to spend more time here but I'm in the midst of a quixotic adventure to get the C-suite to stop focusing on short term results, narrow the pay gap between CEO and janitor to something more reasonable than 354:1, and generally stave off... 5 months 1 week
She left wall street for a career in pornThis chick is blowing up. She just got an invite from Mia Khalifa to do a scene together: (probably NSFW) Have to admit this whole thing made me chuckle pretty hard. 5 months 3 weeks