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Undergraduate ranking for post MBA MBB?Does the pedigree of your undergrad play a role when recruiting for post MBA MBBesque positions? 1 8 months 1 week
Finance Rotational Summer --> FT?Currently a junior and will most likely end up interning at a F100 Tech company in their Finance division. (rotational) Would it be possible to leverage this summer experience for FT in the fall?How does this experience compare to a no-name regional boutique or Big 4? 2 6 years 2 months
F500 Corporate Finance salary vs Public...What's the all-in comp for 1st year financial analysts in a large Tech company? (e.g Apple, Intel...etc) Also what's the all-in comp for a 1st year public accountant in Big 4? 5 6 years 3 months
Bad signs from the interview?I recently had a few 1st rounds on campus. One of the interviews was 100% fit (0 technicals), so I was pretty surprised. However, the interviewer asked some interesting questions such as... -What do you think of your gpa? (mine's 3.5) -What will you do if you can't get into investment banking... 3 6 years 3 months
Interviewing w/ several groups of the same bank (...One of the BB that recruits at my school posted SA opps for 3 different groups/offices. I was able to get 1st rounds for all 3 different groups. I'll be having interviews with all 3 groups all at my school's career center soon and was wondering if there's anything I should be wary and be careful of... 5 6 years 3 months
Need Some Advice for Backup plansI'm currently going through SA recruiting (semi-target) right now and to be safe/realistic, I'm applying everywhere. I'm trying to be realistic about my chances so I made a list of alternatives just in case I can't get something in banking. What do you think of this backup plan? Anything you'd... 2 6 years 3 months
HLHZ LA Corporate Finance?What's this office/group like? Culture? Exit opps? 6 years 3 months
Top Tech groups? Hi. What are some of the top tech groups? I know GS SF is pretty strong right? 3 6 years 3 months
Boutique Summer-->?Need some advice. If I'm unable to obtain a decent BB or MM SA position, should I settle for a regional boutique or go for Big 4, consulting, F500 finance? (My goal is to eventually top 10 b school) Is it possible to somehow leverage a boutique banking position for full-time next year? (I'm... 5 6 years 4 months
Recommended Textbooks?My school doesn't have a finance major, so I'd like to purchase a good intro textbook on finance and study on my own before summer recruiting begins next quarter. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks. 1 6 years 5 months


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I'm currently a cofounder at a vc-backed startup...I'm currently a cofounder at a vc-backed startup. OP's post is spot on. Don't do a startup unless you are a founder, and even then, it's not as glamorous as you'd might think. Even as a founder, I still feel like I lack freedom. When you get vc-funded you typically lose a great deal control over... 66 3 years 2 months
Bump interested in this as wellBump interested in this as well 6 5 years 12 months
^ lol. Yeah just look at Steve Jobs. He's worth...^ lol. Yeah just look at Steve Jobs. He's worth billions and he's always wearing a black turtle neck and levi's. 56 6 years 2 days
^ I was just referring to Google as an example....^ I was just referring to Google as an example. This applies to other top tech companies too like Intel, Microsoft, HP...etc It's not that difficult to land a gig in f500 corp fin. The average person has never heard of any other banks outside of MS and GS. Also, look at what's going on right now... 56 6 years 3 days
Seems like Wall street's reputation is fading as...Seems like Wall street's reputation is fading as well. You'll most likely get a "wow" response if you say you work somewhere like Google as opposed to xxxx bank...etc (This is for "main street" of course) 56 6 years 3 days
IB people are less likely to score "home-runs"...IB people are less likely to score "home-runs" for startups simply because they don't have the technical background . (unless they pair up with engineers) Most successful tech startups are founded by engineers. 24 6 years 2 months
Sorry I was referring to FT for ibanking (IBD)....Sorry I was referring to FT for ibanking (IBD). Should I just take this offer over some random boutique or big 4? This company also has a very strong corp dev dept, so perhaps I can try networking my way into that? Not sure if that's possible for the summer tough. 2 6 years 2 months
&bottlepoppingirl: is this in Silicon Valley...&bottlepoppingirl: is this in Silicon Valley? and is this excluding bonuses + other stuff? 5 6 years 2 months
Was it loud or silent but deadly?Was it loud or silent but deadly? 8 6 years 3 months
Does anyone know whether each group sends...Does anyone know whether each group sends rejection emails separately? I just received 2 identical rejection emails, but they didn't specify the group name. Does that mean the 3rd one is still pending? 5 6 years 3 months
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