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Real estate version of WSOIs there a real estate equivalent of WSO out there? If so, what is it? And if not, can we add a real estate forum? 2 years 11 months
Credit Suisse-San Francisco TechAnybody have any info re: the tech group in SF with Credit Suisse? I have a phone interview for FT next week, and when using the search function, the threads seemed kind of out-of-date (i.e., from 2007). I just want to have an idea of the kinds of questions they ask, their dealflow, culture,... 5 years 3 months
Capital Restructuring As if calling for more regulations to "help" the markets isn't enough. Now it's no longer "nationalization"'s "capital restructuring". When did double-speak become the new national language? 6 years 3 months
notice about 2nd roundsI had a 1st-round interview on Friday. About how long does it usually take to get notice about the next steps in the process (i.e., whether or not you have been invited to the Superday interviews)? Is it the same for all banks, or does each bank have its own timeframe? Thanks! 6 years 3 months


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Hello from MiamiFIU alum here. Hit me up sometime! 6 months 1 week
Stay in Big 4 RE group, or go unpaid intern with...I second doing it on the side, part-time if it does not violate any non-competes with the Big 4. Offer to be a 1099 Consultant if that will work as it gets you paid and does not create formal payroll liabilities for him. 9 months 2 days
Bringing a basic model to an interview?Bring a model to an interview? No. Have one or two reviewed and ready to send in case they ask for a work sample? Yes. 9 months 4 weeks
Models and Bottles v3.0"Like the kind of couple that's going to get mad at you for getting lit at their wedding." I am SOOOOOO getting lit at my own wedding. 1 year 1 month
Bonus Bananas April 18, 2014Yeah, re: #5, he'll probably end up serving time for fraud of some sort or another. He sounds no different than the pump-and-dumpers trying to keep everyone in on the "next big thing". 1 year 1 month
WSO Caption Contest - April 16th... Collect...Blonde : "And which one of you gentlemen may be Brady4MVP?" 1 year 1 month
Scam Science: The Pump and DumpDear God. It's gotten to a point where we all started to tell each other "Nothing good comes out of Boca." And it's so odd- otherwise, it is a nice suburban community, but maybe it provides the cover they need. 1 year 2 months
Scam Science: The Pump and DumpLol- glad I am not the only one who noticed the "Learn Penny Stocks" ad! Eddie, in your experience, do these firms tend to congregate in a particular geographical area? I live in South FL, and we seem to have a lot of chop shops and boiler rooms, so it makes it a little challenging to sift out... 1 year 2 months
Strange Hiring Provision from an I-BankI advise a "no" on accepting their "offer". It sounds more like an "Eat What You Kill" system, and I'm not sure that's what would work, depending on your needs and financial positioning. I would pass. 1 year 2 months
Anyone ever used/heard of Wall Street Services?This looks like a bunch of back office jobs without exposure to front office duties or personnel. 1 year 2 months