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The REAL leader of the GOP: Rush Limbaugh?!Who do you guys think is the REAL leader of the GOP, Rush Limbaugh, or Micheal Steele? 6 years 4 months
GS Toronto positionsIs it true GS Toronto only has 1 FT position this year? 6 years 5 months


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iBanker toothpasteGet a tube of Colgate Total, then shred gold into it. BALLIN'! 6 years 3 months
help get a job!!!!!!LOL I'm pretty sure Blumie doesn't even know what a file sharing site is. Even if he did, he'd probably drive his BMW Z4 into his house before setting his computer on fire while mumbling Kumbaya 6 years 5 months
Obama Slams Wall Street Bonusesits like prince changing his name to O(+>). it signifys that im not just a username on WSO, i am a persona. 6 years 5 months
Obama Slams Wall Street Bonuses Most of America is a bunch of ignorant hicks, and that's who Obama caters to. Most people in American can't tell the difference between investment banks, hedge funds, private equity firms, etc. They group us into one homogenous blob. The ignorant american public is just looking to blame SOMEONE... 6 years 5 months
Quant Hedge fund interview What the hell was the point of this thread if you couldn't tell us these purportedly "excruciating" questions. What fund were you interviewing at? 6 years 5 months
HELP - I am in news; will be bad for job???So, he's Phresh Off The Boat? 6 years 5 months
Obama Slams Wall Street BonusesExactly, poor people suck. 6 years 5 months
NEW Career website for Financial Community"Most Online Today: 3. Most Online Ever: 7" As Tony the Tiger would say,'THATS GRRRREEAAT" 6 years 5 months
Ever thought of porking a fat girl?Lay off the x. No but seriously, porking a fat girl will in fact break 99.99% of the bones in your body. 6 years 5 months
HELP - I am in news; will be bad for job???HEYY BLUMIE! YOU KNOW THE ENGRISH-EE? No, but seriously. Lay off the pot. 6 years 5 months