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Happypantsmcgee and I are going to do a happy...And by do happy hour I mean we are going to get happy hour together and are cordially inviting anyone who may want to come to come No we don't have a real set place or time other than somewhere downtown this week or next 1 month 3 weeks
Ways to learn Matlab?Anyone know a good way to learn Matlab, mainly the financial toolbox and focusing on asset allocation and monte Carlo goodness?:D Do you need an in depth math background? 2 months 2 weeks
Startup-on-resume questionIf you were actively involved in launching a company but then served more so in an advisoy/LP format after a couple years and took another role, how would you go about representing that youre still involved in the co and also make sure you dont give off the impression that the company folded? keep... 7 months 2 weeks
when is the proper time to add "no longer a...Will this help me get into S over H and W since I was only accepted into Dartmouth instead of HYPS? Please help. Also , which hole is the right one? Thanks for your assistance 8 months 2 weeks
Milan and RomeSo I scooped up two tickets with emirates two for 800 round trip to Milan deal and I'm going towards the end of March.. Would love suggestions of places and things to see and do, I'm definitely a foodie and wino and ancient history nerd as well for sure haha. Think I'm gonna snag the park Hyatt... 10 months 1 week
I'm not a virgin, AMASince there seems to be a plethora of need on how to find the clitoris, I figured I'd hand down my knowledge as a state school graduate to some of you more well heeled ivy leaguers. Happy new year, betches. 10 months 4 weeks
DC Happy HourAnyone else interested to throw down one evening ? I feel like its mostly RE guys here but interested to see who is around. 11 months 1 week
London restaurants and things to doHey -- in London for the first time ever so I'd love some suggestions on good restaurants and also solid places that are relatively cheap (also for Paris Barcelona and Istanbul haha) although I've noticed in Europe the eating out price is quite rapey compared to the states. Just landed from Iceland... 1 year 9 months
Internal Wholesaling at Top AM firms to Product...Definitely interested to hear some thoughts from people at top AM firms or those who have done wholesaling before : at firms like JPM Asset Management, PIMCO, The Capital Group, Lazard Asset Management, how common is it that you see the internals opt to go into (or are somewhat easily able to --... 2 years 3 weeks
Priorities for Professional Resume'Business School' vs Professional Resume questions since I'm applying to some off the beaten path relationship-centered roles in IM Obviously in b-school resumes you focus on leadership/team items a bit more than you normally do in professional resumes but do you think that for relationship... 2 years 1 month


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Because we like to keep the secrets of wealth...Because we like to keep the secrets of wealth management and Asset Management under lock and key so no one else realizes its the best balance of work life, pay, and interesting work.. It helps keep the competition down Yes everyone keep doing ibd 100 hr workweek and prestige is where it's at 3 weeks 4 days
Still no idea why so many of you yearn for ibd...Still no idea why so many of you yearn for ibd over Asset Management lol 1 month 1 week
Ha-ha maybe not. We probably won't have a WSO...Ha-ha maybe not. We probably won't have a WSO only spot since the bar is pretty free flowing but look for a guy with the pink ferragamo tie with hippos on it(and pink stitched shirt and blue suit with cognac belt and shoes) and another guy who looks like Erik the Red. You'll understand when you see... 1 month 2 weeks
Apparently the investor spots aren't even really...Apparently the investor spots aren't even really going to MBAs at JP private bank.. Need that risk taking pre MBA asset class experience 1 month 3 weeks
Go to school and add to your body countGo to school and add to your body count 1 month 3 weeks
@AndyLouis Good to go for details to blast DC?@AndyLouis" Good to go for details to blast DC? 1 month 3 weeks
CDs? Money market? Hopefully reits that have...CDs? Money market? Hopefully reits that have exposure to millennial housing and the like Are you retired with 100k lol 1 month 3 weeks
Why would you want to leave Why is everything...Why would you want to leave Why is everything about exit opps What is the exit opp from KKR? 1 month 3 weeks
Reach out to me if you'd likeReach out to me if you'd like 1 month 3 weeks
Reach out to me if you'd likeReach out to me if you'd like 1 month 3 weeks
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