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Steel Trading?Does anyone here know much about steel trading? I'm in base metals and I've been wondering why that industry is so separate from the non-ferrous metals sector. Is it because of the lack of a deep hedging market? Steel trading seems to involve a lot more finished products thanks to sheer volumes but... 5 months 3 weeks
Anyone here work in HY/distressed broking?. 1 month 2 weeks
Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers ExamsMy resume currently screams 'Buyside Equity Analyst' but that's not really where I would like to be at. I've wanted to get into physical commodities for a while, but unfortunately hadn't really looked into the field before going to grad school (I may have gone to Cass or HEC Geneva in retrospect).... 1 year 7 months
Metals/Coal Marketing/OriginationI'm currently working part-time for a small equity research outfit that has its own tiny L/S fund but I've been looking to get into physical commodities for a while. My background is a BA in International Relations in the US and an Msc. in Finance in Europe. It's probably foolish for me to want... 1 year 9 months
Coking Coal TradersThis is kind of a long-shot but does anyone know who the big traders in coking coal are? I don't mean producers like BHP-Mitsubishi. Glencore, Noble, Oxbow? 1 year 12 months
The Philipp Brothers CollectionIf any of you are at all interested in market history or physical trading, this site has the archives for most of the materials that were used by Helmut Waszkis to write "Philipp Brothers: the Rise and Fall of a Trading Giant, 1901-1990," a book that costs over $200 used on Amazon right now.... 2 years 1 day
Physical Traders & Buying AssetsThe trend at really big physical traders has been moving up the supply chain into production, with the obvious example being Glencore. Are the people buying up assets at a place like Glencore or Noble former traders or are they brought in from say PE funds/miners for that express purpose? 2 years 1 week
Distressed Real Asset InvestorsI wasn't entirely sure where to ask this but is there much of a market for distressed natural resource investors? By that I mean opportunistic investors in farmland, timber, mining etc… PE firms, vulture funds, commodity traders? Anyone know of good examples of this or what kind of background would... 2 years 2 weeks
Global Macro in Europe vs. U.S.So I'm working for a start-up HF as an analyst, we do mostly L/S with a global macro overlay. I'm French/American and long-term I would very much like to stay and work in Europe. What difference does working in London vs. NYC make in terms of schedule for a macro PM? Does a macro PM in London... 2 years 1 month
Trading vs. OriginationCouple questions: 1. Does anyone here have access to this survey? 2. I've noticed in that survey and elsewhere that Origination is a separate role from trading. But judging from books like Metal Men or some comments on WSO, I... 2 years 10 months


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I'm what you might call a devout Christian and I...I'm what you might call a devout Christian and I think one of the toughest things in more high-octane finance jobs (I'm talking S... 1 day 2 hours
Oh please. 2 things the original article probably...Oh please. 2 things the original article probably had right (among others): 1. Pick up the phone. This may depend on the industry but if you're in one where relationships matter, this is huge. 2. "We're a generation that went to school full time, played a sport or two after school, then... 2 days 4 hours
I'm working in the US at the moment but I think...I'm working in the US at the moment but I think this would hold true anywhere: 1. If you have a mutual connection (mutual friend) I think most people (including senior ones) would be willing to give you the time of day if you say you're interested in what they do. Alma mater is trickier as that... 5 days 5 hours
BHP Billiton although I think their marketing is...BHP Billiton although I think their marketing is split between Singapore and Australia. Very good experience even if you're not directly in a 'markets' role. Cargill has to have a presence as well since they bought the Australian Wheat Board. 1 month 1 week
Sports, drinks, girls (be mindful of your...Sports, drinks, girls (be mindful of your audience), markets. Not necessarily in that order, the killers and the hundred dollar billers would rather talk markets. 1 month 2 weeks
I love that half of WSO was calling Shkreli a...I love that half of WSO was calling Shkreli a genius a few months back and debating the merits of his price gouging antics. There's no such thing as a free lunch except when you're in jail. 1 month 2 weeks
Some of my favorites: undefined: Nevertheless, I...Some of my favorites: [quote="undefined"]Nevertheless, I know there are tons of mean and judgmental people working on the streets. [/quote] [quote="undefined"]However, if I don't try and I give up because the interviewers don't like me, then I think people who have similar personality as I do may... 1 month 3 weeks
I'm pretty sore from the Denver loss. 18-1 is the...I'm pretty sore from the Denver loss. 18-1 is the Boston sports wound that won't heal (although that win against the Giants this season did help a little). 2 months 4 days
I'm not sure what your career aspirations are,...I'm not sure what your career aspirations are, but the number one reason I can think of for moving to Mpls would be Cargill. If you have any interest in ag trading, check it out. 2 months 1 week
undefined: Here's a question...why not hire the...[quote="undefined"]Here's a question...why not hire the amount of auditors necessary to screen everyone, if even the lower dollar cases are generating 605/hour...? I assume the pay is between ~20-50 an hour...What am i missing?[/quote] True but my guess is there must be a point of diminishing... 2 months 2 weeks
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