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nopedeleted 1 year 10 months
delete medelete me 2 years 3 months
AAMRQ OptionsWhy can I only find January expiration on $AAMRQ? Where can I find some OTC options (use thinkorswim). Anyone else having the same problem? 2 2 years 8 months
Are you Using Twitter?Twitter is a basic social media tool that I think is the most under-utilized technology that is available for free to the public. I am still very surprised that the vast majority of people do not use Twitter as one of their primary news sources. I want to go over some of the ways that Twitter helps... 24 3 years 3 months
HappyPantsMcgee the Interview.I’ve been fortunate enough to meet HPM two years ago at the first Energy Rodeo in Houston and recently had the opportunity to ask him some questions which the WSO audience could find useful. HPM works in strategy at a top 5 bank. Primarily his group concentrates on product and regulatory strategy... 34 3 years 9 months
Facebook Earnings CallAfter the market closes today, Facebook will conduct its first ever earnings conference. With the share price hovering in the high twenties down from the IPO price of 38$, investors are looking forward to hearing what the plans going forward are for Facebook and most importantly their strategy for... 37 3 years 9 months
Is Media Portrayal of Executive Pay Fair?Last Thursday Yahoo announced that they will hire Google’s Marissa Mayer as their fifth CEO in as many years (The Kings article here). It is estimated that Mayer’s total package will be $60 million over the next several years. There has been a lot of conversation surrounding the move with... 3 3 years 9 months
Banks are Outsourcing Jobs....To TempsOne of the things that I noticed while working at a BB during 2011-2012 is that although there were still full time hires from campus recruiting, their numbers were gradually diminishing while the amount of temporary contract workers was increasing. There has been media coverage regarding this... 5 3 years 9 months
Are Ethics Taught at Top MBA Programs?Bloomberg had an interesting article up today discussing whether our top business schools are properly teaching ethics to their students. In summary, the article uses some of the recent examples of top execs that were convicted on insider trading charges who were Wharton and HBS grads to argue... 12 3 years 9 months
Clawbacks at JP MorganJP Morgan could potentially issue clawbacks against some of the senior staff at the Chief Investment Office for their role in the recent losses on Euro corporate index CDS trading. Jim Cramer’s website reports that during JPM’s Friday earnings call JPM could announce that top execs... 9 3 years 9 months


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HFer_wannabe: End in Q? Means security is in...[quote=HFer_wannabe]End in Q? Means security is in bankruptcy. When you start getting to more illiquid/lower priced stocks, there's little to no market for options on those securities. There might be some regulation on when options can actually be traded on a stock based on price, tho.[/quote]... 2 2 years 8 months
If any WSO guys/gals will be attending this event...If any WSO guys/gals will be attending this event, I will be there as well. I know I am posting this late as the conference is tomorrow morning, but PM me if you will be there, I always try to meet my WSO people. 1 3 years 5 months
I will be in Moscow for holidays, too bad this...I will be in Moscow for holidays, too bad this event is before I fly in. By the way, who on WSO works in Moscow? PM me please. 8 3 years 5 months
I went both years so far and it has been a great...I went both years so far and it has been a great experience with great speakers and even one or two amazing ones that you don't want to miss. Highly recommend it to those interested in the energy industry. 17 3 years 7 months
Anomanderis: Yeah, where at work, any...[quote=Anomanderis]Yeah, where at work, any resignation is currently being filled by temps and offshore workers. I think this sort of behavior tends to happen when things slow down and companies don't want to make long term commitments. If the volume stays high for long, and the outlook looks... 5 3 years 9 months
Thx both posters, that is really good input....Thx both posters, that is really good input. Perhaps you can proved further advice here. I will be a graduating MBA in about a year and am looking at firms in Moscow to start a career. What do you think about Moscow as a place to spend the first five years or so as a finance professional? 10 3 years 10 months
low_key: IMO, the general public of american...[quote=low_key]IMO, the general public of american society could give a rat's ass if Dimon or whatever person/institution contributes to whatever politician/committee. As long as they have iphones to play with and fashion blogs to pretend to do some meaningful work in, their eyes will forever be... 7 3 years 10 months
MBAApply: huethan: Also I hate to say this...[quote=MBAApply][quote=huethan] Also I hate to say this but my personal opinion thinks a somewhat big factor of how sports popularity has grown in our generation has been through fantasy sports. I think everyone on here, especially in the finance world, has had some experience with fantasy sports... 29 3 years 10 months
huethan: I think what hockey really needs at...[quote=huethan]I think what hockey really needs at the moment are just a few American superstars to take it to the next level. I, for one, am an avid fan of football and basketball. Even though I don't follow baseball much I do sometimes follow the phenoms such as Harper or Strasburg as well as... 29 3 years 10 months
gordo: I'm happy to see these numbers. I've...[quote=gordo]I'm happy to see these numbers. I've been a hockey fan/player my entire life and can't believe it is the least popular of the 4 major sports.[/quote] I can understand Football is higher in popularity just because its 16 games, and there is so much meaning in each play. I personally... 29 3 years 10 months
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