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MSF Class of 2017Mod Note (Andy) - this was originally posted 8/25/15 but we know @TNA" loves answering these questions so bumping up again to the top With the MSF recruiting cycle quickly approaching, I thought it would be helpful to create an updated MSF thread for everyone applying to the 2016-2017 MSF cycle... 230 2 months 3 days
MSF Question and AnswerMod Note (Andy) - as the year comes to an end we're reposting the top discussions from 2015. This one was originally posted 6/30/2015. I get a ton of emails and answer a ton of posts asking similar questions so I thought I would answer the most common ones I get here and allow others to post... 235 4 months 4 days
Claremont McKenna MSF ClosingClaremont McKenna's MSF program will not be accepting application from students outside of the Claremont College. The program is going to be run like Florida's MSF program, pulling directly from its undergraduate students. I personally think this is a huge loss as the program was one of the... 28 4 months 3 weeks
Georgetown University MSF Program - In PersonHey guys, just wanted to give everyone a heads up. Just spoke with the program and they are going to be rolling out a flex option for students. There will still be the remote option for those working around the country, but there will also now be an on campus option for those local or wanting to go... 18 11 months 1 week
Oil priceCan we talk about oil? It just continues to slide and I was having a pretty good conversation last night regarding it. When you consider Libya, Iraq and their capacity not really in the game. Iran with a potential nuclear deal bringing their capacity online, tons of downward pressure. Also,... 72 1 year 4 months
King ObamaAll politics aside, how can liberals or Obama supporters not fully condemn this man? Besides the fact that he decides to just act unilaterally when he can't get his way, how is basically allowing 5 million more people to stay and engage in this country a good thing for the core, Democrat base... 99 1 year 5 months
Renewable Energy - Solar Deals - HelpHey guys. Any industry people (PE, Banking) with solar experience, access to research, etc out there? Shoot me a PM if so. I need a favor and am willing to return in kind. Appreciate it. 1 year 6 months
MSF Class of 2016Ok guys, building on my post last year, I wanted to start something for this years applicants. Anyone applying this year, with a 2015 start and 2016 graduation, feel free to post your profile, ask questions or just add some comments. Looking to help and give advice to anyone applying in this cycle... 715 1 year 7 months
TNA in NYCHey guys, I'm up at the Hilton on 53rd repping the MSF at the QS World Grad School Tour. Anyone want to get a drink or say hi just PM me. 2 1 year 7 months = TrashSo I am about at my wits end. If I had my own BB terminal I would just read the news there, but since I don't I go to the usual suspects (Bloomberg, CNBC, ZeroHedge, FinViz). Well much to my dismay, has become utterly worthless. Basically a liberal mouth piece and cake news stories... 3 1 year 7 months


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I don't think there is a city in the US that has...I don't think there is a city in the US that has more schools offering this degree than Boston. Wow. Good for Babson. 4 19 hours 3 min
I'd pick WUSTL. Consulting placements are going...I'd pick WUSTL. Consulting placements are going to be lower because people are looking to get into finance or related. If you want consulting I think you'd be fine if you targeted say FTI or Deloitte. Duke seems like the better choice because it is a target for the big consulting firms, but I think... 3 3 days 9 hours
It is graduate level coursework. I know of no MSF...It is graduate level coursework. I know of no MSF where the material is "easy". The programs where you take MBA classes can be "easier' than MSF programs where the classes are restricted to just MSF students. That being said, I would consider it a notch or two above undergraduate studies at the... 6 3 days 11 hours
Congrats man! Let me know if you need any help or...Congrats man! Let me know if you need any help or advice with anything. 1 5 days 15 hours
Villanova is a top 20-25 UG business school. The...Villanova is a top 20-25 UG business school. The rankings are clown, but the alumni and placements into finance in NYC are strong. 10 1 week 2 days
Rankings are a joke. This reminds me of the USC...Rankings are a joke. This reminds me of the USC vs ND post and how people used rankings as a factor. I think we can all agree how shit they are once and for all. 28 1 week 2 days
If you're a domestic, can network and hustle I...If you're a domestic, can network and hustle I don't think the jhu program is half bad. Being able to essentially hit all major East coast cities by bus if you need is a big advantage. 6 1 week 2 days
Wait for vandy. Why these two programs? Temple is...Wait for vandy. Why these two programs? Temple is decent, in a major city and you can easily get to NYC. Rochester is fine if you plan on going back to China or India, but you won't get much of anything from career services in the US. Rochester is a rough place to spend a year also. I'd apply... 6 1 week 2 days
Amherst by a mile. It's a top Liberal Arts school...Amherst by a mile. It's a top Liberal Arts school. I cannot believe his is even a discussion. 24 1 week 2 days
1) Leave or ask to be transferred out. 2) Reach...1) Leave or ask to be transferred out. 2) Reach out to an associate or other VP that you feel might be friendly. Ask them honestly how your performance has been and delicately broach the subject about the personality conflict with your VP. This might be something that has happened before. IMO,... 23 1 week 5 days
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