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I'm a Hedge Fund Analyst - Ask Me AnythingI work as a long/short equity analyst at a large hedge fund. I've been lucky enough to be more than just a model monkey early on in my career, but have also been exposed to the stress of being measured on returns. I primarily cover consumer and TMT names. I went the typical path (target school -->... 213 2 years 6 months
JCP: Yet more proof of insider tradingJCP announced a 10mm secondary offering (~5% dilutive) after-market, yet the stock traded down 6.4% intra-day, starting up ~1% and steadily declining to -5.4%. After HNZ options trading, this is further evidence that insider trading remains rampant despite the... 23 3 years 1 month
HLF - Icahn files 13D citing 12.98%/14m share...Intends to discuss strategic alternatives w/ mgmt such as a recap or going private transaction. He'll be on CNBC tomorrow from 12-1. And the saga continues. Blackhat, I look forward to collecting that drink :) 52 3 years 2 months
It's official: Dell going privateMichael Dell and Silverlake announce $24.4bn deal @ $13.65/share (25% premium to $10.88 close on 1/11/13). 45 day go-shop available. MSFT to contribute $2bn loan. Debt financed by BAML, Barcap, CS, RBC Dell itself was advised by Goldman Sachs Silverlake advised by BAML, Barclays, CS,... 15 3 years 2 months
Icahn says he doesn't like/respect Ackman...Hilarious. JCP appears to be a disaster that continues to get worse. TGT was a bust. HLF bet could turn against Ackman as well. His GGP investment was great, but that was sourced by one of his junior guys, not him (rumor has it the guy got $20m at ~26/7). Could we be seeing Ackman's status... 47 3 years 3 months
Transitioning from IB/ER to HF Series - Part 2:...Welcome to Part 2 of the Transitioning from IB/ER to HF Series. See Part 1 here. This portion will focus on where to interview and behavioral questions. You’ve been anxiously awaiting the beginning of the interview season. You’ve spent time with headhunters, prepared a long and short stock pitch... 24 3 years 3 months
Transitioning from IB to HF Series - Part 1:...With headhunters likely beginning to reach out in December/January, I thought I'd put out a series of posts on making the transition from IB to HF. This one talks about getting that first interview. If you're in a decent group, most--if not all--the major headhunters will reach out to you. The... 28 3 years 3 months
CT School ShootingTwo gunmen shot up an elementary school in CT. AP reporting 27 dead, including 18 children. The oldest kids were only 9/10 years old. This makes me sick... how does one put a stop to something like this? 656 3 years 4 months
Finishing 1st Year as HF Analyst - Ask AnythingThere have been several of these so I don't know how helpful I can be. Will do my best Took a pretty traditional route to get the job: Target school Top banking group HF job through headhunter Not going to give out too many personal details, but I'm sure people could figure out who... 142 3 years 9 months
Magic Mike rakes in $39mm over weekend, proves...Original thread: If I've learned anything from a lifetime of sports, it's that it wasn't my personality that was winning girls over in the summer months during high school/college (pools, beaches,... 2 3 years 10 months


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I THINK it's called a "skeleton" design, but I'm...I THINK it's called a "skeleton" design, but I'm not 100% sure. 128 2 months 3 weeks
Comic sans all the way. I like to communicate to...Comic sans all the way. I like to communicate to resume reviewers that I have a sense of humor and don't take myself too seriously (also, that I don't want the job). 117 6 months 2 weeks
Here's the thing: how many AMERICANS are fluent...Here's the thing: how many AMERICANS are fluent in finance lingo in the English language? I think it's fair to say if you're a native speaker or close to it (re: you didn't just take courses at school) it's reasonable to put it on. I don't know many people who are business fluent in their native... 46 1 year 2 months
Agree with DM. You can't transfer more than 60...Agree with DM. You can't transfer more than 60 credits. It wouldn't make sense if a kid had 90 credits from a some random school, transferred to harvard and then just finished out 30 credits and got a harvard degree. 60 is the max. However, you can still transfer after having accumulated more... 202 1 year 3 months
dixm655: I have one year left in high school,...[quote=dixm655]I have one year left in high school, and typically, high school students start thinking about their futures at this present time. For the people that want to be somewhat successful in life, it is pretty average to be thinking more then a year away from now. I'm sorry that I care... 87 1 year 4 months
BlackHat: DontMakeMeShortYou: Why do my posts...[quote=BlackHat] DontMakeMeShortYou: Why do my posts look like a wall of text? argh Haha good to have you back sir[/quote] I just came here to collect my HLF reward. I haven't forgotten... which reminds me of a joke Call a girl beautiful a thousand times and she won't care. Call her... 213 1 year 10 months
letmetakeaselfie: @DontMakeMeShortYou -- 1) How...[quote=letmetakeaselfie]@DontMakeMeShortYou -- 1) How frequently do people switch funds? It seems like there are some funds, like Eton Park, where people stay forever, while others, like Coatue, have much higher turnover. Is the answer that it depends on the fund, or have you noticed any broader... 213 1 year 10 months
Why do my posts look like a wall of text? arghWhy do my posts look like a wall of text? argh 213 1 year 10 months
whotookmybowtie: Thank you for the reply. I'm...[quote=whotookmybowtie]Thank you for the reply. I'm about to start as a junior coverage banker at one of the BB in my country (small economy). I'm curious if either 1) switching abroad to a larger market after 1~2 years, 2) doing a BB ER role, or doing both would set me up better for entry into a... 213 1 year 10 months
HvaCapMar: 1) What tools do you use for...[quote=HvaCapMar]1) What tools do you use for execution/research? 2) Do you have a certain amount of cash at your free disposal? Or what guidelines/mandates are given? 3) How large positions do you build? How many companies? What time horizon? 4) (How) do you manage the positions? Do you (often... 213 1 year 10 months
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