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Do You Lump Sum Invest or Try to DCA?I read through quite a few threads in the archives about investing bonuses, but none mentioned the investment timing. Do you guys tend to invest your bonuses in a lump sum when received, or do you try to dollar cost average? I’d ideally like to DCA, but figuring how much to invest each period... 1 1 year 8 months
Which banks have Public Sector IB Groups (Not...I know Citi has a “Public Sector Group” within Global Investment Banking that serves Development Banks, Ministries, Central Banks, etc. Which other banks have similar groups? Note: I am not talking about Public Finance/Muni/Tax-Exempt DCM groups. 2 2 years 4 weeks
BTMU - Junior Portfolio ManagerI’m trying to determine if this role is more front-office asset management type work or middle-office risk. The title is Junior Portfolio Manger (Analyst), group is Portfolio Management Group at Bank of Tokyo - Mitsubishi UFJ’s NYC office. Pay is $80k base + 30-50%. Description: Junior... 3 3 years 1 month
What Schools are Possible with a Good Overall...Just curious which schools are still on the table with a 710 GMAT but, 97th percentile verbal and 65th quant split. Obviously admission depends on other factors, but let’s say: - 4 years NY BB Public finance - 3.9+ GPA in Business Economics from semi-target state school - Quant classes... 11 4 years 3 weeks
Non-Tech Business Accelerators / IncubatorsAnyone know of any business accelerators / incubators for non-tech companies? My product in particular is a soft-good... I know the NY Economic Development Council has some fashion incubators, but they all seem geared towards designers, whereas my product’s value prop is more about the function... 1 4 years 1 month
Non-Finance Opportunities out of Top B-SchoolsNot necessarily non-finance, but besides the typical investment banking/consulting/pe/hf/am recruiting, is there any recruiting for international development/startups/other cool alternative stuff at the m7? 3 4 years 7 months
East Bank Club Equivalent in NYC?Is there an equivalent to Chicago’s East Bank Club in NYC? That is, is there a must join health club like that? I’m not from an Ivy, so can’t do the Harvard, Yale, etc clubs. 1 4 years 10 months
Is This Standard Practice for Renting a NY...I need a place for June-Sept, and I found something I like on So I got the application to lease, and it asks for SS# and Bank Account #. SS I kind of understand for credit check, but bank account #, I don’t really understand. Also, I have to pay by wire transfer or cashiers... 10 4 years 11 months
Taking GMAT Now, Applying for MBA in 5 Yrs, Send...If I'm taking the GMAT now but won't be applying to schools for another 4 years, should I just pick 5 schools I might be interested in down the line? Or, would it be better to wait until I'm actually ready to apply? It'd be nice to save ~$140, but are there any drawback to sending scores now? 6 5 years 4 weeks
Do Any of the Top B-Schools Put Less Emphasis on...Do any of the top 15 U.S. b-schools or premier international programs (HKUST, INSEAD, LBS, Said, Judge) emphasize extracurriculars less than others? The reason I ask is that, to be blunt, I haven't done much during college, and I'm worried about having the time and will as an analyst. Assuming a... 13 5 years 1 month


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This presentation by Citi the group down a bit:...This presentation by Citi the group down a bit: Any other banks doing this sort of thing? 2 2 years 3 weeks
oilthetime: Anyone have info on RBC's Municipal...[quote=oilthetime]Anyone have info on RBC's Municipal Finance group? I eventually want to work in international development in some capacity probably in development management. Would PubFin be a good place to begin this sort of career trajectory?[/quote] Also interested. 27 2 years 1 month
Tagging this for later reading.Tagging this for later reading. 10 2 years 11 months
CanadianPositiveCarry: Working at BB IBD full...[quote=CanadianPositiveCarry]Working at BB IBD full time I am just amazed at how wasteful everyone is with their money. Growing up in an old money Canadian family, I've always been taught to invest 20 % of my earnings into a diverse portfolio. That's what I plan on continuing to do as I move... 22 2 years 11 months
CaR: "If we were to abolish every agency,...[quote=CaR]"If we were to abolish every agency, society would become more free in which a greater number of people prosper." Take away the government, you take away the FDA, SEC, and the (literally) hundreds of other agencies that make the United States a livable, viable place to do business and... 21 2 years 11 months
After you've lived in Indiana for a year, can you...After you’ve lived in Indiana for a year, can you get in-state tuition? 28 3 years 4 days
peinvestor2012: TheFix: ke18sb: Another note....[quote=peinvestor2012][quote=TheFix][quote=ke18sb]Another note. I went to a big state school and had a lot of friends at private schools similar to Duke. The private schools were really grade inflated, per what I heard. Conversely, my school had a harsh curve and was very competitive. I can't speak... 104 3 years 2 weeks
I mean, you're not going to be doing LBO modeling...I mean, you’re not going to be doing LBO modeling, DCFs, merger models, or whatever you’d typically do in CorpFin investment banking. If you’re in a healthcare group you, you might do credit models or merger from time to time. Housing and Power groups also do thing differently. Otherwise, it... 5 3 years 3 weeks
duffmt6: Aero: I do a good job of not wasting...[quote=duffmt6][quote=Aero]I do a good job of not wasting money in the traditional sense, however, I think I'm definitely "wasting" money by havin all of my non-401k savings in a 0.0% checking account. It's somewhat irrational, but I just don't know enough about investing and the equity markets... 66 3 years 1 month
I do a good job of not wasting money in the...I do a good job of not wasting money in the traditional sense, however, I think I'm definitely "wasting" money by havin all of my non-401k savings in a 0.0% checking account. It's somewhat irrational, but I just don't know enough about investing and the equity markets being at all time highs and... 66 3 years 1 month
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