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Do You Lump Sum Invest or Try to DCA?I read through quite a few threads in the archives about investing bonuses, but none mentioned the investment timing. Do you guys tend to invest your bonuses in a lump sum when received, or do you try to dollar cost average? I’d ideally like to DCA, but figuring how much to invest each period... 10 months 3 weeks
Which banks have Public Sector IB Groups (Not...I know Citi has a “Public Sector Group” within Global Investment Banking that serves Development Banks, Ministries, Central Banks, etc. Which other banks have similar groups? Note: I am not talking about Public Finance/Muni/Tax-Exempt DCM groups. 1 year 3 months
BTMU - Junior Portfolio ManagerI’m trying to determine if this role is more front-office asset management type work or middle-office risk. The title is Junior Portfolio Manger (Analyst), group is Portfolio Management Group at Bank of Tokyo - Mitsubishi UFJ’s NYC office. Pay is $80k base + 30-50%. Description: Junior... 2 years 3 months
What Schools are Possible with a Good Overall...Just curious which schools are still on the table with a 710 GMAT but, 97th percentile verbal and 65th quant split. Obviously admission depends on other factors, but let’s say: - 4 years NY BB Public finance - 3.9+ GPA in Business Economics from semi-target state school - Quant classes... 3 years 3 months
Non-Tech Business Accelerators / IncubatorsAnyone know of any business accelerators / incubators for non-tech companies? My product in particular is a soft-good... I know the NY Economic Development Council has some fashion incubators, but they all seem geared towards designers, whereas my product’s value prop is more about the function... 3 years 3 months
Non-Finance Opportunities out of Top B-SchoolsNot necessarily non-finance, but besides the typical investment banking/consulting/pe/hf/am recruiting, is there any recruiting for international development/startups/other cool alternative stuff at the m7? 3 years 9 months
East Bank Club Equivalent in NYC?Is there an equivalent to Chicago’s East Bank Club in NYC? That is, is there a must join health club like that? I’m not from an Ivy, so can’t do the Harvard, Yale, etc clubs. 4 years 1 week
Is This Standard Practice for Renting a NY...I need a place for June-Sept, and I found something I like on So I got the application to lease, and it asks for SS# and Bank Account #. SS I kind of understand for credit check, but bank account #, I don’t really understand. Also, I have to pay by wire transfer or cashiers... 4 years 1 month
Taking GMAT Now, Applying for MBA in 5 Yrs, Send...If I'm taking the GMAT now but won't be applying to schools for another 4 years, should I just pick 5 schools I might be interested in down the line? Or, would it be better to wait until I'm actually ready to apply? It'd be nice to save ~$140, but are there any drawback to sending scores now? 4 years 3 months
Do Any of the Top B-Schools Put Less Emphasis on...Do any of the top 15 U.S. b-schools or premier international programs (HKUST, INSEAD, LBS, Said, Judge) emphasize extracurriculars less than others? The reason I ask is that, to be blunt, I haven't done much during college, and I'm worried about having the time and will as an analyst. Assuming a... 4 years 3 months


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Which banks have Public Sector IB Groups (Not...This presentation by Citi the group down a bit: Any other banks doing this sort of thing? 1 year 3 months
Exit Ops From Public Finance - Is There Any Hope?[quote=oilthetime]Anyone have info on RBC's Municipal Finance group? I eventually want to work in international development in some capacity probably in development management. Would PubFin be a good place to begin this sort of career trajectory?[/quote] Also interested. 1 year 3 months
Learning about TMTTagging this for later reading. 2 years 1 month
Invest Your Goddamn Money[quote=CanadianPositiveCarry]Working at BB IBD full time I am just amazed at how wasteful everyone is with their money. Growing up in an old money Canadian family, I've always been taught to invest 20 % of my earnings into a diverse portfolio. That's what I plan on continuing to do as I move... 2 years 1 month
Are Free Markets the Correct Answer?[quote=CaR]"If we were to abolish every agency, society would become more free in which a greater number of people prosper." Take away the government, you take away the FDA, SEC, and the (literally) hundreds of other agencies that make the United States a livable, viable place to do business and... 2 years 1 month
How much is Kelley worth? (undergrad)After you’ve lived in Indiana for a year, can you get in-state tuition? 2 years 2 months
High School Senior: IU Kelley or Duke[quote=peinvestor2012][quote=TheFix][quote=ke18sb]Another note. I went to a big state school and had a lot of friends at private schools similar to Duke. The private schools were really grade inflated, per what I heard. Conversely, my school had a harsh curve and was very competitive. I can't speak... 2 years 2 months
Public Finance--No Real Skills?I mean, you’re not going to be doing LBO modeling, DCFs, merger models, or whatever you’d typically do in CorpFin investment banking. If you’re in a healthcare group you, you might do credit models or merger from time to time. Housing and Power groups also do thing differently. Otherwise, it... 2 years 2 months
Do A Lot of Bankers Waste Their Money?[quote=duffmt6][quote=Aero]I do a good job of not wasting money in the traditional sense, however, I think I'm definitely "wasting" money by havin all of my non-401k savings in a 0.0% checking account. It's somewhat irrational, but I just don't know enough about investing and the equity markets... 2 years 3 months
Do A Lot of Bankers Waste Their Money?I do a good job of not wasting money in the traditional sense, however, I think I'm definitely "wasting" money by havin all of my non-401k savings in a 0.0% checking account. It's somewhat irrational, but I just don't know enough about investing and the equity markets being at all time highs and... 2 years 3 months