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Pre-emptive hiring for PE?There are some PE firms that don't actively recruit for post-MBA associates, but will say that sending them a potential deal is a good way to potentially be considered to join their investment team. Does anyone have experience navigating such a way in? If so, do you mind sharing the "process"... 1 2 years 9 months
Sellside brokers for mid-market PE contactsThose of you at mid-market PE firms, what are the names of some of the lesser-known boutique banks through which you are able to get dealflow? One example would be 7 Mile Advisors, but would love to get a few more names if any come to mind. 7 2 years 10 months
Canaccord Adams ThoughtsWhat are general thoughts on Canaccord Adams? Prestige, dealflow, comp? 4 6 years 5 months
Adding people on LinkedIn after interviewsGood idea...bad idea? Any thoughts? 4 6 years 6 months
PE Fund of Funds - Recruiter I was just on the phone with a recruiter who presented me with a PE Fund of Funds opportunity. He explained to me that while such a position does not teach you "how to run a business", it positions you well for Asset Management and allows you to build solid contacts on the buyside. Since I am... 1 week 5 days
Good Habits to Have on the JobI would love to hear some of the positive habits people try to develop in becoming a good Analyst. This can be anything from behavioral to technical skills. For example, when I was an SA last summer, I would order a PIB on my client immediately after being staffed, so I could gain insight into... 5 8 years 1 week
Wall Street Prep Self StudyI've noticed a lot of people talking about training programs prior to starting as an FT or a Summer Analyst. A lot of them cost an arm and a leg, but the Wall Street Prep Self Study program seems pretty manageable at $500. If anyone has done this, could you please let me know: How effective it... 5 8 years 1 month


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I just graduated from Booth Fulltime last year....I just graduated from Booth Fulltime last year. mbavsmfin is incorrect. The part-time program is pretty strong and I've had classes in Gleacher as well. Start having a conversation with career services and make sure you're all over the portal. Unfortunately I don't have anything contacts-wise for... 14 1 year 2 months
It is doable, but you need to plan the story well...It is doable, but you need to plan the story well. Use the optional essay part to explain why your grades are so low. You need to make sure the rest of your application (work, GMAT, recs) are on point, and then have a cohesive story as to what led to your poor performance and why you won't repeat... 15 1 year 5 months
First off, don't base your decision fully on the...First off, don't base your decision fully on the answers from the forum. Ultimately you should do what feels right for your experiences and where you feel you could excel. Having that said, both are solid opportunities. I would see the FDLP program as being more of a logical feeder into an MBA... 3 1 year 5 months
I went to an M7. I have seen it done by friends...I went to an M7. I have seen it done by friends in my class, but they really devoted time to their businesses and as a result, did not prioritize schoolwork or any of the social events. You can make it work, but be aware of the tradeoffs. Some people came in as full-time and switched to part-time... 15 1 year 5 months
Your entrepreneurial and mentorship experiences...Your entrepreneurial and mentorship experiences tell a solid story. Schools are looking for diverse candidates in terms of experience, so your story will play nicely that way. A key point to note in your applications is how you expect the MBA to add to you and what you expect to do post-MBA.... 10 1 year 5 months
In most cases, admissions does not do a good job...In most cases, admissions does not do a good job of stratifying within finance. Your application will be reviewed as a whole so your extracurriculars, undergraduate record / activities, recommendations, and anything you can point to as differentiated will be important whether you apply now or as an... 5 1 year 5 months
Its either Senior Associate or VP, depending on...Its either Senior Associate or VP, depending on the structure of the firm, but your responsibilities are higher. In most cases, carry is part of the discussion so you end up having a coinvestment amount in the fund 5 1 year 5 months
I've never fathomed what you're describing. Owner...I've never fathomed what you're describing. Owner sells 100% to public shareholders with employees and management retaining nothing? Yikes It sounds like you're selling secondary shares, so the cash goes directly to the shareholders. There is no cash flow to the company, so no addition to the... 3 1 year 6 months
Depends on the firms. Many earlier stage firms...Depends on the firms. Many earlier stage firms will want Product Management or Operational experience. Many tech banking groups are feeders into later stage funds. Check out the background of the associates and partners at these funds. Midas list is a good start: 3 1 year 6 months
Boutique.Boutique. 6 1 year 6 months
WallStreet Prep Master Financial Modeling