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Officially Out of the HF BusinessMight as well make it official and say I have left the HF business to pursue other interests on good terms and performance numbers. We all go through a period of self-reflection (usually annually around bonus season) and after several cycles I've decided now was a good time for me to exit. I'm not... 43 2 months 3 weeks
Preparing for the HF informational interviewMod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 12/27/09. To see all of our top content from the past, click here. I got a PM asking how to prepare for an informational interview with a HF manager. Since I don't post often, I'm going to post the bulk of my (stream of... 14 3 months 2 weeks
Random musings that sound like ventingMod Note (Andy) - We're reposting the top discussions from 2015, this one ranks #8 and was originally posted 8/23/2015. There's really no point to this post. TLDR: Sometimes it's just a job with a boss that does boss things. 1) Young PMs in a bull market 30-something year old HF PM/... 22 4 months 2 days
Random Musings on the HF Interview ProcessMod Note (Andy) - as the year comes to an end we're reposting the top discussions from 2015, this one ranks #26 and was originally posted 8/23/2015. This is far from a definitive guide but should give you a high level overview on how to think about the process. I'll update more topics as I find... 10 4 months 6 days
Random Musing on Mr. MarketAgain take everything I say with a grain of salt... 1) Are we happy yet value investors? A while ago, I was once asked if I was happy. It was a weird question since I'm generally a happy person but this investor thought I wasn't expressing an appropriate amount of happiness doing my job (... 8 8 months 1 week
The Hedge Fund Experience - Good, Bad, UglyMod Note (Andy): Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted Feb 2009 Since there aren't any decent/active discussions on the HF forum, I figure I start a thread highlighting the good, bad, and ugly aspects of working at a hedge fund. This is based on my personal experiences so don't take... 214 2 years 1 month
Elliott Management's Juniper PresentationAgree? Disagree? (Side note: Having candidates deconstruct these type of presentations during an interview is pretty useful. Anyone can regurgitate a pitch with practice. I want to see if you can identify the holes or... 5 2 years 3 months
Group: Read the FootnotesThis group will highlight the good, bad, and ugly aspects of working at a hedge fund/buyside. Trade stories, share insights, or just follow along. I've decided to start a group to better organize topics that interest me and ensure my posts do not get buried in the forums over time. 1 2 years 5 months
Hedge Fund Guru Answering Inbox Questions Here....Some of these messages are very old but I'm going to answer them anyway b/c I’m in a helpful mood. Question: How would I know what the career path for [this particular hedge fund]? Every fund has their own "career path" just depends what the founder thinks. Some give a shit and want to... 97 3 years 6 months
Investing with a catalystI came across a blog post about Bill Gates calling Kodak "toast" back in 1991 that serves as a good reminder on why you really need to have a catalyst when investing. 3 6 years 4 months


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I'd say altruism but in reality I'm hoping...I'd say altruism but in reality I'm hoping someone makes a Mr. Pink Money reference when they talk about how they got into the business and why they're a billionaire. 19 2 months 1 week
throw_away123: As someone trying to figure out...[quote="throw_away123"]As someone trying to figure out my plans, I'm curious as to what you're going to get up to?[/quote] Not sure if my plans will help you but I have a simple structure that helped me get where I am. Work on something that: 1. I love and where the process of getting better... 43 3 months 1 week
soules9219: What if I swear a sacred oath to...[quote="soules9219"]What if I swear a sacred oath to your lordship?[/quote] I have faith you'll find some great names. 43 3 months 1 week
How long does it take to walk through using...How long does it take to walk through using EBITDA multiples and parroting sell-side reports? I kid I kid. 34 3 months 2 weeks
soules9219: Mr. Pink Money:Best Investing...[quote="soules9219"] Mr. Pink Money:Best Investing Advice: Understand the value add the customer gets from using the product. Economic moats aren't built by companies. They're built by customers feverishly digging to protect something very important to them. This is how I've found many multi-year... 43 3 months 2 weeks
MBAGrad2015: First, congrats on your success,...[quote="MBAGrad2015"]First, congrats on your success, tremendous value you added to the WSO community, and best of luck in your future endeavors.Second, I had a question about your best life advice, which I found quite poignant. Do you think this advice applies equally to finance professionals as... 43 3 months 2 weeks
watersign: how long did you hold investments...[quote="watersign"]how long did you hold investments for..? mind if i PM you..?[/quote] Range: 6 months to 4+ years. Depended on the catalyst and thesis. Most investments are looked at with 2 to 3 year holding periods in mind. 43 3 months 2 weeks
Pokemon Master: Mr. Pink Money:They wouldn't...[quote="Pokemon Master"] Mr. Pink Money:They wouldn't make sense in a vacuum and not knowing my background. You'd either think I'm crazy or want to come along for the ride. Being a career PM running LP money was never a long-term goal.I'm going to interpret this as you want to spend the next year... 43 3 months 2 weeks
Kenny_Powers_CFA: Some prompts if you feel like...[quote="Kenny_Powers_CFA"]Some prompts if you feel like it:a) Best single piece of advice you've receivedi) About investing?ii) About career/work generally?iii) About life generally?b) Best trade you've ever had and why it was the best/how you knew it was a gonna be a winner?c) Biggest (investing)... 43 3 months 2 weeks
Dingdong08: Good luck.I'm guessing you're the...[quote="Dingdong08"]Good luck.I'm guessing you're the anonymous poster from a few days ago. Going to bum it for a few months, travel and relax?[/quote] Not me. No relaxing for me. Ready to work on the next thing. 43 3 months 2 weeks
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