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Reach out to Recruiters (post-IB)So I am interested to hear from anyone who has had experience reaching out to recruiters either during or after their time as an IB analyst. I know a lot of the analysts at the BB firms have the recruiters directly reach out to the, but what kind of stories does everyone have sending e-mails, cold... 1 4 years 3 months
JPM Intern E-mail BlastLooks like a JPM Summer Intern may be cutting his time at the firm a bit short after a pretty hilarious e-mail he sent out to his colleagues. I really love the quick redaction he makes on the second and third e-mails out to everyone. Lets hope this kid doesn't try to go out in NYC anymore,... 21 4 years 10 months
Return AnalysisI was curious if anyone has an excel model that would be able to compute a Return analysis for the founders and an investor into a new company. I am looking for the returns for equity invested as a private equity/vc/angel, etc. type Thanks in advance 5 years 2 weeks
Banking BudgetI am curious how a lot of people go about spending/saving their money during their first year as a banking analyst. I am sure I am going to get plenty of worthless responses like "models and bottles", "adderrall and cocaine", "bespoke suits" and the other dribble that people like to boost their... 15 5 years 1 month
Raymond James IB - More info So I am looking to get some more information on Raymond James Investment Banking. What are some of their strengths, more popular sectors, deal-flow, etc? Does anyone know anything about their culture or offices? I know that they have NY, Chicago and St. Pete, what does each do? Thanks in... 1 1 week 5 days
CFA Prep - Methods used to study? For anyone who took the June 2009 or previous CFA exam, what methods did you use to study? I am most likely sitting for the CFA level I in December, and trying to plan out my studying over the next few months. Are the different resources like stalla or schweser worth the price? Is studying on... 14 2 weeks 3 days


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Michael Kors makes nice watches for <$300Michael Kors makes nice watches for 300 6 months 2 weeks
(deleted, double post)(deleted, double post) 47 1 year 1 month
In all seriousness, I would check the rules of...In all seriousness, I would check the rules of the trading site. I remember a couple of years back I had a similar challenge in one of my classes. You could make trades after hours (i.e., before the market opened the following AM) and the price you would purchase the shares at was the previous... 47 1 year 1 month
Personally, I think you might have more "deal...Personally, I think you might have more "deal experience" than you think. Some items I might consider adding to your resume are: 1) Work on any follow-on financing rounds for portfolio companies 2) Financial modeling for new product acquisitions on behalf of a portfolio company 3) Financial... 12 1 year 3 months
Just received my acceptance to CBS yesterday...Just received my acceptance to CBS yesterday after applying ED. I only had a 700 GMAT, so I wanted to dispel the earlier posts about needing at least a 720+ for any kind of chance. I also agree with the earlier posters regarding fit, why Columbia and why NYC for the purposes of the interview... 127 1 year 6 months
If you want to do front office finance out of UF...If you want to do front office finance out of UF, you need to do the MSF program, where there are fair number of reputable firms recruiting, otherwise expect something along the lines of F500 finance. 6 1 year 6 months
I didn't really think it was all that bad....I didn't really think it was all that bad. Although I certainly liked the Kellogg and CBS applications more, as I found it easier to tell a story under the umbrella of a specific essay prompt. HBS also limits the number of jobs, extracurriculars, etc. that you can submit, so whereas Kellogg... 127 1 year 8 months
Will be applying to HBS this weekend then...Will be applying to HBS this weekend then following up with applications to Columbia, Kellogg and Stern for R1. Been quite a ride with essays and short answer questions, looking forward to the interview rounds. 127 1 year 8 months
To be honest, I doubt they even read the letter,...To be honest, I doubt they even read the letter, but instead just endorse it. With that said, I wouldn't use that rationale as a carte blanche to write down whatever you want (doesn't seem like you were going to). Think of it much like how you would write a cover letter, explain the tasks... 9 2 years 6 months
Just posted this in the other thread, but figured...Just posted this in the other thread, but figured i'd echo it here. Look at league tables, not Vault lists. You want to go where you're going to work on the most deals, that is the absolute only thing to worry about, plain and simple. 32 2 years 8 months
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