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VC -> PE, can it be done?I did VC then switched into PE/growth. You have to be open minded about the type of "PE" you wan to get into. I think you're right to avoid the megafunds/large cap traditional LBO. You may want to hone in on an industry, pick software or something where there is a lot of growth capital. Happy to... 1 year 9 months
Here's what happens when your email hits my...Can't emphasize enough following up. It's like going to office hours in college to get more information, so few people do it. Somehow the attitude in college is you're one and done, not so in life. 2 years 5 months
Associate base pay #'s 2013this is great, thanks all 2 years 5 months
Moving into VCTo offer a different suggestion, I think it may be harder to join a reputable start up financed by one of the big VC funds compared to consulting. Having worked at several startups and now in VC, there are a ton of MBAs who apply to business development roles and get turned down. You have to have... 5 years 5 months
A fine line btw following up and being annoyingThis might be tough but I would say focus on applying to more positions and locking in new interviews. You have finished all the face-to-face you can do and have tried your best. If you were to follow-up, email the person who gave you a verbal offer. Also in your emails don't just say you are... 5 years 5 months