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Top MBA Resume BooksDoes anyone have links/pdfs where I can get them? Before you all tell me to search through old threads, I've already searched them all and only gotten very few as most links don't work or are outdated (which I will share here). Most of these books are outdated that I did manage to find. Would... 4 2 years 7 months
B-School Chances with Three Years Work ExperienceHi all, Was hoping to get some advice with regards to b-school as I'm considering going next year. Thinking I'd only go if I can get into a M7 and wondering what my chances would be like given my profile. My background is that I went to a top public (UVa/UMich/Berkeley) and did a double... 7 2 years 11 months
Finally an offer! A story of persistenceBeen waiting literally 1-2 years now to make a post like this. Finally landed a FT offer with a solid VC firm as an analyst! Super pumped and excited to start as I have gone through hell and literally overcome all the things that you could possibly deal with. Went to a top public university (... 76 1 year 2 months
Fund Placement SpecialistsHi, Anyone here have any experience selecting a fund raising/placement specialist? Specifically for raising a fund for a PE (specifically early/mid/late stage venture and small fund sizes)? I know you obviously have your BB's / elite boutiques that have private fundraising groups, but they... 2 3 years 9 months
GMAT Prep Material - Manhattan GMAT (8 book set...All in great condition, no/little markings (might be a few random pages with random question answers circled that I forgot to erase). The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review, 2nd Edition The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 12th Edition The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review, 2nd... 6 3 years 11 months
Working in HK then moving back to USHey guys, Anyone have any idea how hard it would be to move back to US (assuming you are a US citizen) after working in HK? Obviously it would be ideal to start in the US at an IB/PE/HF, but what happens if somehow you ended up with an offer in HK at non-name brand IB/PE/HF firm? Also, this is... 4 years 1 month
Recruiting Cycles for Post-UndergraduateHi guys, If I graduated this past May and have been working the past few months in another non-IBD job, is it possible to sneak into fall recruiting cycles? OCR is starting/started but since I've already graduated is it still possible to get into those recruiting cycles? Or will I only be... 4 4 years 7 months
Post-Grad RecruitingHey guys, Just wanted to ask about recruiting for IBD after you've graduated undergrad/grad school. What type of timeline would I be looking at? Is it still possible to recruit with the regular FT recruiting timeline (ie. OCR resume drops in September/October and interviews in October/... 12 4 years 9 months
Urgent: Tough decision regarding choosing...Hi all, I'm currently an Econ grad with a low GPA (2.9-3.2) from a top public (UMich/UVa/Berkeley/UCLA). I have solid internship experience (F500 PWM, top F500 tech firm business analyst, small VC advisory firm, BB MO). I recently graduated this month, but was planning on taking extra... 10 4 years 12 months
GS Beijing IB Interview TONIGHTLiterally just found out about my interview earlier this morning (and the interview is later tonight). Any advice on it? I've never interviewed for an Asia IB position for. Anything I should expect to be different from US interviews? Obviously prepare for why China... I've done a little bit... 3 5 years 1 month


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Working for a successful start-up is definitely...Working for a successful start-up is definitely the fastest way to "accelerate" your career. If you join a F50, promotions will be slow to come by, you probably won't learn as much / have as much responsibility considering you are young in your career. Generally speaking, if you guys / the... 4 1 year 11 months
It's one of the best VC's out there. USV is...It's one of the best VC's out there. USV is heavily focused on their investment thesis' (based around networks). Expect your traditional VC interview questions (market trends, interesting start-ups, etc.) 4 2 years 1 day
Friend of mine went from Moelis --> KKR --...Friend of mine went from Moelis --> KKR --> HF --> jokes 5 2 years 4 days
1) You wouldn't be joining at partner level so no...1) You wouldn't be joining at partner level so no you won't be expected to bring in money 2) PE pays more money and there are less VC roles available 3) Moving onto a smaller fund = less management fees (tho less people as well). Getting returns from any potential investments will take 5-7... 8 2 years 1 month
None of this makes any sense. First off, if you...None of this makes any sense. First off, if you aren't being paid, how the hell are you gonna live/pay rent/food/etc. Exits (on average) in venture capital take 5-7 years. That means you won't receive a single DIME for 5-7 years. If what I'm understanding is correct, it sounds like the LP's... 7 2 years 1 month
I swear to god nobody reads the dates on this...I swear to god nobody reads the dates on this thread. It's months old and I'm tired of seeing people bump to ask for PM. 53 2 years 3 months
I'm going to guess right now that your shares are...I'm going to guess right now that your shares are fully vested / nearly fully vested, otherwise no VC's would be asking for you to have reverse vesting (3-4 years, 1 year cliff). I seriously doubt you will be able to get VC's to change their mind on this topic as they want to see you are... 3 2 years 4 months
No such thing as a VC firm that specifically...No such thing as a VC firm that specifically looks for vets 2 2 years 6 months
Yes, managing partners do invest their own money...Yes, managing partners do invest their own money into their funds. It is uncommon that they will invest their own money outside their fund as it'll give LP's the impression that the partners are self-serving. Some partners will invest more, some less, some run their funds themselves with solely... 3 2 years 7 months
Thoughts on your career path going forward after...Thoughts on your career path going forward after a pre-MBA role? Obviously it's difficult to just stay at the same firm and move up the ladder onto partner path without operational experience. Usually a lot of junior VC guys end up founding a start-up, joining a portfolio company (product... 148 2 years 7 months
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