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Post your week long hours progressWhat I'm asking you guys to do, is to post here your hours that you work. i.e. Monday 8 am - 2 am I just want to get an idea for the real hours from multiple people... 3 years 4 months for you to useok I decided to make the site public, since I'm no longer interested in IB(starting my own firm instead, with a partner) I'm going to share the stuff I got on there for you to use. So ignore all the contribute, pay $ links etc, I'll update that once I get a chance. First the link: www.... 9 years 1 month
College ---> Corporate World transitionI was hoping some people could tell how they coped with the process. 9 years 2 months
A good site for all you people stuck at work with... 9 years 2 months
How selective are business schools?Is it more or less like Ivy for undergrad? Need to have a good SAT score=GMAT Need to have good HS GPA =undergrad GPA Need to have good ECs =Job Or is it more selective? 9 years 3 months
Can't say no[quote]Court: Woman Can't Say No After Start Of Sex POSTED: 9:13 am EST October 31, 2006 UPDATED: 9:30 am EST October 31, 2006 ANNAPOLIS, Md. -- An appellate court said Maryland's rape law is clear -- no doesn't mean no when it follows a yes and intercourse has begun. A three-judge panel... 9 years 3 months
When to take GMAT?do you reccomend to take it before you start work? Or during? 9 years 3 months
What makes you get up in the morning?What makes you get up in the morning? 9 years 3 months
Speaking of cheatingmba's are the biggest cheaters apparently [quote]Students seeking their masters of business administration degree admit cheating more than any other type of student, from law to liberal arts. "We have found that graduate students in general are... 9 years 3 months
Did any of you guys see the movie Click?Did it change your outlook on life? 9 years 3 months


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I meant barrier compared to United States. i.e....I meant barrier compared to United States. i.e. if you have coding done in India, you better double check the grammar when everything is done. This is another good reason to make the full design for them to follow 8 years 9 months
fk: look at outsourcing companies in India....[quote=fk]look at outsourcing companies in India. There are companies that specialize in this type of stuff. My friends are currently building their site with an outsourcing company for 50k (only a portion of that up front)[/quote] outsourcing to India is good, but there are a number of problems... 8 years 9 months
For coders etc, you can try craigslist, lots of...For coders etc, you can try craigslist, lots of people there. Or some people from campus. But remember, you get what you pay for. I went through 3 coders, before I ended up with the team I have now. People are easily excited about ideas of making 'millions', but when push comes to shove, and... 8 years 9 months
also a thing you need to keep in mind, is that...also a thing you need to keep in mind, is that your internship is only 2 months long. There is no way, you'll be able to get anything done during that time, and it never hurts to have that on your resume, so that when you find out 5 months from now that Joe Schmoe from Kentucky has had your site... 8 years 9 months
Yes his business savvy may suck, but the the part...Yes his business savvy may suck, but the the part of the book of how to pitch during the meeting, is pretty decent. Gives a few insights, and since he runs his own VC,it doesn't hurt to read what VCs want to hear. 8 years 9 months
I recommend you do some reading before you even...I recommend you do some reading before you even think about it. Pick up the following books: Startup Nation by the sloan brothers and The Art of Start by Guy Kawasaki. The first book is more generic for all business steps, and Guy's book talks more about the getting money stage. 8 years 9 months
Don't quit anything until you have funding. You...Don't quit anything until you have funding. You might think your idea is awesome, you might think people will be jumping to get behind it. You are wrong. Its an uphill battle in getting funding. 1-VCs get something like 10,000 business proposals a month, so chances of getting in through... 8 years 9 months
aachimp: you take guestimates to a different...[quote=aachimp]you take guestimates to a different level. [/quote] So you really think someone who has no other options, won't try buying verifiable fake experience? And trust me shit like that is very common. You think you are doing great in school, you think you have good experience, you think... 8 years 9 months
WanganRunner: LOL That's some inventive shit...[quote=WanganRunner] LOL That's some inventive shit right there. It might get you in trouble, but inventive nonetheless. [/quote] do you really think the background check will look to see if you are the owner of the company? Its no different from someone's daddy giving a job to their kid... 8 years 9 months
nrd6: True there's some high multiple of...[quote=nrd6]True there's some high multiple of applicants over good jobs. On the other hand 50 is clearly a huge exaggeration. Since there are more than 100 srious hedge funds in the NY area of a size that they hire at least one grad per year per fund, there's at least 100 good jobs without even... 8 years 9 months
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