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Business Careers With Work/Life Balance and Upper...Just curious, what are some careers in finance that will offer a good, upper-middle class lifestyle while still providing a decent work-life balance at the same time? I'm obviously not expecting to make 150k+ and only work 9-5, but are there career paths out there that will allow you to eventually... 13 5 years 5 months
Consulting Outside of hard to get in,...Title basically says it. I'm at a non-target, so MBB is pretty much out unless I get very lucky or score some extreme contacts, so I was wondering how good some of the other firms are (such as Booze, Capgemini, AT Kearney, Deloitte, etc.) and how realistic they are from a non-target. If you want a... 27 6 years 3 months
Real Estate Investment Banking/REIT/Real Estate...Hey, So basically, I went to a career highlight today at my school and realized that I might have an interest in the real estate industry. The career highlight was about being a realtor/appraiser which isn't really my thing, but I did a bit of reading and learned about REITs, investment banking... 3 6 years 5 months
For A Non-Target Person: Finance, Accounting, or...Pretty simple question. If you go to a non-target, is finance (perhaps with a minor in econ), accounting, or something else best for consulting, more specifically, management or strategy/operations consulting? I've heard finance from non-ivy (I know Wharton and Cornell are the only ivies with... 15 6 years 5 months
Consulting From a Non-TargetHi, So basically, I'm at a non-target, and I want to know what are some consulting firms that are more readily attainable from non-targets? I've heard that accenture, deloitte (spelling?), IBM have a good amount of people from non-targets without even the most stellar GPAs around, but are there... 9 6 years 6 months
Last Question About Non-Targets For A While (...So after talking to some people, I received some interesting advice. They said that for non-targets, it might be best to major in something quantitative like math or something applicable that isn't "business". They said that majoring in business may seem too common, and you'll look like every other... 8 6 years 6 months
"Easiest" area to break in from non-...The title says it all. If you go to a non-target, what's the easiest (relatively speaking of course) field to break into out of banking, consulting, S&T, etc.? 13 6 years 6 months
Backup Plans For a Person From Non-TargetSo I go to a non-target and while I'm interested in consulting, banking and all that other high-finance stuff, I fully understand that it's competitive to get in from targets, and from a non-target, there's virtually no chance whatsoever, so my question is, if I get really good grades (think 3.7+,... 12 6 years 7 months
Why Is Tax Knowledge Important for M&A?So I was listening to a tax attorney the other day talking about his work, and he says that he routinely works with M&As and that his background in accounting has been really useful for him in his job. Pardon my ignorance, but what do accounting, and especially taxes/tax law have to do with M&A? 5 6 years 7 months
Corporate Finance - Commercial banking did not...This is copied from my post in the other road forum. I'm just posting it here because no one ever reads that forum anymore. But anyways, if you have any info about corporate finance, especially regarding the stuff I posted in that other thread, please let me know. Thanks: Alright, so basically... 22 3 weeks 1 day


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wait hold on, so if you want to do operations, is...wait hold on, so if you want to do operations, is an accounting degree all that's necessary (sorry to hijack your thread OP, btw)? I thought that you'd want something in supply chain management or something, or maybe what I'm thinking of when I think "operations" is seperate from what BB Operations... 118 2 months 1 week
You Told Me About Commercial Banking, Now Tell Me...You Told Me About Commercial Banking, Now Tell Me About corporate finance if you can (Originally Posted: 08/27/2009) Alright, so basically, commercial banking did not fit my needs, so I was wondering if anyone can tell me about corporate finance. Once again, I'm mostly... 66 1 year 7 months
bumpbump 87 3 years 11 months
well, what I mean in terms of hard to break in is...well, what I mean in terms of hard to break in is whether they only recruit at targets like banks do for investment banking. Although I have pretty bad grades this year (I have only now gotten the hang of how to study for college, so my grades have unfortunately taken a hit), I am very confident... 87 3 years 11 months
Commercial Banking - Wondering how good...Commercial Banking - Wondering how good commercial banking is as a career (Originally Posted: 06/03/2009) I was wondering how good commercial banking is as a career (I couldn't think of anywhere else to post this). How are salaries starting and with experience? I've realized... 87 3 years 11 months
consulting10: Booz is the firm with the best...[quote=consulting10]Booz is the firm with the best industry exits outside of MBB hands down (check their website or wiki for reference), and in fact their industry exits are near comparable to BB (they have CEOs at Pepsi, Harper Collins, Siemens, Medtronic, the president at United Tech and the... 27 6 years 2 months
Well, what MBAs will allow me (outside of the...Well, what MBAs will allow me (outside of the usual M7) a good shot at getting into MBB after my MBA and will still have a good enough name for me to exit as a high ranking officer for a corporation. The ultimate goal is to become a high ranking officer after working in consulting... 27 6 years 3 months
because you're a fucking ugly bitch. They want to...because you're a fucking ugly bitch. They want to stab you to death, and then play around with your blood. That's why phaggot. 22 6 years 3 months
audichow: MBB seeks out the nerds - so a math...[quote=audichow]MBB seeks out the nerds - so a math major would be great. Overall major is not important. However, if you non-target school has a high ranking major it would be worth doing that major. They look for leadership, internships, and much more than your major. PM me your... 15 6 years 3 months
brick: Just to add on to that, I know someone...[quote=brick]Just to add on to that, I know someone who went to HBS this year from Strategy group of my 2nd/3rd tier firm, after only 2.5 years of work, coming out of state school. I know few other from other management consulting groups who ended up in Top 10s, also coming from state schools.[/... 12 6 years 5 months
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