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US MBA for HK Boutique IBD Analyst?Hi guys, Just a quick question regarding whether pursuing a Top 15 MBA in the US would be worth it for my situation. A quick background on myself: Went to a top public school in the Midwest 3 years in Big 4 Accounting in Hong Kong Moved into an analyst role within a boutique (more of... 1 2 years 5 months
Career advice would be much appreciated!Hey guys, I have been on this board for over a year and have enjoyed many of the quality posts. I just graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Accounting, and have a full-time offer in a Big 4 accounting firm doing audit in Asia. In a few years, I would like to break... 4 6 years 10 months


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[][] 3 9 months 3 weeks
Thanks so much for making yourself available....Thanks so much for making yourself available. Similar to your background, I started out in big4 in Hong Kong 3 years ago, after graduating from a top public school in the Midwest. About 4 months ago, I moved to a transaction service role in another big4 firm. Currently I am looking to jump into... 136 3 years 5 months
Just a quick question on the FDD part, do buyers...Just a quick question on the FDD part, do buyers usually hire the advisory arm of an auditing firms for it? Or do the investment banks representing the buyers will provide such service as well 21 3 years 6 months
Thanks guy! Thanks for the advice!Thanks guy! Thanks for the advice! 4 6 years 10 months
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