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Trade Model(s) for SA Resume FeedbackHave a younger cousin in his jr at school. He's looking to try to make a run at getting into banking, asked if I'd look over his resume doc. His res. is pretty much soup sandwich aside from having a pretty decent GPA, and I honestly couldn't come up with anything for him other than reformatting... 3 weeks 3 days
JPM Tech Banking Analyst Nabbed by Fed'sLooks like some JPM tech coverage monkey's in SF were playing fast and loose with their data room privileges. This one's gotta be a first for stupid analyst fuck-ups, what a bunch of retards... [quote]Ex-J.P. Morgan Securities Analyst Charged With Insider Trading: A former J.P. Morgan... 2 months 3 weeks
Hedge Fund Bottoms Up / Valuation Modelsbleh 3 months 2 weeks
Equity Research Model RequestLooking for research analyst model (ie the giant one's the analyst sends to clients) for a particular large integrated energy company. If anyone's willing to do some horse trading model wise, I've got a pretty big IBD / PE library would be willing swap for. PM if you're keen to do so. Thanks 9 months 3 weeks
Failed 144A OfferingsDoes anyone know a public(ish) source that discloses 144A offerings that never launched / failed? Other than public company filings (not sure I've ever seen that disclosed, but whatever). Thanks 1 year 4 months
Training the Street ModelsSeeing if anyone still has their completed Training the Street models from the 5-day course they'd be willing to send? Will be happy to swap for one or set of my models, all of which are from either BB ibd or private equity. Thanks. 1 year 5 months
Dating a Bartender ChickWARNING: Somewhat NSFW if monitor easily seen by peers. So there's this bartender chick that I have an in with, long story short it's overtly indicative she want's String's D (actually verified, because we hooked up the first evening we hung out without hardly any badgering from me, which is... 2 years 7 months
FP&A Budgeting Model Hey, anyone have an FP... 2 years 7 months
Thinking about quitting? Read thisMod note: This comment was originally posted in Quitting Investment Banking and thought it deserved to be re-posted again. Enjoy! Click here to see more top rated comments. It really blows my mind the griping that people do about banking as an analyst. How hard have we worked to get these... 2 years 8 months
Texas Railroad Commission O&G Production #...This a big time long shot. But any O... 2 years 9 months


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Just don't.Just don't. 1 week 2 days
monkey shit guy, go fuck yourselfmonkey shit guy, go fuck yourself 3 weeks 3 days
Don't think we're quite there yet on another A...Don't think we're quite there yet on another A... 3 weeks 3 days
I'd assume it'd be largely focused on your deal...I'd assume it'd be largely focused on your deal experience, responsibilities at your current BB and most importantly why you're looking to lateral from your current bank to theirs. 3 weeks 4 days
My little brother's a jr. at a non-target. He's...My little brother's a jr. at a non-target. He's already had first round phone screens w/ JPM S&T and GS IBD already, he started back in early September. 1 month 1 week
There's nothing wrong with asking this question,...There's nothing wrong with asking this question, perspective monkey's. Don't listen to this guy, he's salty about something I gather. If you're interviewing at a large BB, modify the question to ask about the culture of the specific group you're interviewing with. A HY sales desk is going to... 1 month 1 week
Petrie Partners is comprised of most of the old...Petrie Partners is comprised of most of the old Petrie Parkman team. They focus principally on upstream oil... 1 month 1 week
Send me a PM if you'd like some more color on PP...Send me a PM if you'd like some more color on PP. Know this firm well. 1 month 1 week
Looked at your spread sheet example, math checks...Looked at your spread sheet example, math checks out for IRR's, however I would caution about combing your pfd return calcs with returns on excess CF. In practice, you model these waterfall's based on the terms disclosed with in the partnership / LLC agreement, meaning, every deal's waterfall can... 1 month 2 weeks
I know this team very well. Can confirm most...I know this team very well. Can confirm most comments here. The culture is absolutely brutal, about as tough as you'll find as far as I'm aware. Excellent deal flow, they've always been hitters in the E... 1 month 2 weeks
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