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Equity Research Model RequestLooking for research analyst model (ie the giant one's the analyst sends to clients) for a particular large integrated energy company. If anyone's willing to do some horse trading model wise, I've got a pretty big IBD / PE library would be willing swap for. PM if you're keen to do so. Thanks 4 months 4 weeks
Failed 144A OfferingsDoes anyone know a public(ish) source that discloses 144A offerings that never launched / failed? Other than public company filings (not sure I've ever seen that disclosed, but whatever). Thanks 11 months 1 week
Training the Street ModelsSeeing if anyone still has their completed Training the Street models from the 5-day course they'd be willing to send? Will be happy to swap for one or set of my models, all of which are from either BB ibd or private equity. Thanks. 1 year 3 weeks
Dating a Bartender ChickWARNING: Somewhat NSFW if monitor easily seen by peers. So there's this bartender chick that I have an in with, long story short it's overtly indicative she want's String's D (actually verified, because we hooked up the first evening we hung out without hardly any badgering from me, which is... 2 years 2 months
FP&A Budgeting Model Hey, anyone have an FP... 2 years 2 months
Thinking about quitting? Read thisMod note: This comment was originally posted in Quitting Investment Banking and thought it deserved to be re-posted again. Enjoy! Click here to see more top rated comments. It really blows my mind the griping that people do about banking as an analyst. How hard have we worked to get these... 2 years 3 months
Texas Railroad Commission O&G Production #...This a big time long shot. But any O... 2 years 4 months
McKinsey Financial ModelsKinda bored at work and feel like my general corporate finance skillz could use a refresher. Was wondering if anyone out there has any, specifically, McKinsey financial valuation models they'd be willing to do a trade for (I have a pretty monster personel collection of models to swap from). PM me... 2 years 4 months
Q: Sources & Uses and Offset DebtQuick question for SEASONED deal monkeys and real estate / REIT / project finance folks: Doing a little real estate side deal w/ this rich dude I know. I'm trying set up the S... 2 years 10 months
Good Knife for a SEALOne of my best buddies from college just got past BUDs and SQT and is getting assigned to a SEAL team soon. Super stoked for the guy and want to get him a sweet knife (one that he'll hopefully use to kill some terrorists w/). Any former military dudes have any suggestions? 3 years 2 months


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Pricing Convention of Distressed PIK Notes -...Interested in someone more knowledgeable's answer. However, based on your example, may be a tough assumption to make off of a quick bloomberg scan. To get you're answer, would venture to guess you'll have to pull up the facilities credit agreement and read through how PIK interest is treated in the... 4 months 4 weeks
Can I Work With This InMail Rejection?Doesn't look good, but, would say there may be a slight opening to reply to him. Firstly, and I 100% get where you're coming from re: hustling to land SA interviews, but dude come on. You've got to exhibit some better sense than blasting the CEO of company a boiler plate give me a job email.... 4 months 4 weeks
To the pre-MBA middle market PE associates--what...When you say "operational" role, does this denote you'll be assigned to working on / with your soon to be fund's current portfolio companies (vs. deal team sourcing / executing new investments) or a middle office support role? Either way, it's tough to know exactly the professional track one... 4 months 4 weeks
Anyone have any info on Trilantic Capital?Know a bunch of the guys there. Solid fund, know what they're good at and stay away from what they're not. Really trying to grow their energy fund and have done a couple beer related deals (which is awesome). Culture wise they go pretty hard, same as everybody, but get sense it's not as jarring... 7 months 20 hours
What kind of Casual Shoes do ya'll wear?Another vote for canvas Van's classics. Clean, timeless, easy, looks good with about anything. Been wearing them for past 15 years, don't plan on stopping anytime soon. 7 months 20 hours
Is there any value in getting an MBA if going...Above, not correct. Know more than a few guys / gals who did 2 yrs banking + 3 yrs PE who got some pretty solid deals under their belts in PE and built solid reputation's with their portfolio companies that moved into director of finance roles. Would think if you have similar background and a top... 7 months 20 hours
Most powerful alumni networksOthers: Texas A&M Tuck Hotchkiss / Choate / Avon Old Farms / etc. USMC UT Austin (hook 'em) 7 months 20 hours
Most powerful alumni networksNailed it. 7 months 20 hours
So what is this oil price decline everyone is...Didnt GS have crude at $70 just last week? 8 months 4 days
The 7 "Good" Work Habits of Bad Analysts. 8 months 1 week