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Glitch?If I enter "" rather than "" into my browser (Chrome), it just takes me to a screen that says, "It works!", in a large and bold font. Anyone else getting this? 5 years 3 weeks
Champ League Final (on Fox) Anybody else able to watch the Champ League final right now? Who are you rooting for? I'm pulling for Bayern (I'm as much a fan of them as I am Juventus). I'm also hoping that enough Inter players get hurt, that they actually have to play an italian player. 5 years 1 month
URGENT: Sending a CapIQ project to a potential...Hey all, Just got off of a phone interview with a firm, and they'd like me to send some previous work. I have a Comps project that was automated to CapIQ. I don't have CapIQ on my computer, and all the cells say "#NAME?" as a result. The people I will be sending it to have CapIQ. Will they... 5 years 7 months
Dumb Excel/CapIQ Formatting QuestionOk, so I got EBITDA margins from the CapIQ company tearsheets, and the EBIT margins from the CapIQ formula builder. The former is just formatted as a percentage (5.2%); the latter is automatically formatted as a number (5.2). So, when I go to reformat the EBIT margin to a percentage, it spits back... 5 years 11 months
Myers BriggsJust out of curiosity, what is everyone's Myers-Briggs type (if you know it)? It would be interesting to see what is most common among this group. Myself, I am an INTJ. Slightly expressed I (can be an E in certain situations), strong on the NTJ. 6 years 1 month
Supplemental Liquidity ProvidersHello, never been to the traders train, usually stick to the other side of the wall. But, I have a question. I was reading this from Zero Hedge:, and two things stuck out: 1) "The NYSE report that Zero Hedge... 6 years 1 month


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who is the customer of PE ?The fact of the matter is that, in practice, the LPs are treated as customers. You're trying to look at this abstractly. Of course, if the PE firm had unlimited capital, this focus would change. That is not the case, however. The OP needs to know how PE actually operates, not what makes sense to... 4 years 9 months
who is the customer of PE ?PE firms are not in the business of "fixing up" businesses. Sure, some actually market themselves as being that, and once they have a company, they will try to do so cheaply. However, what they are in the business of is magnifying their equity positions via paying down debt with stable cash flows.... 4 years 9 months
FIFA World Cup Futures - Which country to win?[quote=nas2008]Barcelona was beaten by Inter's Sneijder in the Champions League and Spain will be beaten again by Sneijder and Holland in the world cup.[/quote] No one should listen to your logic when it comes to soccer. Shall I bring up what you wrote earlier? Here it is: "Spain doesn... 4 years 11 months
LeBron James Joins HeatYou know what, just read the article that was just posted. Here's the link again: Perhaps you'll gain some much needed perspective. 4 years 11 months
LeBron James Joins Heat[quote=Haywood J'Ablowme]1. If he is not the best, who would you supposed could beat his game? One on one. 2. He did not have support, if you think bringing Shaq during his sunset years is support, you are sadley mistaken, if anything Shaq was a drag-chut. (Jamison, I mean do you really consider... 4 years 11 months
LeBron James Joins HeatWell, like, that's your opinion, man. 1. He is not the best player in the NBA. That designation is in perpetual debate. It is not a solid fact. In fact, he may have joined up with someone truly better than him. A closer. That isn't the argument, however. 2. It is difficult to speculate what... 4 years 11 months
LeBron James Joins Heat[quote=Haywood J'Ablowme]^^^ Inability? LeBron? Are we talking about the same player? The best in the NBA LeBron...impatience maybe, definitely not inability. If he cannot win in Cleveland, I doubt anyone else could, or even want to try (I mean who wouldn’t pick Miami over Cleveland, no contest).... 4 years 11 months
LeBron James Joins Heat[quote=AnthonyD1982]I just read an article essentially condemning Lebron for fucking over Cleveland. They had a picture of fans burning his jersey. I didn't realize that basketball was about doing whatever the fans wanted and not a business where people with skills get paid more? Fuck the... 4 years 11 months
LeBron James Joins HeatWould have loved Wade OR Lebron in Chicago. The Bulls still have room for a strong leader. Rose sort of leads the team with his performance, but Chi is missing a strong leadership personality. This free agent season looked perfect for us to fill that one hole. 4 years 11 months
FIFA World Cup Futures - Which country to win?Look at all the Spain doubters now! Should have listened to me earlier in this thread. Where ya'll at? p.s., not happy about it. Germany is my #2 team. 4 years 11 months