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Toigo FellowshipHas any one here gone through the Toigo Fellow MBA Catapult Superday, how was it? Could you tell me about the interview format? Thanks in advance! 8 3 years 1 month
Help:B-School Resume Review First DraftI'm working on putting together my B-school resume at the moment and came up with this initial first draft. It is not polished yet, what I'm looking for is some macro advice on the actual content. I want to see if its presented well, If its too financey... stuff along those lines. Either way all... 7 3 years 9 months
How to short the facebook ipoI have been thinking a lot this morning, especially of how I believe Facebook ("FB") is overvalued and wish I could short it. Like many have mentioned there are not many ways to short FB right now. I really don't want to make money out of the short but much rather just prove a point... we are... 16 3 years 11 months
Please help going from PE to MBA back to PEFirst off thanks for taking the time. I currently work in a, lower middle market PE firm in the Caribbean ($125AUM), I am planning on applying for an MBA in Fall 2013. Want to know what schools would be best to attend if I wanted to go into a mega/ upper middle market fund in the states. I have... 3 4 years 2 weeks
MBA Profile Eval: Caribbean Private EquityI am looking for help evaluating my candidacy to a top 5 B school, I really just need a sanity check to see if I'm in the ball park or if I should not be wasting my time. First of all thanks to all for taking the time! I'm planning on applying to B school for fall 2013. Below are my summary... 2 4 years 1 month
Entourage : Wallstreet 2 Excessive Plug!Did anyone watch Entourage last night, didn't the Wallstreet plugs seem excessive! I mean Mark Cuban said regarding the Avión deal "If you screw me Turtle, I'm gonna make Gordon Gekko look like Mary fucking poppins". I guess their just trying to focus on the same target market but they mentioned... 6 5 years 7 months
Monthly Market Summary Please HelpHey, I'm trying to find a good source for end of the month market summaries for the stock market and U.S. Economic data, but can't seem to find any good free sources. Recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! D.R. 1 5 years 7 months
Has anyone here thought about starting a...I have been recently reading up on the search fund model, after giving it some thought it looks like an attractive venture. Basically a search fund is a private equity fund raised with the purpose of funding the acquisition search, once the target is found the original investors have an... 4 5 years 8 months
CFA Level I & II Exam ResultsCFA Exam results are officially released today how did the WSO members do? Post your results 15 5 years 9 months
No small business capital gains tax?I just heard Obama talking about a proposal to eliminate capital gains tax for some small businesses, does anyone know more about this ? I heard it has not been drafted, what are your opinions on the proposal? 2 5 years 6 months


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shorttheworld: I think this boils down to the...[quote=shorttheworld]I think this boils down to the number one thing that all business school applicants have to do : make yourself stand out. On WSO, and most other bschool sites, the common notion is that 'omg my gmat gpa isnt high enough, i didnt work at xyz job omgomgomg' and thats why you... 34 2 years 11 months
Also interested in thisAlso interested in this 6 3 years 1 day
I think I heard a pop a couple of days agoI think I heard a pop a couple of days ago 4 3 years 2 weeks
Best of luck! Hope to see you in the MBA Catapult...Best of luck! Hope to see you in the MBA Catapult event! 8 3 years 1 month
Dinged at: Stanford & CBS In at: Tuck,...Dinged at: Stanford & CBS In at: Tuck, Wharton, and HBS 91 3 years 1 month
mbavsmfin: suchislife: IN AT HBS...[quote=mbavsmfin][quote=suchislife]IN AT HBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!![/quote] DING for me :( My girlfriend was there when i opened the e-mail, and she cried. I didn't cry but was pretty close to tears. You must feel like the king of the world right now. Congrats... 26 3 years 1 month
IN AT HBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...IN AT HBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! 26 3 years 1 month
mbavsmfin: suchislife: In at Wharton!!! Can't...[quote=mbavsmfin][quote=suchislife]In at Wharton!!! Can't wait until tomorrow for HBS!!![/quote] IN AT WHARTON!!! Congrats bro! Got the phone call about an hour ago. I saw the philly area code and immediately knew what it was about. I sounded like a nervous teenage girl meeting justin bieber for... 26 3 years 1 month
cinnamontoastcrunch: mbavsmfin: suchislife: OP...[quote=cinnamontoastcrunch][quote=mbavsmfin][quote=suchislife]OP what schools are you waiting for? I personally cant wait for tomorrow and Wednesday.[/quote] HBS, Wharton, and Booth. I'm literally having a hard time sleeping or focusing on anything right now. My girlfriend is heading to HBS... 26 3 years 1 month
argus_eyed: suchislife: In at Wharton!!! Can't...[quote=argus_eyed][quote=suchislife]In at Wharton!!! Can't wait until tomorrow for HBS!!![/quote] Congrats!!! Wish I could say the same but it's not looking good... No call yet so just waiting for the status update to put my misery to an end :([/quote] Hang in there, don't give up hope! 26 3 years 1 month
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