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Schwarzman advises waiting before starting own...If this has already been talked about here, then I apologize, but I don't see anything about it on old WSO threads and I thought this was interesting: [quote] “The biggest mistakes I’ve... 5 months 1 day
Amusing description of Business Insider I just..."Used to be a dealbreaker competitor until the founder, Henry Blodget, realized the only way to make money in online media is via spamming stupid click bait slideshow articles that steal other people's content Then he got Bezos to invest and now they try to produce their own shitty content but... 6 months 2 days
anybody drinking in Stockholm tonigt?I know this is pathetic/probably pointless, but whatever ... 6 months 4 weeks
which rapper is bald w a goatee?Think I just saw him at a mall. He's pretty young. And not fat like rick ross. Who the fuck am I thinking of?? 10 months 1 week
Palisades Arcadia Baseball LLC ... HWS GroupI tried to post in this thread , but it's so old that nobody noticed/cared. Inspired by this story : Do these minor league... 1 year 3 months
Pshh...Pff ... 1 year 3 months
Whatever happened to the junk on the left 1/3 of...I don't even remember what sort of clutter was taking up that side of the page, but I'm glad it's gone 1 year 4 months
mortgage trader at GS goes to arbitration over..."helped the bank earn more than $7 billion" ... but hey, good to hear that mortgage traders are making decent money again. last time they weren't, it was a uh ... very bad time for the rest of... 1 year 5 months
Is John Lefevre (GSElevator) retired, semi-...34 is pretty young, what does he do now? Either way, I'm glad it turned out to be a legitimate Wall Street guy and not some financial advisor or back-office person. 1 year 9 months
The van of the cofounder of Cantor Commercial...This is pretty entertaining - for some reason a friend just sent to me, even though it's a few years old, so forgive me if you've seen already: 1 year 9 months


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there's nothing different about your "story" from...there's nothing different about your "story" from what i can tell. you're just a college kid. not sure what the special context is. just get the best RE internship you can. if it were me, i'd network my ass off and go for BB REIB next summer. as long as your GPA isn't a 2-point-something. 1 week 20 hours
undefined: I totally agree with you, but isn't...[quote="undefined"]I totally agree with you, but isn't that the end game for all people who want to make it big, i.e. equity over salaries? Real estate isn't the exception. On a similar note, I still think RE finance salaries are relatively higher than other corporate salaried positions, especially... 1 week 2 days
lot of rick ross in this thread (as tehre should...lot of rick ross in this thread (as tehre should be). anybody see his epic appearance on GameDay? 2 weeks 1 day
undefined: Push it to the Limit - Paul Engemann...[quote="undefined"]Push it to the Limit - Paul Engemann (Scarface montage)Money for Nothing - Dire Straits[/quote] Great 80s music for wall street. One highly underrated hit that a friend recently forwarded to me is "Big Time" by Peter Gabriel ( ). This... 2 weeks 2 days Not much out there other than Glassdoor, you could also see if there's anything in the WSO compensation database. I don't think you're underpaid though. 2 weeks 2 days
It is not 100% true to say that in corporate PE...It is not 100% true to say that in corporate PE no loans are recourse. There are instances where loan guarantees need to be signed. 2 weeks 3 days
zerozero 2 weeks 4 days
i'd love to share this thread with the typical 40...i'd love to share this thread with the typical 40-yr old wal mart shopper living in missouri who thinks that our 'class system' is unfair. so many ways to make a decent living. 3 weeks 14 hours
What Stan said. Look at brokerage firms....What Stan said. Look at brokerage firms. Perfect for your profile. Ivy league guy who had too much fun in college and didn't know what he wanted to do with his life (half-joking here, but to the OP: don't give up). 3 weeks 2 days
<a href= target=...[quote="John Rolfe"] The principals are rather wealthy(8-9 figure net worths) and they have rich friends and have a few other guys that work to find them equity. I am not sure if the principals just have an easy time raising capital or what we but we have never had problems accessing capital for... 3 weeks 3 days
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