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Schwarzman advises waiting before starting own...If this has already been talked about here, then I apologize, but I don't see anything about it on old WSO threads and I thought this was interesting: [quote] “The biggest mistakes I’ve... 12 hours 29 min
Amusing description of Business Insider I just..."Used to be a dealbreaker competitor until the founder, Henry Blodget, realized the only way to make money in online media is via spamming stupid click bait slideshow articles that steal other people's content Then he got Bezos to invest and now they try to produce their own shitty content but... 1 month 2 days
anybody drinking in Stockholm tonigt?I know this is pathetic/probably pointless, but whatever ... 1 month 4 weeks
which rapper is bald w a goatee?Think I just saw him at a mall. He's pretty young. And not fat like rick ross. Who the fuck am I thinking of?? 5 months 1 week
Palisades Arcadia Baseball LLC ... HWS GroupI tried to post in this thread , but it's so old that nobody noticed/cared. Inspired by this story : Do these minor league... 10 months 1 week
Pshh...Pff ... 10 months 4 weeks
Whatever happened to the junk on the left 1/3 of...I don't even remember what sort of clutter was taking up that side of the page, but I'm glad it's gone 11 months 3 weeks
mortgage trader at GS goes to arbitration over..."helped the bank earn more than $7 billion" ... but hey, good to hear that mortgage traders are making decent money again. last time they weren't, it was a uh ... very bad time for the rest of... 1 year 1 week
Is John Lefevre (GSElevator) retired, semi-...34 is pretty young, what does he do now? Either way, I'm glad it turned out to be a legitimate Wall Street guy and not some financial advisor or back-office person. 1 year 4 months
The van of the cofounder of Cantor Commercial...This is pretty entertaining - for some reason a friend just sent to me, even though it's a few years old, so forgive me if you've seen already: 1 year 4 months


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Fundrise: Raising Real Estate Capital Online -...[quote=NESCAC]There was an idea like this on the show Shark Tank. Shark Tank > I'm Out in a Minute * Tycoon Real Estate [(Recap)] [/quote] literally the same idea. They were a little hard on him imo. 3 days 9 hours
Multifamily density[quote=egold70]Not necessarily talking about in zoning terms. I'm talking more in the context of pitching a deal, like what you would find in a broker's OM describing an apartment deal. Same way you would describe an office property as low, mid, or high rise, it's not a legal definition, but... 3 days 14 hours
CRE career path advice to PE analyst [quote=REPE8]Contrary to some other opinions I think starting out at very small PE funds that are < 1 billion AUM but have dry powder and have to deploy capital, similar to the fund I work at are great places to start out. Certainly the pay is not as high as the more established funds, but... 3 days 14 hours
Using an equity placement firm to fund a dealto your first question, yes, it is capitalized. whcih relates to your second question: because it is capitalized, it is part of the overall capital stack, and the equity is a certain percentage of that capital stack. so the equity is raised to fund a certain portion of a capital stack,... 4 days 10 hours
Understanding basic concepts regarding public...[quote=cre123]Thanks for the article. It cites "early next year" (aka 2015) as to when this would take place. I don't think it has taken place yet. Sure you can "publicly trade your stock" in the building but how large is the daily trade volume? A couple hundred? The spreads would be large.[/... 5 days 11 hours
Fundrise: Raising Real Estate Capital Online -...[quote=cre123]Industrial/Office Retail Residential Diversified Health Care 13.54% 14.54% 13.99% 11.07% 15.26% Lodging/Resorts Self Storage Timber Infrastructure Mortgage 12.19% 18.20% 15.28% 18.29% 11.17% This is from your... 5 days 15 hours
Understanding basic concepts regarding public...[quote=cre123]I'm too lazy to look this up now, but wasn't the Empire State building an IPO at one time? Or was that a private REIT?[/quote] No, close but there were definitely like a dozen other buildings in that IPO. I don't know, maybe nobody has ever actually pulled off the "single building... 5 days 16 hours
Understanding basic concepts regarding public...[quote=egold70] XYZ could then run a valuation on how the street would price the portfolio, and if that value was > $150M, then it would make economic sense to consider going public? Would the IPO effectively be the amount of the valuation of the portfolio, i.e. you are raising the value of the... 1 week 1 hour
Fundrise: Raising Real Estate Capital Online -...[quote=DCDepository]I've got an account as I signed up on behalf of my company's owners who are qualified investors. Pretty much any decent investment sells out in literally hours so it is pretty tough to discuss a deal, review due diligence and get comfortable with a deal before it becomes totally... 1 week 1 day
shitty GPA, high GMAT, great work exp = dinged at...So glad this thread from 8 yrs ago continues to thrive 1 week 2 days