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Stifel Nicholas: pay expectation?What kind of pay could I expect from a small STL based boutique firm like Stifel Nicholas? 1 month 2 weeks
What's a good foreign language to learn?Here is what I got going on in my head... *Spanish = The language of darkies and illegals (who are also dark), easy language to learn but has a bunch of different verb endings. Most of all Spanish speaking countries suck ass (except Spain and Argentina which still somewhat suck). *French =... 8 years 7 months
Law School vs Biz SchoolI'm thinking about studying for the LSAT and applying to a couple law schools. Law schools want to see GPA/LSAT and business schools want to see a whole barrage of shit. 8 years 7 months
Screw being an analystWhy not just go get an MBA after a couple years of work and sneak in? Why become a wussy little analyst bitch that jumps and says "yes sir" when the boss wants a coffee? I'm going to go be a DBA and make 90k/year fucking around with databases. Do that for 5 years and open up my own business... 8 years 7 months
I hate liberalsThey are absolutely worthless. Can't believe they took over, fuck, which means higher taxes that will only benefit minorities and illegals, fuck. Those self-hating anti-white liberals, I despise them. Looks like open borders boys, South Africa = your future. 8 years 8 months
I-Banking in RussiaI found this... 8 years 8 months
Does size matter?Well ladies? 8 years 8 months
I need a cell phoneWhere are the best deals for a cell phone and a plan? I don't need a bunch of minutes so all I need is a basic plan (since I'd only use the phone during night time, yeah party time). I like the look of that chocolate phone that I 8 years 8 months
JPMorganChase - Commercial Banking (analyst)Can anyone tell me about a commercial banking analyst and what all they do and what the pay is? I see that they are at my school but wasn't sure what exactly it is. 8 years 8 months
Is Management the major for Consulting?As everyone knows... there is a bunch of concentrations in a business administration major and management is one of them. Isn't management what you would want to do for a career in consulting? 8 years 8 months


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London Salaries[quote=daas]London is a great place to be.[/quote] Maybe if you're from Nigeria and are half retarded and love to commit crime, then yes, it's a great place. 8 years 7 months
Thomas Weisel Partnersgay 8 years 7 months
How do I...Don't be a nigger bitch. 8 years 7 months
Wharton West vs. WhartonWharton West for the win. 8 years 7 months
Cost of Capital: phone interview questionsgay 8 years 7 months
Where do you see yourself...I see myself sucking cock for stinger missiles on a small Caribbean island. 8 years 7 months
Resume advice neededYou take internships in the summer before your senior year (after your junior year). It sounds like you're actually an 010 but you have enough credit (I'm guessing from AP classes) to be an 09... so you should put class of 09 on your resume since that's when you will be graduating. 8 years 7 months
East/West Coast BankingI got a Nazi flag hanging out my backside, on the left side, yeah that's the Third Reich side. 8 years 7 months
MBA?MBA is like a two year vacation from the hectic i-banking world. 8 years 7 months
London SalariesLimies are fucking gay, god damn red coats. 8 years 7 months