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PE carry interest - senior associate / VPHey guys - I am negotiating my carry interest as part of my job as senior associate in a large cap PE fund. Can you guys give me any comps from previous experience / your current package / friends and family in PE? Particularly senior associate and VP level packages in 1-2 Bn funds would be... 5 2 years 8 months
Flat sharing, because rent is expensive (?)I was just wondering if anyone here has experience with flat sharing I am starting in London next year and am considering to try to find a good flat share to save some money on my rent expenses. The difference in costs is really huge. A nice one bedroom appt in London (Canary Wharf) is around £... 6 years 1 month
MS vs. JPMHi guys What would you do if you have an offer from both of these firms? What is your opinion on their overall performance/prestige these days? What bank offers the best exit opps in PE? All comments welcome. Thanks 15 6 years 4 months
Private equity recruiters in LONDON / EUROPEHi guys Is anyone of you familiar with some top recruiting firms (based in London or Europe) that can help you to find GRADUATE opportunities in PE? I know there has been some discussion about this earlier on this forum, but that was mainly focussed on the US, I am interested in European... 2 6 years 5 months
PE salaries?A job in PE seems to be the ultimate goal for many bankers or M/B/B consultants. I would guess the salary has a lot to do with this... So what would be the salary (base, bonus, sign-on) for a job in PE?? Both for out-of-college analysts, as well as for a former-banker associate role? Anyone... 15 6 years 11 months
IB pre-internship trainingI hear some (maybe all?) employers are inviting their IBD summer analyst class to some sort of pre-intership training session at their regional HQ (NYC,London or HK). I was wondering whether they really teach you some useful material, like excel shortcuts, basics for modelling, financial... 5 6 years 11 months
. - Salary at JPMThanks for letting me know! 14 1 month 2 weeks
LSE vs. HEC ParisHi guys, I received offers for both the MSc Finance at LSE and the MSc Finance at HEC Paris. I am really having a hard time deciding which one to confirm... at the moment, slightly leaning towards HEC Paris. Here are some of my thoughts... > Pro HEC - ranked n1 BS in Europe by FT (2 years... 23 7 years 4 weeks


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Thanks gents. Very helpful. Wish me luck! I would...Thanks gents. Very helpful. Wish me luck! I would indeed take lower initial comp by the way 5 2 years 8 months
Definitely put it on there, clearly stating that...Definitely put it on there, clearly stating that it's upcoming. (On the condition that it is 100% sure that you will be working there this spring). That just takes one line on your resume, but it makes a big difference for every employer. Good luck 36 3 years 2 months
Beef: HiB - not to be a douche here but if they...[quote=Beef]HiB - not to be a douche here but if they wanted to be on the outperformance of C over BAC, when they expect both stocks to go down, why would they bother buying C? If they think a stock will go down, they will short it. Plain and simple.[/quote] Yes, it is indeed sort of a hedge.... 38 6 years 2 months
drexelalum11: Oh, I agree that LTCM certainly...[quote=drexelalum11] Oh, I agree that LTCM certainly hedged, I just don't think you should cite them as an example for how to generate alpha through hedging - hence the quotes.[/quote] Still, they were professionals in generating alpha. I'm sure you agree that convergence in nearly every trade... 38 6 years 2 months
johnnyd: banana awarded. haha thanks buddy[quote=johnnyd]banana awarded.[/quote] haha thanks buddy 38 6 years 2 months
What does LTCM have to do with this? While they...[quote] What does LTCM have to do with this? While they did have lots of relative value convergence trades, they should hardly be held up as an example of how to "hedge" risk, and most of those positions were in fixed-income (3); the equity positions they held were based on dual-listed... 38 6 years 2 months
Remember that hedge funds don't have to disclose...Remember that hedge funds don't have to disclose their short positions, so you can't learn anything from looking at the long positions only! That's the nice thing about hedge funds... you never know. Just as an example, if they are short selling BoA at the same time (which they don't have to... 38 6 years 2 months
Being a girl is definitely an advantage. Don't...Being a girl is definitely an advantage. Don't worry, you'll get some interviews. Good luck 17 6 years 3 months
In my opinion MS is by far better than BarCap on...In my opinion MS is by far better than BarCap on your resume (and I'm not even looking at league tables that much, just general prestige). So if you are looking for nice exit opportunities after a few years, go for MS. On the other hand, I agree that BarCap could offer some growth opportunities... 53 6 years 3 months
I agree with xps900, it's not only about league...I agree with xps900, it's not only about league tables. But it's certainly one of the things you have to keep in mind when making your choice. If you will, it's like a GPA on a resume. Not the only thing to look at, but still very relevant. 29 6 years 4 months
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