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Most Mundane/Painful Tasks in iBankingI'm trying to look into solutions for the biggest pain points/mundane tasks that IB analysts and associates face frequently (ie. looking up NAV values, double checking numbers, etc.). So, what are the mundane/painful things you have to do on a regular basis that are so simple, yet incredibly... 35 3 years 6 months
Using University Career CentreI'm a freshman undergrad business student and I have just been wondering about the best ways to use the career centre and whether there is any opportunities that aren't often taken advantage of by students. The business school at my university has its own career centre separate from that of the... 4 4 years 6 months
Do you enjoy your job - Striving to work at a BB Searching, I haven't found many threads that deal with liking the job. It seems everyone here is striving to work at a BB, and there are certainly some great reasons to work in the industry (most notably exit opps)... But what I want to know is of people currently working in IBD (or those who... 3 1 week 1 day
Travel - Specific roles/jobs/departments in...I've already done a search and was surprised there wasn't a topic on this. What specific roles/jobs/departments in finance involve a lot of international travel? 4 4 days 12 hours
Behavioural Interview Tips?I have an interview on Tuesday (not in IB, I just posted it here because it will get the most attention and IB seems to be well known to have behavioural interviews) and I know that the interview will consist of a lot of behavioural ones (I know there was the manhole question last year). Are there... 9 6 years 11 months
Canada vs. US UndergradHello all, Not sure if this would go under this category but the B-school one mainly focuses on MBAs. I am a grade 10 high school student in Canada, who gets marks in the low 90s and has some fairly decent ECs (JA, DECA, conferences, 4 weeks volunteering @ science camp, Shad Valley, contests,... 8 7 years 1 week


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Without knowing the specifics of the offers, I...Without knowing the specifics of the offers, I personally would probably take S... 7 2 years 1 month
I worked in an industry group at a credit rating...I worked in an industry group at a credit rating agency (not S... 7 2 years 1 month
I'm surprised no one has mentioned this yet: You...I'm surprised no one has mentioned this yet: You did 5 internships in one year, so each internship only lasted between 2-3 months? I don't see how many short stints are greater than one longer stint where you were able to take on more projects and gain more responsibility, unless of course your... 13 4 years 8 months
DontMakeMeShortYou: There is no school in...[quote=DontMakeMeShortYou]There is no school in Canada that matches up to its reputation, network and opportunities (Queens comes close... McGill a distant 3rd). [/quote] How close would you say Ivey and Queen's are? The main thing that worries me is that Ivey may be diluting the quality of... 13 5 years 1 month
Did you apply/get in? M&T is mad competitive...Did you apply/get in? M&T is mad competitive. I know you were talking about Waterloo a while back. 24 5 years 1 month
GPA is the first thing that stood out to me;...GPA is the first thing that stood out to me; continue to work on improving your academic performance. Other thing that stood out was your "estimated" revenue of $5,000. If it's your business, I feel like you should know the revenue, especially if you're going into finance. 8 5 years 3 months
Great idea! Not relevant to the original post,...Great idea! Not relevant to the original post, but I was wondering whether the guides are ever going to be sold in a kind of variety pack at a discount (ie. all guides for $99, or 5 guides for $70)? 129 5 years 3 months
Papeete: was it just boring, or was there a lot...Papeete: was it just boring, or was there a lot of stress too? 3 5 years 3 months
bumpbump 1 5 years 4 months
Aren't any majors eligible for 2+2? I know the...Aren't any majors eligible for 2+2? I know the purpose of the program is to attract untraditional applicants but if you look at the 2+2 class profile (, 6% are business admin majors. So isn't it just incredibly improbable to be accepted? 8 5 years 10 months
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