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HELP! IBD DilemmaSo I just got an offer from PFM Group. For those who don't know PFM is the leading Public Finance Investment Banking Advisory company. I have been out of school for 1.5 years, been working in a BB Ops/Middle Office. I always wanted to break into IBD and here is my chance I guess. The only problem... 5 years 5 months
Operations Pay ScaleSo as we know IBD and S... 5 years 6 months
Thomas Weisel PartnersWhat is the prestige of Thomas Weisel Partners as a MM. I know they are known for their tech group, but what about their health care and consumer groups. Will TWP offer a good stepping stone to MBA or lateral move to BB groups. Thanks in advance! 6 years 3 weeks
UBS Feb DeferredTo all those out there who were deferred from the July start to the upcoming Feb 2010 start. Did the HR contact you yet with a confirmed start date set in stone? 6 years 1 month
Credit Flow Trading and CFI TradingWhat kind of products are traded on a credit flow desks? I would imagine ABS, credit default swaps, interest rate swaps, and equity derivatives? Am I correct? Is FX products also considered credit flow? Also, what do people think of CFI desk? (Carbon Financial Instrument) Do people see potential... 6 years 3 months
Base Pay for OpsWhat is the starting base pay for BB ops analyst starting FT in 2010 for the following companies? GS UBS MS Barclays Citi BAML Is it in line with IBS/S&T this year or lower, since most BB pushed starting for 2010 to 70k 6 years 3 months
Citi GTSWhat is the pay like over there for the new analysts this year? Is it same as IBD - 70k? 6 years 3 months
Executive Masters In Financial Statement Analysis...Is Baruch's new Executive Masters In Financial Statement Analysis worth going for? Will it lead to better job opportunities considering if I am doing it right out of undergrad? Please advise. 6 years 5 months
FX Capital Markets (FXCM)Has anyone ever heard of the company, and how is its prestige on wall street? What are the pros/cons of the company? 6 years 5 months
Operations: CPA vs CFACurrently pursuing a career in IB operations, wondering whether the CFA or the CPA would be more helpful later in the career. And if I work in operations for 5 years, would it be easy to switch over to the BIG4 in advising/consulting groups? 6 years 6 months


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^^ Well as an Asian myself when I travel back to...^^ Well as an Asian myself when I travel back to Asia, if you mention the likes of U of Chicago Booth, CMU Tepper, and NYU Stern not many people know, of course those in the IBanking world will know. But in the average pool of Asians most only knows Ivies plus Stanford, MIT, and Berkley 5 years 1 month
Anything out of the Ivies Asia Pacific hardly...Anything out of the Ivies Asia Pacific hardly knows. I graduated in 2009 from Stern with a job at BB so hard to imagine that Stern wouldn't place well as we come out of a crisis. Like earlier post said if you have 3.9 and can't land a job from Stern then it's pretty much your fault. I can... 5 years 1 month
Nice list. You can also add Loop Capital Markets...Nice list. You can also add Loop Capital Markets on the #3 Boutiques, which you missed. 5 years 2 months - public finance industry site - public finance industry site for Muni sales and news Books: How municipal bonds work by Robert Zipf The handbook for muni bond issuers by Joe Mysak 5 years 2 months
McGill people do land jobs in I-banking...but the...McGill people do land jobs in I-banking...but the part time program is just not for a career changer like you. Also, its an Executive MBA program that is geared toward managers who want to go further on the management level. Target schools for I-Banks (IBD and S... 5 years 2 months
Yes, sorry to say you would be a fool to take...Yes, sorry to say you would be a fool to take your MBA in Tokyo if you even want a chance of getting into IBD again. Sorry to be cruel, I know you like Japan and those Japanese girls(so do I)...but your chance of getting the job would fall. Go to any of the target IBD schools in the U.S and land... 5 years 2 months
Well sir you didn't mention that you started your...Well sir you didn't mention that you started your own company with 200 people working for you! With entrepreneurial skills you definitely can get into a top MBA and then land into an IBD associate gig. I don't know what kind of company you started, but if it is geared toward a certain industry... 5 years 2 months
Given your situation that you have no work...Given your situation that you have no work experience in any industry sector 2 years out of college, it's going to be a long shot getting into IBD right away let alone abroad such as Japan w/o IBD experience. You can take 2 routes. 1.) Network, network, network...I know this has been mentioned... 5 years 2 months
DB Jacksonville is primarily BO positions. All...DB Jacksonville is primarily BO positions. All operations related work that doesn't require FO contacts. DB MO is situated in NYC such as trade support and stuff. All FO roles are in NYC's wall street building. DB use Jacksonville instead of outsourcing to India for Ops. This way they get benefit... 5 years 2 months
Well I have to say coming from a person who is...Well I have to say coming from a person who is working, and having friends in actuarial jobs. The degree itself is just a degree...(I think this is what the other two post is trying to say)... people on the street won't give you high marks for getting the degree, it's not like you got a PhD in math... 5 years 3 months
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