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Oliver Wyman vs. Accenture - Summer InternshipHi All, Looking for some insight in choosing between Oliver Wyman and Accenture for a summer role in Toronto. Which would you pick and why? Are there any major advantages to choosing either at this point? 2 years 3 months
Which banks in Toronto pay overtime?Which banks pay summer analysts overtime? At what rate (1.5x)? Thanks 3 years 7 months
BA From McGill vs. MA From EdinburghHello, My friend is choosing between a BA from McGill (Social Science), and a MA (Scotland's undergraduate arts degree) in Management from Edinburgh. Which school would be better for recruitment in CANADA? Which school would be better for getting into an MBA program down the road? Thank... 3 years 10 months
THE LAST IVEY VS. QUEEN'S BATTLEHello, I understand that this topic has been discussed repeatedly, but I would like advise partaining to my specific situation. After being on this forum for a couple years, I have read every single article about universities in Canada, which is why I applied to both schools in the first... 4 years 9 months
Lunch with Kevin O'LearyHello, I will be going to a small lunch reception on Wednesday, where Kevin O'Leary will be present, and I'll have the opportunity to talk to him face to face. I am a senior in high school, and want to fully utilize this opportunity! How do I bring up the idea of offering my unpaid... 4 years 10 months
About to buy a $4MM company!Hello, I am studying for my General Insurance / Management exams, and plan to enter into the Insurance Brokerage field. I currently have a connection to a firm that will be for sale shortly (Valued at $4MM, with annual sales of $1MM and profits of $600,000 CAD). Being a student... 5 years 2 weeks
BermudaHello, Are there any BB or private equity companies that have operations in Bermuda? Have any of you considered working on the Island? 5 years 1 month
Employee Investment Funds?Does your bank have an employee investment fund, and if so what are its benefits over general investments? 5 years 10 months
Where to get bespoke shirts in TORONTO??Looking to spend under $150 per shirt CAD. I have heard of TREND custom shirtmakers, are they any good? What is the difference between MTM and Bespoke? 5 years 10 months
Toronto BB hoursHello, is there a big difference between typical hours worked at a Toronto US BB office versus the same level (analyst or other) down in NYC? I would imagine it is much less (60-65 hours for a Toronto office)?? 5 years 10 months


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interested from a top school in Canada, please pminterested from a top school in Canada, please pm 3 years 3 weeks
starting at 25kstarting at 25k 3 years 7 months
i cant find a price list?i cant find a price list? 3 years 7 months
bumpbump 3 years 10 months
If you are seriously considering either UofT or...If you are seriously considering either UofT or Schulich, then you are not the right candidate for Queen's Commerce. You will recieve the same paper at the end of the four years. You need to think about the whole package, your school will NOT get you a job / internship...connections and your... 3 years 10 months
what do you mean by crazy good? had an...what do you mean by crazy good? had an opportunity to do a high-school co-op there but declined 4 years 9 months
i apologize for my harsh attitude, it stems...i apologize for my harsh attitude, it stems solely from my envy. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. I am simply bitter that I didn't recieve the scholarship when I felt I dererved it, thats all. 4 years 9 months
you better go to Queen's if you got better go to Queen's if you got the scholarship... why the fuck would you waste your time applying for it if you weren't 100% sure you wanted to go there already? Now thats $36,000 wasted that could have gone to a kid who didn't get the scholarship but is quite deserving and grateful. 4 years 9 months
bumpbump 4 years 9 months
i am seventeen, and in my final year of high...i am seventeen, and in my final year of high school. I wear a striped dress shirt or polo every day (except for june when I wear a tight plain tee-shirt and shorts). I rock sperrys every day, and my blackberry on my belt. I wear a nice watch and ray bans too, and take up 3 spots at the back of... 4 years 9 months
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