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Article: What Happens When You Apply to Stanford... This is a pretty good article about the admissions process at Stanford, and presumably, other top schools. Of particular interest is the following paragraph, which legitimizes the common assumption that B-... 4 years 4 months
Leveraged Finance hoursWhat are the hours like in Lev Fi? Do lev fi groups work on powerpoints as much as corp fi? Thanks in advance 5 years 7 months
Bankers Face Sweeping Curbs on Pay The Fed's plan would, for the first time, inject government regulators deep into compensation decisions traditionally reserved for the banks' corporate boards and executives. Under the proposal, the Fed could reject any compensation policies it believes encourage bank employees -- from chief... 5 years 9 months
BB Trading out of MBA without quant UG?Is it possible to get a BB trading job coming out of a top MBA (Uchicago/Columbia) without a quantitative UG background? I know people get BB trading jobs coming out of good MBA programs. However, I’m worried that these people were all math/comp sci undergrads. Thanks in advance. BTW: No... 5 years 10 months
PE out of MBA with no IB experienceWill PE shops hire an associate with no IB experience if the associate is coming out of a target MBA program? I know BBs hire MBA asscoiates without IB exp for IB positions. Not sure about PE's. 6 years 3 weeks


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McCain endorses Obama.McCain beat Romney in 2008 3 years 5 months
Why do men dominate finance?According to Operah, “Being a mom is the hardest job in the world.” 3 years 5 months
Super Bowl XLVI PicksRe Packers over Saints - Pack already beat NO by 8 in week 1 Saints are a different team outdoors - They average about 12-13 less outdoors than they do in Domes. They looked completely different in Tennessee and Tampa - two crappy defenses 3 years 6 months
Super Bowl XLVI PicksPack over Patriots. Patriots are pretty close to a lock to come out of the AFC due to to the shiitty AFC playoff slate. 3 years 6 months
Do jews wear undershirts?? Due to my hairy chest and tendency to sweat during the summer, If I’m not wearing a tee shirt during July, I look like a sweaty disco lothario. Not a good look. No tee in the cool months. 3 years 7 months
The Thirteen Demands Response to BondArb: You are making some good points, and I agree that some people got rich by knowingly fucking the financial system. However, I think you are missing a crucial element – Those clowns had willing buyers for every garbage security they sold. And who were the biggest buyers?... 3 years 8 months
Forbes Best Business Schools - 2011 Cornell >MIT = horseshit 3 years 11 months
Economics vs. Finance for UndergradI don't see how an undergraduate econ degree prepares one for graduate econ studies, which is heavily math-driven. This is from a U.S. perspective, where Econ is basically a liberal arts degree with graphs. Still, I would recommend Econ. 3 years 11 months
Buying a car - dealing without of state...Your credit card company may have an auto lending line. Mine does and I got a good rate 3 years 11 months
A guy got called a "fuck ass" at my dad...The fuck-ass thing can be construed as anti-gay, which takes the incident to another level. I'll bet your MD's aren't walkin around alling people f******ts. 3 years 11 months