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How to invest $300,000I'll get straight to the point: a family tragedy has left me with a sizable piggy bank, roughly $300K. As far as investing goes, I am pretty clueless. I am meeting with my boss's financial advisor and accountant later in the week, but I would prefer to invest my own money myself rather than pay... 61 4 years 11 months
CalPERS Real Estate PE Fund PerformanceI downloaded a doc some time ago that broke down the fund performance of every PE fund that CalPERS invested in. I don't remember where I got a hold of it, but I think it was from this website. Does anyone know if there is a similar doc that breaks down their RE investments? 3 5 years 2 months
I got a 730 on my GMAT, but not sure if I want to...I'll get straight to the point: *730 GMAT *Graduated college in 2007 -Major - Business Admin with concentrations in Entrepreneurship and Real Estate Finance; Minor - Economics -2.9 Cumulative GPA -3.8 GPA in Math related coursework (Calculus, Statistics, Econometrics, Finance, Accounting... 18 5 years 7 months
Insightful Memo from Howard MarksI found this on zero hedge blog today: This memo articulates investor rationality in debt markets pretty well. He seems to understand what a lot of investors just don't. I thought it was pretty informative. 1 5 years 11 months
Michael Lewis on Bloomberg, Anybody Else See This?pretty cool vid, not particularly informative but Lewis comes to some interesting conclusions. 6 years 1 month


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MBAhunt: What schools can I target for an MBA...[quote=MBAhunt]What schools can I target for an MBA with a 720/730 GMAT and a 3.0 gpa out of Columbia[/quote] Umm, a lot of schools. (Vague questions get vague answers) [quote=MBAhunt]6 Months RE I banking Will be 2 years as a real estate broker What is recruiting like at a lowered... 330 9 months 1 week
since you have already taken acct and fin courses...since you have already taken acct and fin courses, you should do fine. the new info you will learn will be in the form of fin regulations and ethics. see: also, talk to your local CFA society and try to set up a study group if you can. it will also be a good networking... 208 2 years 10 months
generally, comp is not as hi as vanilla pe/ib....generally, comp is not as hi as vanilla pe/ib. this mostly b/c of the shift in the risk/reward profile for real estate investments AFTER 2008. pere will most def be less lucrative going forward, as returns/carry will diminish, even for investments that perform VERY well relative to the mkt. it... 79 3 years 2 weeks
***CMBS Market Loses Steam as $1.5 Billion...***CMBS Market Loses Steam as $1.5 Billion Issuance Implodes***$15-Billion-Issuance-Implodes/130989 2 4 years 9 months
Edmundo Braverman: It's a "simple" matter to...[quote=Edmundo Braverman]It's a "simple" matter to become rich, but it's not "easy". What I mean is, there's a formula you can follow that is relatively straightforward and duplicable (making it simple), but it often requires life-long dedication and a single-mindedness of purpose (not easy over... 24 4 years 10 months
Anything to help a recent Trojan Alum. First off...Anything to help a recent Trojan Alum. First off, BB IB recruiting is highly structured. The recruiting process for all investment banks generally works like this: resume drop ---> 1st round interview --> 2nd and/or 3rd round ---> "Super Day" ---> ding or offer. The process starts Fall of... 8 4 years 10 months
Lawyer_Chic: Someone told me I should tell this...[quote=Lawyer_Chic]Someone told me I should tell this board why finance now: I considered it when I was graduating in undergrad in 2008, but the market showed a lot of signs of weakness and I thought law school would be a better idea (and I had a lot of friends who had offers taken back or start... 14 4 years 11 months
Cool. Lots of good advice and good ideas, some...Cool. Lots of good advice and good ideas, some not so god ideas and some downright idiiotic comments. For now, I am going to go with my boss's financial advisor. I met with him a couple of times and he seems to know his shit. Thanks. 61 4 years 11 months
ClassicClassic 3 4 years 11 months
hedge the world: How To Make Money - a Simple...[quote=hedge the world]How To Make Money - a Simple Guide for Big PE firms 1: Find healthy company with strong, predictable cashflows 2: Buy it 3: Load it up with debt 4: Sell all the assets, then lease them back. Keep all the cash this releases for yourself. 5: Slash CapEx 6: Watch... 16 4 years 11 months
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