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Men who made AmericaDid anyone catch the Men Who Made America episode about JP Morgan tonight? That man was a boss! 2 3 years 6 months
From the shore to cornell Seems like Cornell is trying to move up in life. First Andy Bernard, now Vinny. “I needed to think about life after the Jersey Shore. When I did my undergrad at CUNY Staten Island, I... 2 3 years 11 months
Kate Uptondid anyone catch Kate Upton's cat daddy video today before they took it down? Here's a link to some of the gif's. Probably NSFW 11 3 years 12 months
NHL StreamingDoes anyone know a website to stream the playoff games live from? Every time i find something on google it turns out to be spam 11 4 years 1 week
SpanxHas anyone ventured into trying Spanx for men undershirts? 12 4 years 1 week
Ron Paul 2012 University of Maryland TownhallI know there are a lot of Ron Paul guys on here. Not sure if anyone will be in the area, but I just got an email that he will be holding a town hall meeting at the University of Maryland on Wednesday March 28 at 7 pm in Richie Coliseum, if you're interested. 1 4 years 1 month
Drinking at corporate functionsIn ethics class today the topic of personal integrity came. We started talking about how what you do in your free time reflects on your firm. The professor suggested that we don't drink at corporate functions. Someone in the class pointed out that that may cause a wedge between you and other... 16 4 years 1 month
Cpac 2012Is anyone in town for Cpac this weekend? 4 years 2 months
Entry level salaryI have an interview for the analyitcs group at a DC metro area consulting firm. I am a senior and was wondering (if the subject comes up) what strategy should I follow if they ask me my desired salary? a) Review glassdoor and state my amount desired based on that? Or should I never be the first... 15 4 years 3 months
Coca ColaDoes anyone know if coca cola recruits UG for corporate finance or just post MBA? 4 years 4 months


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true. i can only speak for my school. They...true. i can only speak for my school. They explicitly say that they accept up to 60 credits from cc and 90 credits from 4 year institutions. Like i said, though, get on the phone and find out from admissions what their policies are. If nothing else, keep your grades up, network. Try to get a... 202 1 year 3 months
i think most places you can transfer in up to 90...i think most places you can transfer in up to 90 credits from another 4 year institution. Get on the horn and find out for sure about the places that you want to apply to 202 1 year 3 months
TheKing: Nobama88: We need to create an...[quote=TheKing][quote=Nobama88]We need to create an electric/hybrid that doesn't look absolutely ridiculous. The ridiculous wanna-be futuristic look has got to go.[/quote] The Volt actually grew on me a lot, but I agree in general. It looks like Tesla Motors does, too. Their Roadster is awesome... 37 3 years 6 months
Connor: animalz: blackjack21: So the...[quote=Connor][quote=animalz][quote=blackjack21]So the receptionist at my office is bangin. I need some advice on how I should make my move. If it goes well, we all know the outcome. But if it doesn't.... Can any girls on here give me some tips on how I should play this?[/quote] 30 silver... 27 3 years 10 months
SymphonyBanker:[quote=SymphonyBanker][/quote] lulz. three button suit? 21 3 years 11 months
18-1: Maybe they can start selling their users...[quote=18-1]Maybe they can start selling their users' information to a third-party[/quote] i think it would mark the beginning of the end for FB if they started doing this. 32 3 years 11 months
Nabooru: From my earlier post... While I have...[quote=Nabooru]From my earlier post... While I have doubts about the effectiveness of its ads, Facebook still has a ton of potential. The fact is that Facebook has the single largest database of human preferences in the world. It has to figure out how to monetize this; and if it does, it will be... 32 3 years 11 months
thank you!thank you! 11 4 years 1 week
I'm looking for the Caps game. it's on the nbc...I'm looking for the Caps game. it's on the nbc sports channel and csn, but we have directv. 11 4 years 1 week
for me it's not about hiding gut. it's just i...for me it's not about hiding gut. it's just i hate how undershirts come untucked and bunch up. i was thinking under armour but didn't know if spanx was less restrictive since it's mostly cotton. I realize this topic seems pretty gay but figured it'd be worth a try. 12 4 years 1 week
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