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Headhunters - follow up email?Do headhunters usually send a followup email after you meet with them? Other analyst at my firm got one after meeting with the same person and I did not. Just wondering what the significance of this might be. 1 month 3 weeks
first yearsFirst years. How long did it take you to get acquanted to the job and stop making rookie mistakes? How long is the grace period for the first years from an associate, vp, stand point? 4 5 years 7 months
staffing problemsI don't think my staffer likes me. Will this mean I will be staffed on shitty deals my whole two years here? How does the staffer usually choose who to staff? 1 5 years 8 months
do associates do any of the modeling?Do associates or VPs or up do any of the modeling on a deal? Like is you're the only analyst staffed on a deal team, does that mean you pretty much do all the modeling work? Or do the associates split the work with you? 1 5 years 9 months
standing out in a big groupI am one of the almost 20 analysts in my group. How do I stand out to be a "top" analyst this way and get noticed by my associates and boesses 11 5 years 9 months
industrial services and basic materialsi heard some industrial groups are broken down betweeen basic materials and global services. what industrial sub-verticals belong in each? 5 years 10 months
Catterton partners email convention? i've...Catterton partners email convention? i've tried everything 5 5 years 10 months
case studies during trainingWhat are case studies presentation at the end of training like? Do you work in teams? Who do you present to? What do you present about? 1 5 years 10 months
Poll: RentJust trying to get an idea of how much everyone is paying for rent. 15 5 years 10 months
2 gold anyone live in 2 gold? If so, can I Pm you? 16 5 years 10 months


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If his advice was invaluable, he wouldn't have to...If his advice was invaluable, he wouldn't have to pretend to work on Wall Street to get people to listen. 59 5 years 4 months
I think we can all agree that it's not in anyone'...I think we can all agree that it's not in anyone's best interest to have college kids posting on WSO pretending to be investment bankers. Gekko21, what's your opinion on that? 59 5 years 4 months
Gekko21: started early. Did you graduate during...[quote=Gekko21]started early.[/quote] Did you graduate during the summer? 59 5 years 4 months
Gekko21: Combination of things. Iphone, slow...[quote=Gekko21]Combination of things. Iphone, slow day, running errands like getting lunch, coffee, pinkberry. Remember, first year analyst don't actually trade.[/quote] Ah that's what I figured. But there's one more thing I'm confused about. I remember you posting a lot about how you were... 59 5 years 4 months
happypantsmcgee: iPad while on the shitter......[quote=happypantsmcgee] iPad while on the shitter...done and done[/quote] Impressive if that's the case. Gekko, mind chiming in on this. How do you post so much while at work? 59 5 years 4 months
Great post Gekko. It's great to see people with...Great post Gekko. It's great to see people with real Wall Street experience taking the time to give back to college students. An unfortunate weakness in forums like this are that people actually working in S... 59 5 years 4 months
This list is interesting... Gekko, how many years...This list is interesting... Gekko, how many years have you been working on Wall Street? [quote=Gekko21]Once you get yourself in that room, I don’t care about your GPA or what else you have on your resume. I am looking for 3 things—a connection with myself and the firm’s culture, Will you be... 45 5 years 4 months
wolfyserver: 12345: Didn't you advise someone...[quote=wolfyserver][quote=12345] Didn't you advise someone in another thread to end emails with "thank you for reading my cold-email".[/quote] That resulted in an internship offer at a strategy firm.[/... 156 5 years 5 months
wolfyserver: Definitely wouldn't suggest...[quote=wolfyserver]Definitely wouldn't suggest anything crazy. You have my word.[/quote] Didn't you advise someone in another thread to end emails with "thank you for reading my cold-email". 156 5 years 5 months
happypantsmcgee: Fair point, I was presupposing...[quote=happypantsmcgee] Fair point, I was presupposing that these kids would have, at least, a cursory knowledge of what the general do's and don't's of networking and such were but I would hope that, should this chap suggest something that sounds ridiculous, they would think twice.[/quote] If... 156 5 years 5 months
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