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Primers on gaming industry?Anyone have primers on the gaming industry, like LVS, CZR, and so forth? Please PM me if so. Cookies and ice cream in return. 2 months 1 week
Good commodity fundamental research?I work for an ERCOT-based power producer. I'm wondering if you have recommendations for good fundamental research, specifically for power (ERCOT most of all but also would be interested in PJM, ISO New England and MISO), natural gas, and crude oil/refined products. Sell-side investment banks or... 3 months 5 days
Comp negotiation for market risk analyst for...Sup errbody, I work for a large ERCOT power producer (think NRG, EFH, etc.) on the market risk team. We have annual reviews coming up and I'm not finding much out there on or elsewhere to benchmark base salary against. For background, I have a bachelors in economics from a top... 4 months 5 days
Can someone explain gas daily options vs....Title says it. I think my current boss is just making it more complicated than it really is, that or he just isn't explaining it right. What is the difference between a gas daily option and an American option? They are both based on the same underlying monthly futures, right? Or no? 5 months 3 weeks
Resources to learn about crude/gas trading and...Hi, I have been working in market risk for a firm in ERCOT. There's not many so you can probably guess which one. I have been trying to learn more about the various markets since I may potentially want to move into trading, either here or at another firm. Commodities that interest me the most... 6 months 1 week
Good ETRM (energy trading risk management)...I recently started at a large firm that trades on ERCOT (prefer not to disclose which one but there aren't many so you can probably guess) on their market risk desk. Their IT needs some improvement but management is open to new ideas. I came from a PWM background so I'm fairly new to this, but... 11 months 1 week
Resources to learn about coal, uranium, and REC...I recently started on the market risk desk for a company that trades power on ERCOT, along with some other commodities. Some of the initial commodities that I will cover are coal, uranium, and RECs. Does anyone have any good resources to learn about those markets? I already have some good info on... 11 months 2 weeks
Any Dallas monkeys going to the Texas Hedge Fund...Title says it all. Anyone going to the event tomorrow at the Ritz in Uptown? Link if you're not aware: Sounds interesting and good opportunity for networking. 1 year 2 weeks
How to prep for this interview? Risk analyst at...Hi everyone, I have a second round with EFH for this position: Does anyone have thoughts on how to prep for this kind of interview? The first round was pretty basic (why do you want to work here, career goals, how good are your Excel skills, do you... 1 year 3 weeks
Please shread - seeking pre-MBA opportunities in...Hi, After applying out of state from the Pacific Northwest for quite some time unsuccessfully, I moved to Texas for a larger job market and more opportunities. Ideally, I would like to do equity research, either buy-side or sell-side, but I am casting a wide search to whatever could be good pre-... 1 year 1 month


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How good is Vontobel Asset Management?Don't know about the culture there but I used to work in PWM and I liked their emerging markets strategy. They are the subadvisor on the mutual fund HIEMX. 6 days 23 hours
First round with Raymond James - insights?Yeah and I think that might have dinged me. Know the proper valuation techniques for the company you are pitching. If E&P is known for NPV, go with NPV. 3 months 3 weeks
Can someone explain gas daily options vs....Nm, he was actually talking about power daily options, and it makes sense now. Explanation: "A second category of power options is comprised of daily options. These options are specified for a given period of time (year, season,... 5 months 3 weeks
Thinking of quitting a month into the job...I know people at my old PWM firm who are borderline retarded and passed the 7, 63, and 65. Man up. 8 months 4 days
No InterviewsDo a mock interview, and also the resume review through WSO. Seriously, it helped me a ton when I was interviewing for my current position. The interview guides are well and good, but they talk about generalities whereas a mock interview can give you specific feedback on your personal, unique... 8 months 1 week
gfty rwaefFYI, some equity research groups do some gas fundy work on their own. I know Raymond James's Houston ER office for example does their gas price forecast, instead of a separate gas fundy team. Really depends on what you want to do. Both can be good career paths but comes down to personal interest. 8 months 1 week
What's the difference between a Trader and..."Trader" is a broad general term for someone who trades. Could be a prop trader, execution trader, sales trader, etc. An execution trader reports to a portfolio manager and executes his/her wishes, if this means a new position for a fund, a rebalance, selling to raise cash to handle... 8 months 1 week
Apple's Digital Wallet: Potential Revolution?This sounds like a lot of the irrational exuberance that we saw with Bitcoins, Dogecoins, and the like. 8 months 2 weeks
Where should I live in Houston?Interested in this thread also. I'm living in Dallas right now but could see myself in Houston down the road. 8 months 2 weeks
30 Day ChallengeNot to derail this thread but I'm not a big Tim Ferriss fan for a variety of reasons...I respect the business that he's built for himself but some of the advice he gives I think can give people a very distorted view on how success really is made. A 4 hour work week? I'd rather be working hard doing... 8 months 3 weeks