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Rhodes scholar vs. BB IBDI take it you lied on the Rhodes application and told them you want to uplift the underpriviledged communities by handing out unicorns and lolipops. Anywho. I would suggest taking a week or so to think about your real intentions behind either road you take. If you really want to heal the world... 2 years 7 months
MS Finance/International FinanceNo offense but you're going to need a premium Tier 1 school to make up for Devry. If you were going for a corporate job at Target then having Devry on your resume is fine. But at any prestigious firm, not just I-Banks, you are up against Ivy League and big dog alumni: Northwestern, Columbia, BC... 3 years 10 months
Advice needed for SA at BB IBDProblem #1: "If they give me an offer, I wouldn't accept it". You don't choose Wall Street. Wall Street chooses you. #2: A bird in hand beats two in a bush. Take the first offer and run with it. I have come across too many people who still can't accept that we are in an econ crisis and there... 3 years 11 months
4 Questions YOU Need To Ask in an InterviewIf some 22 year old in an Express suit said: "I really like this opportunity; I would like to ask for the job…" Not only would I fall out of the chair laughing, I would invite other employees into the room and ask him to repeat his last sentence. A lot of analysts already have a hard time staying... 4 years 8 months
Wall Street Cribs: The HamptonsIf I had 50M to buy property, I'd buy a castle in the south of France; a mansion on Mykonos Island, another house in Bahia, Brazil and a chalet in Switzerland. And the best part would be that I would have 25M left over. I find the Hamptons are crazy overpriced to accomodate alpha male egos and... 4 years 9 months
Whitney: 80,000 US Bank Layoffs, Crappy Year End...80k must be including tellers, cleaning ladies, janitors, mistresses, secret baby mommas and doormen. And even if the gvt chokes that many jobs out of Wall St, a large chunk of Main St will be going down with them: restaurants, boutiques, charities, au pairs, cleaning ladies etc When a banker... 4 years 9 months
Brad Pitt: Death Penalty for BP Execs?That homewrecker should think twice before opening his piehole. Everytime he and his litter step foot in a hummer, limo, private jet to fly all over the world, they are contributing to the monster that is BP. How about focusing on the fact that you dress your 4 year old daughter up like a 40 year... 4 years 10 months
Top 10 Wall Street CarsI don't have a car bc I refuse to pay some Manhattan garage $300 to park my car but here are some of the reviews I've heard: -Range Rover- Worst luxury car ever. On the same level as Jaguars. Ford Explorer wrapped in fancy packaging. There's a reason mainly rappers, athletes and their... 4 years 10 months
The Student Loan BubbleI don't believe in debt being forgiven. It's your shit, pay it! Perfect example: look at that family from Real Housewives of Jersey. They are 11M in the hole from years of champagne taste on ginger ale pockets, could only get 60k for liquidating all their crap and the majority if their debt is... 4 years 10 months
Will I ever make it into I-banking?I am living proof that you can make it to IB if you don't have the stellar background, you just have to work harder and be more creative than the 22 year old from Yale with a 3.9. Look at back office positions. There aren't nearly as many people trying to get in and you interact with all the big... 4 years 10 months