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Don't PM me if... - Real knowledge For the love of all that is Holy, DO NOT PM me if you already know what you want to hear going in, and you need somebody to confirm your life plan / keep your broken dreams alive. I'm not here to make you feel better or massage your ego. I have real knowledge based on real experience, and I'm... 22 1 week 1 day
LSE - Sir Howard DaviesWhere my LSE people at? Just got an email earlier about Howard Davies resigning because he took research money from the Qaddafi clan. Personally, I'm happy about this, I can't stand what he did to the school having basically turned it into a diploma mill / money pit for students. I'm all for... 8 5 years 1 month
Charlie Sheen is "Bi-winning"So here's Charlie Sheen's latest rant on Good Morning America. He's actually very enjoyable to watch, I could watch him speak all day. Apparently he's not so much "bi-polar" as he is "bi-winning." Good stuff. 98 5 years 2 months
Knicks Get MeloSo Knicks fans, you got your Carmelo Anthony. I have a feeling there's going to be a sharp divide between you guys as to how you feel about this. I must say, as somebody who has always had a large amount of dislike (hatred) for both the Knicks (no offense to you guys, of course) and the Nuggets... 90 5 years 2 months
Fat Finger Not to Blame for Black ThursdayProps. A lot of you guys called it: Apparently they are still investigating what was really behind this madness. 5 5 years 11 months
Urgent Advice Needed (Exploding Offer)I envy the many that come on here and ask for advice as to which bulge bracket offer they should select. Unfortunately, I don't have that problem and in this market I realize that beggars can't be choosers so I have a difficult choice concerning the only SA offer I've received so far. Let me... 5 6 years 2 months
Appropriate to put university ranking on resume?If you went to a foreign school? 6 6 years 6 months
About the Stock PitchI am quite new to all of this so forgive me if this question sounds ignorant. I wanted to know about the nature of the stock you are supposed to pitch during ER interview. Do they only want to hear your arguments for the immediate growth of stocks? Or would it be favorably looked upon to argue... 4 6 years 8 months


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Marcus addressed this exact topic about three...Marcus addressed this exact topic about three months ago or so. Do a search. 79 3 years 1 week
Eric Stratton: Best beard in the league. And...[quote=Eric Stratton]Best beard in the league. And only 21[/quote] There's a player known as "Baron Davis" who still wears that crown. 22 4 years 11 months
@Clarkey Don't know what your problem is..if you...@Clarkey Don't know what your problem is..if you have something against me then you, unlike those I am asking not to PM me, are more then welcome to PM me and we can figure out what your vendetta is from there. See, you are the very definition of kind of endemic nonsense that is dragging down... 22 4 years 11 months
To most of the posters above: Shut the fuck up...To most of the posters above: Shut the fuck up. You know it's really fucking annoying dealing with some of you "prospective monkeys." I spend a lot of time going through PMs and I dish out plenty of help, just ask any of the other starred members around here. I spend a lot more time than I... 22 4 years 11 months
Nobama88: For those claiming Obama victory.......[quote=Nobama88]For those claiming Obama victory.... According to Peter King of NY, the info received that led to Osama being assassinated came from one of the guys that was water boarded.... just funny that Obama was so against the torture but is so quick to claim victory with the info... 302 4 years 12 months
Nobama88: Interesting. From China, so take it...[quote=Nobama88]Interesting. From China, so take it with a grain of salt....[/quote] Assume it's a translation error or typical lack of understanding between the Chinese and English functions of the website. All the major... 302 4 years 12 months
djr: blastoise: ~40 special forces navy seals...[quote=djr][quote=blastoise]~40 special forces navy seals black hawks and anooks(sp) in Afghanistan Pakistanis didn't help they got no details of the operation etc -fox news lady[/quote] the last line made the other 3 irrelevant[/quote] Yup, you're a retard. 302 4 years 12 months
TheKing: BUT...BUT...OBAMA IS WEAK ON TERROR...[quote=TheKing]BUT...BUT...OBAMA IS WEAK ON TERROR AND A SECRET MUSLIM![/quote] Like I've said in the're a fucking retard. Agree with Ant, this kind of shit is why I don't even like posting here anymore. 302 4 years 12 months
Tracer: You're going to be competing with the...[quote=Tracer]You're going to be competing with the best and brightest Chinese/HK kids who studied in the US and have better English than you do Chinese, especially if you're white and did not study abroad.[/quote] A lot of what you said has truth in it, but this line is such a load of bullshit... 7 5 years 4 days ...or you could skip over my...[]...or you could skip over my posts.[/quote] Hey Or you could shut the fuck up. 138 5 years 1 week
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