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What is the real estate market doing in your area...Curious to see what some of you think the future holds for real estate in the coming years. I am finally at a point in my career where I am comfortable purchasing a house or condo in Southern California, however I am cautious due to prices creeping toward the 2007 highs. My gut is telling me that... 5 months 2 weeks
Underwriting large commercial real estate...Does anyone have case studies, excel work, or an aid for underwriting large portfolios? I am looking for something that a typical mortgage bank or investment bank would use. Thanks 1 year 9 months
Georgetown's MPS Real Estate program Hey guys, Does Anyone have any experience with Georgetown's Masters Real Estate program? How does it place and where? What kind of stats do you need to get in? I have 3-5 years experience in the industry. Thanks 1 year 10 months
Part Time MBA Programs: How will an employer know...So maybe a dumb question, but I am starting to look into grad schools now. What is so bad about attending the part time MBA and working over the full time MBA? How will employers know? How will this hurt your potential network or recruiting? 2 years 5 months
US Securities Industry and Finance is booming......From the wsj: [quote]The U.S. securities industry is booming—just not on Wall Street. Smaller cities around the nation have emerged as unlikely hives of financial-services hiring, thanks to lower wages, municipal-tax incentives and the misfortunes of older hubs that are home to companies... 2 years 6 months
Your Life Crisis At 25 - I think quite a few...Are you in a rut? Is it time to take life into your own hands? Are you ready take a time out to find yourself, and start over? Are you 25? It may be your quarter-life crisis knocking, say psychologists studying the phenomenon of 25–35-year-olds having a come-to-Jesus about where they’re going... 2 years 8 months
Men's Warehouse is having the 2 for 1 sale...Anyone buy from Men's Warehouse? Do they have a decent line of suits? I haven't bought a suit from them before, but the 2for1 seems like a decent deal. I am thinking of going in there today or tomorrow to pick 2 new suits up. 2 years 8 months
Which one of you brawled over a taxi cab? 2 years 9 months
Need 3-5 new suits, shirts, and ties. Best time...In the next couple weeks, I will be in the market to pick up a completely new wardrobe. Does anyone know of any big deals going on in the next few weeks that I should wait for? 2 years 9 months
US Credit Rating Cut by Egan-Jones...Again Ratings firm Egan-Jones cut its credit rating on the U.S. government to "AA-" from "AA," citing its opinion that quantitative easing from the Federal Reserve would hurt the U.S. economy and the country's credit quality. In its downgrade, the firm said that... 2 years 9 months


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What is the real estate market doing in your area...[quote=Gene Parmesan]Depends on what kind of mortgage you can lock in. It is OK to be near the 2007 highs, as many markets are above it 10YR Treasury is absurdly low[/quote] I would be getting a conventional 30 year fixed. I know some people in my office are in interest only loans, ARMs,etc.... 5 months 2 weeks
Brokers - How do you Source RE Deals?Pick up the phone and call. Call every single building owner in your area. And follow up. And follow up some more. And with any luck you will find someone who is interested in selling. The true self made broker will be hustling all the time. Calls and calls and more calls and industry... 5 months 2 weeks
Why Do So Many Real Estate Developers Have Law...2 of 4 big time development firms in Southern California have development managers that dont even have a college degree... and that is just guys I know. 5 months 2 weeks
From Architecture to Real EstateWhen you say that you want to get into development, what does that mean? Saying that you want to get into development is like saying you want to get into finance -- so many different meanings, positions, opportunities. I am a development manager. This means that I am in charge of a development... 6 months 5 hours
Oil and Gas OverviewOPEC is not going to cut on there own. That being said... how about that silica sand play? Those stocks have taken a serious beating (-50%+). Are the sands done? EIA is projecting an increase in sand demand even at current prices, numbers up to this point look good in the top 3 producers.... 6 months 9 hours
Oil and Gas OverviewAny insight into the Frac sand market moving forward? 6 months 3 days
What is everyone's Real Estate Dream Job,...[quote=TexDev13]My thoughts exactly. The barriers to entry are comparatively low and the opportunity for growth in South America is huge in my opinion, and with China and other eastern markets saturated there should be good opportunity in the coming years. Where do you develop here in the states?[/... 11 months 13 hours
What is everyone's Real Estate Dream Job,...[quote=TexDev13]This is my goal exactly. I structured my education based on this dream, but it has been rough starting out! I would love to build infrastructure and real estate in South America, not only because it would actually improve quality of life but also because I just want an excuse to go... 11 months 14 hours
Mixed-Use/Street Retail - AcquistionsGo ahead and PM. I am in So Cal and we are always actively looking. 11 months 3 days
NYC "Poor Door" [quote=heister]Did the media blow this up? Yes. However, even if the developer "chose" this development path I seriously doubt it was entirely their own choice. While the city may not say, Mr. Developer you must put X number of rent controlled units in your building, I am just about 100% sure... 11 months 1 week