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How do you source net lease build to suit...Hey I have an equity partner who is interested in parking his money in net lease build to suits for strong credit tenants. My experience in development has been mainly focused on multi family or mixed use, not net lease deals. Does anyone here have experience sourcing these types of deals? 2 weeks 5 days
What websites, newsletters, literature, etc do...I am tired of the fluff pieces on real estate where real estate is always going up and with only watching 3 episodes on HGTV your grandma can flip a 20 unit apartment building with 0% down. Market reports from brokerage firms, articles on Reuters and Forbes, etc are all just mouth pieces for... 1 month 3 weeks
What is the real estate market doing in your area...Curious to see what some of you think the future holds for real estate in the coming years. I am finally at a point in my career where I am comfortable purchasing a house or condo in Southern California, however I am cautious due to prices creeping toward the 2007 highs. My gut is telling me that... 1 year 2 weeks
Underwriting large commercial real estate...Does anyone have case studies, excel work, or an aid for underwriting large portfolios? I am looking for something that a typical mortgage bank or investment bank would use. Thanks 2 years 4 months
Georgetown's MPS Real Estate program Hey guys, Does Anyone have any experience with Georgetown's Masters Real Estate program? How does it place and where? What kind of stats do you need to get in? I have 3-5 years experience in the industry. Thanks 2 years 5 months
Part Time MBA Programs: How will an employer know...So maybe a dumb question, but I am starting to look into grad schools now. What is so bad about attending the part time MBA and working over the full time MBA? How will employers know? How will this hurt your potential network or recruiting? 3 years 1 month
US Securities Industry and Finance is booming......From the wsj: [quote]The U.S. securities industry is booming—just not on Wall Street. Smaller cities around the nation have emerged as unlikely hives of financial-services hiring, thanks to lower wages, municipal-tax incentives and the misfortunes of older hubs that are home to companies... 3 years 1 month
Your Life Crisis At 25 - I think quite a few...Are you in a rut? Is it time to take life into your own hands? Are you ready take a time out to find yourself, and start over? Are you 25? It may be your quarter-life crisis knocking, say psychologists studying the phenomenon of 25–35-year-olds having a come-to-Jesus about where they’re going... 3 years 3 months
Men's Warehouse is having the 2 for 1 sale...Anyone buy from Men's Warehouse? Do they have a decent line of suits? I haven't bought a suit from them before, but the 2for1 seems like a decent deal. I am thinking of going in there today or tomorrow to pick 2 new suits up. 3 years 3 months
Which one of you brawled over a taxi cab? 3 years 4 months


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cRimeZ909: Here's a path that you might consider...[quote="cRimeZ909"]Here's a path that you might consider... Look at some projects that were recently completed. Back into the zoning analysis that the developer did to arrive at that building configuration. Talk to the city, architect, and the developer to understand what made the land a good... 3 days 12 hours
Exactly... You will always be able to fill an...Exactly... You will always be able to fill an apartment building in Santa Monica, CA, regardless of what the economy is doing. Not so much for an industrial park in Commerce, CA. 6 days 6 hours
pere797: I have built both and I tend to agree....[quote="pere797"]I have built both and I tend to agree. Your biggest unknown in industrial is your site work and unforeseen conditions. Everything else should be very quantifiable and you should be right at your original budget and not have too many cost overruns. Usually they are all from site... 6 days 10 hours
Pokemon Master: Why is that? I imagine condos...[quote="Pokemon Master"]Why is that? I imagine condos would be simpler to develop than say something like industrial space. But that's just a guess.[/quote] Most industrial buildings are pretty basic to build...grade level, tilt up, easy. Maybe someone with more extensive knowledge of... 6 days 11 hours
CRE already told you everything there is. My one...CRE already told you everything there is. My one suggestion to you if you do convince someone to give you money for a development, stay far far away from condos until you are seasoned. 1 week 1 day
I have used both BIWS and REFM. I recommend both.I have used both BIWS and REFM. I recommend both. 1 week 4 days
CRE: Squeegee:Im in a pretty similar situation...[quote="CRE"] Squeegee:Im in a pretty similar situation and would have to agree with everyone above, Uli is an excellent resource. The member email list is great for getting in contact with more senior people and networking purposesCan't believe I forgot this one. The member list is so unbelievably... 1 week 4 days
My office is casual - collard shirt, jeans on...My office is casual - collard shirt, jeans on most days. If you are meeting with a client for the first time, slacks collard shirt and jacket. 2 weeks 11 hours
PM SentPM Sent 2 weeks 12 hours
CRE: In general, you either know a broker very...[quote="CRE"]In general, you either know a broker very well or someone at the national company very well. Get out and meet people.[/quote] My assumption was that either knowing a guy very well on the site selection team for the tenant or a well connected broker were probably one of your only... 2 weeks 4 days
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