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New World Order.So last night had a good, borderline lunacy and fictional talk with an old pal over some good hash... 8 2 years 7 months
Sabbatical OrgyHi folks. So after five tumultuous years of excessive hardworking and boozing(thank God, I at least quit booze mid last year). I am finally off to a year of holidaying and to rediscover myself. The upside being I at least have my job security come 2014. Let's see, so far being to India to... 1 3 years 3 months
Booze Dilemma I know many will probably disagree with me on this one, but lately(almost 2yrs now) I have found a balance for my alcoholic intake. I have realized I usually do well at work, potential pitching and shaving off any extra pennies after gulping down 250ml of vodka with orange juice before work.... 28 3 years 9 months
Banco Popolare SC & Banco Santander SAHi all. How can one short Banco Popolare SC of Italy and Banco Santander of Spain. I dont want to short their ADR but would rather prefer to go directly into those markets. Any good ways to go about it. Does Schwabb brokerage offer trading in these exchanges. I know the spanish exchange is called... 2 4 years 3 weeks
CSHi folks. How to best short CS as I see discrepancy in its current trading price. Given that it trades as an ADR in nyse, I was shorting it as a simple vanilla put may not yield much? Any other way to go about shorting this beast with maximum damage. CAX perhaps? I am talking about a position with... 3 4 years 1 month
Number CrunchersHi monkeys. Been a while since I last logged into WSO, hope all is well. Now for the number crunchers, I may have a little trick treat for you all. If one were to pick six random combinations between 1-45, how many possible different combinations could there be? Any takers.. Your feedbacks... 4 4 years 5 months
Tech Savvy MonkeysHow do monkeys and prospective see social media slowly seeping into their day to day work. With recent Insider trading bust using social media to pump... 4 5 years 1 month
2011 World´s BillionairesLooks like new wheelers are still being born inspite of the so called down turmoil according to new 2011 billionaire list.. 1 5 years 1 month
Telecoms PlayWith AT... 2 5 years 1 month
PNB Paribas GameGot this via facebook and thought might be interesting to the monkeys and prospective moneys here. I believe the dead like for registration is tomorrow 11th February so hurry up folks. Cheers. 6 5 years 2 months


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Analyst: Oh God I am going to lose my job. I can...Analyst: Oh God I am going to lose my job. I can literally feel my testicles shrinking & swinging like a broken yo-yo. 46 2 years 5 months
delirium of persecution.....mostly self inflicted...delirium of persecution.....mostly self inflicted.... 87 2 years 8 months
To the thread opener since you have the legend...To the thread opener since you have the legend late el jefe in the pic, why not dabble a little in it and see how it goes. Good luck 64 2 years 9 months
again it is it is 208 2 years 10 months
you may want to lok into may want to lok into I would say for a solid finance major guy, you will need at least 300 plus hrs plus practice test from the institute. Gluck 208 2 years 10 months
still don't buy it. There are plenty of other...still don't buy it. There are plenty of other options in commodities in other emerging markets. Secondly how can you say their nyse adr is class b shares? Is it just me or do others here in wso get agitated by this dude whitehat's writing style. Dry pitches full of anecdotes with nothing... 31 2 years 11 months
I too am thinking jumping in the bandwagon and...I too am thinking jumping in the bandwagon and dropping 5k on call options. What would be the earliest call options expiring? Is buying simple call option the best way to maximize my uptick with minimal down insurance(preferably without margin for I will probably be wiped out before expiration).... 68 3 years 2 weeks
I agree with Bananastand, these guys will have...I agree with Bananastand, these guys will have huge task ahead of them if they intend on competing with the likes of Square which Visa is an investor in. Eddie interesting app about the coffee shop. Mind giving me the name of the app? I am surprised Foursquare did not scoop them yet, as now more... 50 3 years 3 weeks
jajaajjjja lasampdoria...eso es lasampdoria...eso es silver banana for you... 19 3 years 4 weeks
Playing along. Assuming one has say ARS 2.5m cash...Playing along. Assuming one has say ARS 2.5m cash in Montevideo, will it be easy to change them to USD and probably at a good rate(cambios rate)? Any takers. 40 3 years 4 weeks
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