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EBITDA vs. Operating Cash Flow vs. Free Cash Flow Moderator note (Andy): this is a post from 2010 but squawkbox suggested its relevancy remains and can be very useful for those going through FT... 67 3 years 3 months
Buffett Rings in Chinese New Year With a Serenade I'm speechless 14 4 years 3 months
Ask a 2nd Year IB AnalystIt's the time of year for SA interviews. Two-plus years ago, analysts on WSO helped me break into i-banking from a non-target school. As a result, I'd be happy to answer questions to those interviewing or trying to get banking interviews coming up. (fyi: I don't know about the S... 116 4 years 3 months
Prospective SAs and Late Stage FT - General AdviceFor those with first round interviews coming up, here are some critical questions you need to think hard on: 1) Why Investment Banking / Finance in general? 2) Why S... 2 5 years 5 months
Domestic > International or BRIC Stocks 6 6 years 1 month
Sopranos: M&A according to Pauli & Tony Did not expect that from Pauli "Chihabita!!" 2 6 years 3 months
Investing in PreferredsHas anyone on here invested in preferred stocks before? I am not comfortable investing in corporate fixed income next year due to potential rate hikes. However, I am not convinced the US and the world economies are out of the woods yet. So I'm not bullish on equities. I am curious to see how... 7 6 years 3 months
Canadian Banks - IBDJust out of curiosity For those who have worked or work in IBD for a Canadian bank (RBC, BMO, CIBC, Bank of Nova Scotia, TD) either in NYC or Toronto... I know most of the Canadian banks averted the crisis and had great bottom line numbers the last two years. Has that translated into deal... 2 6 years 5 months


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times new roman or garamondtimes new roman or garamond 117 6 months 2 weeks
a) Your resume does not conform to the standard...a) Your resume does not conform to the standard format. Education should be on top at this point b) What is your GPA? Leaving it off is an automatic boot 11 4 years 2 months
Bernankey: aempirei: Bobb: Hoboken really...[quote=Bernankey][quote=aempirei][quote=Bobb]Hoboken really isn't that cheap as well. Plenty of people I know are paying more then their counterparts in NYC.[/quote] Gotta pay to play (with hipster chicks).[/quote] If you're a in Hoboken is downright embarrasing.[/quote] It's... 23 4 years 3 months
Midtown West can be cheap but out of the way from...Midtown West can be cheap but out of the way from many banking areas (FiDi, Park Ave in the 50's) Upper UWS is cheap but subway connection sucks Upper UES is cheap but going out on Fridays/Saturdays sucks since cab fares are $$$ 23 4 years 3 months
-- 10 4 years 3 months
Rumplesmoothspin: DebunkingMyths: Several ppl...[quote=Rumplesmoothspin][quote=DebunkingMyths]Several ppl 26-27 few came from consulting / other background. most delayed due to military service (abroad)[/quote] As analysts right?[/quote] It happens, but it's rare. Usually military go to MBA then come out as Associates. 116 4 years 3 months
If you're a "first round pick", the next day....If you're a "first round pick", the next day. Associates/VPs won't waste time to get who they want. 13 4 years 3 months
The more important question you need to be...The more important question you need to be prepared for is: "Why would you want to look at unlevered vs. levered free cash flow?" Any idiot can learn the difference in the formula. I want the one that understands when unlevered FCF is applicable versus when levered FCF is applicable. Take... 12 4 years 3 months
It does not include interest income and/or...It does not include interest income and/or expense EBIT(1-t) Earnings BEFORE taxes, interest This means that interest is not included. It doesn't matter if interest expense is $1 million or $1 billion, EBIT is unaffected. 12 4 years 3 months
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