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Dell going privateDealbook just reporting on the possibility of Dell going private. Along the way there are numerous obstacles. For one, the deal is much to big to be done by a single fund. Second, the tax implications are huge depending on where the money is raised and where it goes. "But in its most recent... 2 years 4 months
JP Morgan turns Goldman into a patsyRecent Bloomberg opinion piece on JPM and Goldman. Author David Reilly argues that, while Goldman has been getting most of the populist heat, JPM has flown under the radar. All the while, both firms are making record gains in S/T. JPM obliviously has more assets and a better PR image. Super... 5 years 5 months
Lazard names Ken Jacobs CEONov. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Lazard Ltd. named Kenneth Jacobs, head of the investment bank’s North American businesses, as chairman and chief executive officer, succeeding Bruce Wasserstein, who died last month. Jacobs, 51, takes over from interim CEO Steven Golub, 63, who will continue as vice... 5 years 6 months


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Chicago WSO Meetup coming up!Yup, in a few months. I'm tired of seeing the Galway Hooker monopolize the front page. 6 months 2 weeks
Chicago WSO Meetup coming up!Last one was a while ago, wonder if @Compbanker is coming? 6 months 3 weeks
6 Month Contract OfferTake it for now. I started on a contract position and networked near the end of it to full time with an another group. Your chances are much better with the bigger network. Personally, the sting of being unemployed for longer would drive me crazy. 10 months 3 days
BEST HOT SAUCE1)Maggi Hot and Sweet, if you can find it. Sugary as hell, but so good. 2)Cholula 3)Louisiana 4)Texas Pete's 5)Heinz makes a decent one that they usually serve at big cafeteria's. I think it's a Cholula knock off though. 10 months 1 week
Will You Buy Your Fiance a Diamond Ring?This post has meandered from "buying in" on marriage to diamond monopoly to calculus. I love how this has inspired the passion or ire of WSO members. Ultimately, the value of a diamond is subjective. It's the defacto standard for marriage proposals in the xzy society in abc time period. Certain... 1 year 1 month
The Official Super Bowl Picks ThreadBroncos win 35-21 MVP: Manning Surprise of the game: Manning raises the trophy and continues to thank his family, team mates, agent, Elway and finally Jim Irsay. Headlines: West Coast Seattle Meekhawks? Legion of whom? For Pete's sake! East Coast Broncos Run Wild! Equus... 1 year 3 months
Boots suggestion?I had the same choice to make. The decision is quite simple, get a boot that's rated for snow and cold, or something that's half dress boot half snow boot. Check out the Sorel below and see if that'll do. The only caveat is that you feet will be extra toasty and possibly sweaty in the office. If it... 1 year 4 months
Vinod Khosla Smack Down Letter to CBS on...A solid rebuttal by Koshla. 1 year 4 months
Conference Championships / Super Bowl - Football...Seattle is the complete package this year. Great D line, fantastic secondary. Outstanding O line with a zone running game led by Lynch. The NFC game is going to be a defensive battle, probably more so than the NO game. +3 to Denver in the AFC championship game. Ultimately though, they will give... 1 year 4 months
WSO Caption Contest - Jan 8th... Collect Silver..."Why is everyone praying?" "Shut up dude, its the 28 year old MD from the '05 analyst class!" 1 year 4 months